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Link to first post with more female trainers (roller-skater, boater, goth and rocker)

Pokemon trainers based on their in-game outfits in XY.

I wanted to try out drawing the boys even though their clothing selection is so tiny. I hope Sun & Moon expands on this.

Link to gallery of a bunch more male trainer outfit combos

Link to gallery with a bunch of female trainer outfit combos

Sorry for another long post. Detail images under the cut:

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Bats are awesome and the Department of Impossible Cuteness would like to remind everyone the sight of a baby bat burrito, let alone multiple baby bat burritos, is so extremely cute that precautions must be taken when viewing them. Remain calm and seated. Make sure you’ve recently eaten and be sure to take regular, even breaths.

These wee baby bats are in the care of the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre located in the Gold Coast Hinterland of South East Queensland, Australia. Founded by Terry Wimberley, the Australian Bat Clinic tirelessly provides medical care to all species of sick, injured, and orphaned bats. They also work hard to educate the public about bats and the benefits of helping them survive in the wild along with other native fauna.

If these photos haven’t rendered you unconscious you can find plenty more at the clinic’s Facebook page.

Visit the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre website to learn more about the good deeds they do. If you’re interested in helping their efforts, click here for information regarding donations and volunteer work.

[via Bored Panda and mental_floss]