Helloooo, recently I hit another milestone, what? why? how? you all are so amazing! as a thank you, I’ve decided to lettering and blog compliments!!

To be completely honest I was only going to do lettering, but right now there’s so much negativity in my blog, and in the world, that’s why I decided to add compliments, to tell all of you what amazing blogs you have! and if I’ve talked to you, how amazing you are!:)

Please have mercy, I’m not a professional:)

If this doesn’t get at least 10 notes let’s pretend it never happened.

I’ll be tagging this as #procrastudiinsbc so please feel free to blacklist it!

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Where can I get a cute carry-on suitcase like Jjong😂😂😂 Taemin looks so lost…but finally gets it😀


Hey guys! I wanted to show some love to my amazing followers and and my love for Asagao Academy by doing a giveaway of some of my art! I’ve got asked a lot if i can sell stuff, but since i cant here is your chance to nab some prints and some art!

Prints can be chosen from any of the asagao drawings ive done, and the keychains will be your choice of characters from the game! and the custom drawing prizes can be up to 2 characters! ^^


1. Must be following me! 

2. No giveaway blogs.

3. All like/reblogs will be counted but be considerate.

Obviously make sure you have asks/ims open so I can contact you if you win.

The giveaway ends March 11!

Thank you all so much for the support so far it really means a lot! ;0;

Good luck and have fun! ^^

giveaway ended! Thank you all that participated!
So a few weeks ago I submitted a fiction piece to a creative writing competition

I didn’t even think I’d place. 

But look what I got in my inbox this morning

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60 dollars isn’t a lot, but that’s not really what mattered here to me! This is really big. My name will get a little recognition and allow for me to begin a really solid portfolio. 

First place!

First. Fucking. Place! I didn’t even think I’d get third! But look at that! Look at me! Right up there at first place! 

I’m freaking out