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for the lovely @hiksi, who requested a scene with Revali grooming Link

It’s on the third night since Revali and Link confessed to each other when Revali asks curiously, “By the way, Link, what’s that…thing you do, where you put your mouth on my beak?” When Link stares at him, he rushes to clarify, “I mean, I’m not complaining, just…curious.”

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fic: at ease

nine/rose, early on.


The Doctor had been around a bit. Seen a lot, in his vast centuries. Prepared to face a multitude of challenges, him, given all he’d already endured.

He had not anticipated this.

Rose Tyler was a conundrum. She’d been on his ship barely five minutes before she was setting up home, settling herself in, setting the 34th century entertainment system in the media room to record re-runs of some ridiculous Anturion soap opera she’d quickly gotten herself addicted to.

All right, it’d been three weeks, but still. Felt like five minutes. It’d all passed in a bit of a rush, these last few weeks. To be honest, he couldn’t blame her for finding solace and relaxation in telly after the running about and swinging from chains he’d had her doing.

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