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for the lovely @hiksi, who requested a scene with Revali grooming Link

It’s on the third night since Revali and Link confessed to each other when Revali asks curiously, “By the way, Link, what’s that…thing you do, where you put your mouth on my beak?” When Link stares at him, he rushes to clarify, “I mean, I’m not complaining, just…curious.”

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This is Coon going back home after its first Tumblr Halloween trick-or-treating.  ヽ(・∀・)ノ  

Nice @zimmer2d gave me a pumpkin bucket because I had none.  ❤

And it’s full. And mama carries my other bag with more virtual candies, and I got waffles, and cookies, and so many grapes, and hugs and pats on the head and it’s best first Halloween ever and I’m cuddled and happeh.  (o´▽`o)

That me, jogging back home with a bucket FULL of candy, and my Vampire Prince Bat Moon Mage costume. Aah, there’s my collar too, which ruins the vampire look but mama won’t let me out without it  ヽ(‵﹏´;;)ノ

Gotta snuggle into bed now to ease sickness, though! Coon had a great halloween and hopes you all had an amazing one, too. It was fun! Thank you for the virtual candies and cuddles and love and positivity. ( ´ ▽ ` )♡

Have a goodnight, or good morning, depending where you’re at!  ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ 

Behind the Shades

Blue Fox Production: A WolfTale! FreshBerry Fanfic  

~Inspired by @blogthegreatrouge~  

(BTW I do not own any of these characters!)



Chapter 11~

The lights of the enclosure gradually got brighter, simulating the rising sun. Blue’s eyes fluttered open with a yawn, feeling a nice warmth around her. She took a closer look to the side of her, noticing a sleeping Fresh. She Blushed madly, being so close to the wolf she admired. She saw him begin to stir and panicked. She pretended to be asleep, thinking he won’t be too mad or bother her that way. Fresh opened his eyes and looked at the resting she-wolf. He gave a small smile and mumbled under his breath. “cute.” He realized what he said and shook his head. “god I’m fucking pathetic.” He whispered as he got up and walking out of the den, most likely to hunt.  

Blue waited for a bit before getting up herself, still blushing from before. “He thinks I’m cute.” Blue gently smiled from the entrance of the cave and slightly giggled. However, she couldn’t understand why he was so ‘distant’. What was the problem? She was determined to find out.

She walked off, following Fresh’s scent to see him washing his paws in the pond.

“Eat well?” Fresh turned to look at Blue.

“Yeah.” Blue nodded and sat next to him, watching his calm actions. She stared quite fondly at his glasses and couldn’t recall a time he had taken them off.

“How come you never take off your shades?”

“They’re my mother’s. I’m holding onto them.”

“Oh… well you kept them in great shape, she’s going to be very ha-”

“She’s dead.” Blue looked up at Fresh with his head down, her ears slowly descending.

“Oh. I’m… I’m sorry for your loss.” Fresh nodded and looked away. “Is that why, you like being alone… because you’re afraid they’ll leave you?” No answer. “Fresh?”

“Attachment means caring, caring means, love, which is a strong familiarity over time. The more time attached, the stronger the love. The stronger the love… the stronger the heartbreak.” Both stayed quite for a moment before speaking.

“How’d she die?”

“Poachers.” Blue’s eyes widened and gave a small laugh.

“heh, guess we have something in common.” Fresh looked at her, tilting his head.

“When I was just a pup it was just my brother and I. I would wonder off a lot and he’d have to find me… a lot. One day I got too close to them and they captured Pap and I.”

“They didn’t kill you on sight?” Blue shook his head.

“Apparently we were for a ‘special’ client and let’s just say… it was because of me that he died. They had placed me with a violent and mean wolf who was supposed to be my…mate. When my brother found out he had been abusing me he… didn’t like it. He fought him, but he nearly killed him. The poachers had to…” Blue-ish tears began to spill out of his eye sockets as she sniffed. “h-had to… P-Put him down.”

“Instead of healing him… they chose to let him die.” She sniffed.

“Is that why you didn’t know how to hunt?” She looked up at him, teary-eyed.


“Is that also why you screamed when you first met me?” She gave a small laugh.

“Yup.” She wiped her tears and looked up at Fresh. “Y-You know no poachers can get us in here, right?” Fresh nodded. “So… what’s stopping you from loving again.” Fresh looked away with a slight blush.

“Nothing I guess.” Blue leaned against Fresh with a dust of blue on her cheeks and a small smile.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Listening… and keeping me warm last night.” She said calmly as Fresh perked up.

“Shit. Thought you didn’t notice.” She giggled. “I…Also heard what you said.” Blue wrapped her paws around Fresh’s arm and nuzzled it gentle causing him to blush more. “And… You’re not too bad yourself.” She looked with large eyes.

The both stood in silence, while Blue nuzzled into Fresh’s fur, Fresh staring at his reflection in the pond, until looking at Blue. “So… You said, um, y-you said that you were rescued from your last mate, right?”

Blue looked up. “O-Oh, um, yeah. That’s right.”

“Do you have…any desire to… l-look for a… a-a new one?” She blushed at the question.

“Um, I-I guess if the right wolf were to come along then…yeah…I guess.” Fresh got up, looking Blue straight in the eyes from behind his glasses.

“Well, u-um, what-what about… me?” Blue’s eye’s widened while Fresh stood in silence awaiting an answer before speaking himself. “U-Uh um, n-never mind. A beautiful female like you would never go for an anti-social wolf like me, I-I’ll just… go.”

“W-Wait!” Blue exclaimed, jumping in front of Fresh to stop him from leaving. “U-Um, I’d… I’d like that.” Fresh was surprised for a minute before mumbling.


“Of course! Who wouldn’t want to be with you? You’re strong and smart and… handsome. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had females drooling all over you.” She said honestly and gentle, while trying to be flirtatious, moving her tail under his chin. He laughed, feeling his face heat up.

“Hehaha! Well I… I guess we’re… official now.” Fresh spoke, sitting next to Blue.

“Guess we are.” Blue smiled, resting her head on his arm, looking out into the pond. “OH goodness! I-I never taught you how to climb a tree!”

“No, no, it’s fine! I’ve kind of noticed that you use it as a safe space to think. I’ll let you keep it too yourself.”

“Really? Th-thank you.” Fresh nodded.

Blue nuzzled into Fresh’s arm, wrapping her paws around it, smiling. Fresh looked down with a gentle grin, staring at her cute face. He sighed and rested his chin on her cranium, feeling how soft her fur and ears were. He looked around the room admiring its plants and sounds, until noticing a small camera like object in a wall. It had a blinking light and a sharp end as if it was about to shoot a dart. He looked at where it was pointing, noticing it was straight at Blue. His eyes grew wide, quickly shoving Blue out of the way. “Look out!” The Dart ejected out of the tube, being shot in Fresh’s shoulder. He yelped and started to grow tired. The last thing he saw was another dart being shot in Blue’s rear, hearing her yelp.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter and hopefully I will return to drawing soon.

fic: at ease

nine/rose, early on.


The Doctor had been around a bit. Seen a lot, in his vast centuries. Prepared to face a multitude of challenges, him, given all he’d already endured.

He had not anticipated this.

Rose Tyler was a conundrum. She’d been on his ship barely five minutes before she was setting up home, settling herself in, setting the 34th century entertainment system in the media room to record re-runs of some ridiculous Anturion soap opera she’d quickly gotten herself addicted to.

All right, it’d been three weeks, but still. Felt like five minutes. It’d all passed in a bit of a rush, these last few weeks. To be honest, he couldn’t blame her for finding solace and relaxation in telly after the running about and swinging from chains he’d had her doing.

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