I know I just put a yawning rabbit up a few days ago, but… OH DEAR GOODNESS, THIS!

You know, if I’m ever having a bad day, just send me icecream, Nacho Libre videos, and pictures of yawning rabbits. Problem solved.

altanarslan asked:

The sleepy lion just flopped on the nearest heat source, turning out to be Jaune, a loud roar of a yawn leaving her mouth as she just.... fell asleep there.

—{ ☾☾

   Well–he’s certainly startled. He was going to greet his fellow Leader, chirp out a ‘hello’ and wonder just what it was she needed, but–quickly enough, he found out on his own once her body is just practically dropped onto his without care, the swordsman hunching over with a loud grunt to the added weight.

        “U-uh–what are you–”

   And then there’s the yawn, and the rabbit jumps at the sound, body freezing in place, afraid that if he woke the predator he’d become the next prey.