Making Deals

A/N: This is my first imagine in a long time, and my first imagine related to superheroes! This isn’t really anything like AOU. The reader has powers similar to Wanda, they’re just stronger! I hope you enjoy!

“Give me the girl and no one gets hurt,” he snarled, appearing on the televisions inside of the Avenger’s tower. His voice echoed throughout the radios and speakers, sending shivers down your spine.

It had been months since the last time you’d fought Ultron. His weakened frame hobbled away as Thor shot his lightning onto him. None of you had suspected he would be back. Vision disabled his ability to move throughout the Internet and Thor had nearly vaporized him. Yet, here he was staring into all of your faces.

Pietro instinctively moved closer to his sister, reaching for her hand. Wanda gently grasped his, squeezing lightly. “What girl are you talking about, Ultron?”

He sighed, causing the room to shake. “The one with mind powers.”

Steve moved closer to you, slowly. You were the last experiment that Strucker had conducted. His tests gave you the same powers as Wanda, but stronger. You could melt someone’s brains from the inside.

Pietro tensed, the two most important people in his life were being threatened. Once you were brought into the HYDRA base, you had a fascination with him. You developed a friendship while slowly falling in love with him. Soon, however, Pietro and his sister left, promising to return for you. Within weeks, Captain America and your speedster had come to save you. Ever since then, you two had started dating.

“Don’t worry, child, I’m not talking about your sister,” Ultron spoke, calmly. “I’m talking about your girlfriend.”

Your blood ran cold and you raised your hand to your mouth as heads swiveled to look towards you. The members of the team look at you as if you were a child. They always looked out for you and protected you. You didn’t have to concentrate hard to hear their thoughts of panic.

“You can’t have her, Ultron,” Steve growled. “I don’t care how entitled you believe you are, it won’t work.”

Ultron chuckled, filling your heart with ice. “You have twenty-four hours to decide, if I don’t have her by then, people will die,” he spoke, shutting off the television.

The silence was deafening as everyone processed what was going on. Then, Natasha spoke up. “Well, we can’t give her to Ultron!”

“We won’t, Nat,” Clint spoke walking closer to her.

Soon, everyone started talking at once. The noise in the room slowly grew as everyone tried to be heard. Pietro kissed your head, quietly whispering reassurances. You knew what he was thinking, he would never let you go.

“Piet, I have to go,” you whispered, pained.

“I won’t let you, (Y/N). I can’t lose you.”

You looked into his hurt eyes. “I’m not worth those deaths. If anything happens to me-”

His hands instantly cupped your cheeks as he leaned down to look into your eyes. “Nothing will happen to you,” he whispered, frantically. “I won’t let anything happen, my love.” He pulled you closer as tears sprang to his eyes.

You gently pushed him away, as you started to get everyone’s attention. “Guys!” They all turned, looking into your eyes. “I have to go.”

Steve’s eyes filled with tears as he looked down. “Shit…”

“(Y/N), you can’t. We don’t know what he wants from you! And what if he mind controls you? What if he-” Tony abruptly stopped, not wanting to finish his horrible thought. “I don’t know, I just can’t let you go,” he hoarsely whispered, rubbing his beard.

Pietro’s hand found yours. “Please, my love, don’t do this.”

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t, Piet,” you murmured, looking into his eyes. “And you guys know you can’t stop me. You can’t lock me up because I’ll force you to unlock me. Please don’t make me do that.”

They all nodded, solemnly, seeing your point. No one said anything else, for fear of ruining the last peaceful silence.

“I’m going to miss you,” Nat whispered as she walked up to you. She started playing with your long hair. The two of you would stay up late, occasionally, her playing with your hair, you whispering stories about your past, or even what happened during the day. Although she didn’t share much about herself, you two had gotten very close. Her eyes were filled with tears as one slowly slipped down her cheek. “It’s just like another mission. You better return to us, hon. I don’t think I could deal with your boyfriend without you.”

You smiled, tears spilling over your eyelids. “I will. I’ll be back before you know it.”

She nodded, patting your shoulder, and walked away. You knew how much she hated goodbyes and allowed her to walk away. You smiled, sadly, at the rest of your team. The rest of your family.

“Thank you for saving me,” you spoke, quietly. “Now it’s my time to save you.”

Steve walked up to you and saluted. When your fingers reached your forehead, he gave you a small smile. His hand dropped to his side. “You know I’m going to say,” he murmured. You did, you had heard his objections in his mind. He had respectively kept them to himself, understanding your view point. “We’re going to save you, no matter what. We will come for you. This isn’t a suicide mission. Do not lose hope, (Y/L/N).”

You nodded through the tears as he wrapped you in a hug, squeezing gently. After he pulled away and stepped aside, Thor was in your face.

“I shall miss your jokes, and your smile, your baking and your warmth. Asgardians are watching over you. The sky will darken without your presence.” He patted your shoulder. “This sacrifice makes you worthy to hold my hammer.” He held it out for you to grab.

“I’m not ready to rule Asgard,” you half-heartedly joked.

He chuckled. “Suit yourself. I shall wait until you return.”

“(Y/N),” Dr. Banner whispered as he walked up to you. “I’ll be tracking you the entire time. I’ll find you. We will bring you back. Don’t lose hope.”

“I won’t let you stay there long, (Y/N),” Tony spoke, hugging you tightly. “He was my creation, I will destroy him.”

Clint stayed silent, but hugged you tightly. He quietly left the room, hating goodbyes just as much as Nat. Goodbyes meant death to them.

You heard Wanda’s soothing words in your mind. You saw her smile as she told you how she would watch over Pietro.

A hand gripped yours causing you to turn your head. Your eyes met your boyfriend’s. “Please, my love,” he whispered.

You silenced him by pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “I know. I won’t be gone long. I love you.”

He whimpered as he shut his eyes. “Is this what it felt like when Wanda and I left?” You stayed silent, letting him figure it out on his own. “I’m so sorry I caused this pain.”

“Well, now we’re even,” you murmured, cupping his cheeks. His stubble brushed against your hands.

“Can’t I come, too? I’ll keep you safe? I can’t lose you!” He buried his head in your shoulder as he sobbed. “I can’t. I need you with me, dragul meu.”

Tears slipped down your cheeks as you nuzzled into his hair. “I need you with me, too, Piet. But I have to do this.”

“I know, prințesă, that is one of the many reasons why I love you.”

You pressed your lips to his, one last time. His lips molded against yours, as you passionately kissed. He pushed his thoughts towards you, allowing you to hear them, easily. His love communicated strongly. “te iubesc, Pietro.”

You gently pushed him away as you walked to the doors that led out of the Avengers tower. You had no plan on how to get out of Ultron’s grasp. The idea of being a prisoner again terrified you. You knew you couldn’t use your powers against Artificial Intelligence. With many doubts about survival, you called out to Ultron. You didn’t have to wait long to see his tall, looming figure. He chuckled as he knocked you out.

Ereri Sleepover: Events!!

Here is the list of events that will take place for/during the sleepover and their times (based on EST time, varies depending on time zone). Everything can be done at anytime but:

  1. Challenge Submissions/Votes must be submitted to me before deadline is up, may be submitted earlier than deadline. 
  2. When things are specifically mentioned (Ex: Headcanon improv) for a certain amount of time, it is allowed to be extended beyond that based on participation.
  3. Just because something may have a time period it does not mean you aren’t allowed to post at another time, just don’t expect to get absolute immediate feedback/results since it is not the topic of focus at the moment.
  4. I will be answering any questions throughout the event, more specific details for each one will be posted 30 minutes before it begins, 10 minutes before it begins, and when it begins.

Whole Time:

  • Need Help For Ideas
  • Review Of Drafts
  • Ereri Playlist
  • Intermingling
  • Questions


  • 7 pm: Sleepover begins!!……. ~Check in, chatting, etc.~
  • 7:30 pm: Formal Introduction / Meet and Greet……..~Introductions to everyone, re-statement of rules/events, etc.~
  • 8 pm: Headcanon Improv……….. ~Paired up with random partner to take turns elaborating on headcanons~
  • 9 pm: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For First Prompt………..~Show off your rough draft for the first prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 10 pm: Voting For First Challenge:Drawing Topic…………….~Vote for the topic for the first drawing challenge~
  • 11 pm: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Second Prompt……………~Show off your rough draft for the second prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 12 am: FIRST CHALLENGE: Create a rough sketch in under 20 minutes without the use of an eraser


  • 1 am: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Third Prompt………..~Show off your rough draft for the fourth third prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 2 am: Wake-Up Call Dance Break…………..~Blast some music from the special playlist to wake yourself up and feel free to get up and dance~
  • 3 am: Voting For Second Challenge:Story Topic…………~Vote for the topic for the topic for the first writing challenge/second challenge~
  • 4 am: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Fourth Prompt………..~Show off your rough draft for the fourth prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 5 am: SECOND CHALLENGE: Create a rough draft story of at least 200 words in under 20 minutes without the use of backspace
  • 6 am: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Fifth Prompt…………~Show off your rough draft for the fifth prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 7 am: Writing/Drawing Break.………~Stop all work and enjoy other artwork/fanfiction, inside or outside of the sleepover, feel free to share stuff you find helpful or enjoy~
  • 9 am: Return To Work……..~Self Explanatory~
  • 10 am: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Sixth Prompt………~Show off your rough draft for the sixth prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 11 am: Voting For Third Challenge:Short Dialogue……..~Vote for the 2-4 sentence dialogue to be interpreted any way~
  • 12 am: Begin *Officially* Introducing Rough Drafts For Seventh Prompt……..~Show off your rough draft for the seventh prompt and get opinions/feedback~
  • 1 pm: THIRD CHALLENGE: Create anything in your interpretation of the dialogue chosen under 45 minutes, making sure to include the dialogue
  • 2 pm: Wake-Up Call Dance Break…………~Blast some music from the special playlist to wake yourself up and feel free to get up and dance~
  • 3-6 pm: Free-For-All…….~I will be gone during this time (not my choice), use it to decide the next challenge, work on anything, take a little time off (not too much you procrastinators), or plan your own events with others, just don’t get too drunk while I’m gone ;)~
  • 6:30 pm: Voting For Fourth Challenge / Topic……..~Vote for the challenge and the topic for challenge number 4~
  • 7 pm: FOURTH CHALLENGE: Whatever Was Decided
  • 8 pm: Review Of All Works
  • 9 pm: Begin Nominations For Given Categories…..~There will be an awards ceremony based on categories, prizes for winners to be determined (most likely an edit)~
  • 9:30 pm: AWARDS CEREMONY………..~Announcement of winners, prizes will be distributed within the next week~
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