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Bunny yawns are both adorable and terrifying.

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Ughhhh you wonderful person with your adorable fics that make me so happy and yet sad because the show will probably never have so many beautiful and tender bughead moments!!! P.s- if you're still taking prompts, could you maybe write one where Jughead is the one who surprises Betty on her birthday?

Hey! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to do this prompt. I hope you like it!

Betty’s Birthday

Betty Cooper stretched in bed, the afternoon sunshine filtering through her window. Today was her birthday. She could smell coffee and bacon downstairs - the best way to wake up, in her opinion. She sat up and yawned, reaching to get her phone to check the time - she had definitely slept in.

There was a folded piece of paper sitting next to her phone, her name in thick, bold writing on the outside. Betty smiled as she recognized her boyfriend’s writing. She snatched it up quickly.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine. Go have a great breakfast with your family - then, follow these clues to figure out your birthday surprise. See you soon.

Love, Jughead

Betty smiled excitedly and flipped the piece of paper over, looking for her first clue. Nothing.

She climbed out of bed and slipped her feet into her bunny slippers, yawning once more as she did so.

She ran her hands through her tangled hair as she padded out of her room and down the stairs.

There were colorful balloons around the dining room table, a wrapped box in the center.

Alice walked into the dining room with a plate of bacon in her hand. “Elizabeth! You’re finally awake!” She smiled. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks, Mom.” Betty smiled.

Alice set the plate down and pulled Betty into her arms. “Sit, Betty, eat. The waffles are ready.” 

Betty ate her afternoon “breakfast” quickly, enjoying every bite. Her mother only ever made her famous Black Forrest Waffles on special occasions.

She opened her present, then helped Alice bring the dishes into the kitchen.

“Jughead,” Alice said, announciating every letter. “Asked me to give this to you.” She pulled a folded piece of paper out of her back pocket and handed it to Betty.

Betty’s eyes lit up when she saw it - her first clue, she was sure of it. “Thank you, Mom. I’ll be back in a minute.” She said, turning on her heel to retreat back to her bedroom.

Betty smiled as she unfolded the note.

Grab your favorite movie and here’s where you’ll see -

A clue to bring you closer to me

Betty smiled and padded over to her closet, pulling out a drawer filled with BluRays. She grabbed the first one, and cracked open the case - nothing. She flipped it over, checking the back cover - still nothing. She carefully pulled the disk out of it’s slot and there, folded small, was her next note.

Go to the place that makes you bold;

A place where endless tales are told.

After she took the time to shower and get dressed, and argue with her mother why she was leaving the house on her birthday, Betty was on her way. It took her exactly 19 minutes to walk from her house to the school. The front doors were kept unlocked on Saturdays with a patrol guard monitoring the halls.

She slipped the key for the Blue and Gold’s office out of her wallet and turned it in the lock. The fluorescent light buzzed when she flicked on the light switch, filling the room with an off-white glow. She went to her desk first, looking for a folded piece of paper.


Betty opened the drawers in her desk, but there was no paper there, either. She started to open each one more frantically. Nothing.

She looked over at Jughead’s workspace, too, but his had been wiped clean. Had she picked the wrong place?

She took out the paper once more and read it over. She sighed audibly as she refolded the paper and tucked it carefully inside her jeans.

Betty looked around the room once more, sure that she picked the wrong place, when she saw a piece of paper left in the printer - they never left jobs in the paper tray.

She smiled excitedly, and bounced over to the machine.

Now that you’ve solved your first clue, you can be on to number two.

The next place that you’ll have to stop is at our favorite local Shoppe.

If you’re unsure of what to do, he will give you your final clue.

Betty squealed in delight at her latest clue - this one was easy- her destination was Pop’s. She smiled, folded the clue and placed it in her back pocket.

“Heya Pop,” Betty said as she closed the door behind her. The sun was setting, casting a glow into the small diner.

“Miss Cooper,” Pop smiled. “I’ve been expecting you,” He wiped his hands on a dish towel and threw it over his shoulder.

“Have I been long?” Betty asked quietly.

“Oh, no, Miss Cooper. I’ve known about this for weeks now, that’s all. I believe you’re looking for this.” He smiled and offered her a piece of folded paper on a tray.

She took it gingerly off the tray and unfolded the note.

This is the last leg of your chase - come to our favorite place.

I beg you, don’t be late - you can meet me here by eight.

Betty sighed contently as she finished reading. She smiled and folded the note, sticking it in her pocket with the rest of the clues.

“Thanks, Pop.”

“My pleasure, Miss Cooper. I was told to give these to you,” Pop handed Betty two milkshakes, one Strawberry and one Oreo Peanut Butter.

Betty took them, thanked Pop once more, and walked the short distance toward Sweet Water River.

Betty stepped carefully through the grass, heading toward the forest when she saw it - Jughead had parked his fathers truck in the middle of the field.

He was sitting on the grass, a plaid blanket spread before him. He closed containers of food around him, battery-operated twinkle lights strung between the car and the picnic blanket.

There were tons of blankets and pillows in the cab of the truck, and soft music playing, although Betty couldn’t tell where it was coming from - the truck was off.

“Wow,” Betty murmured as she walked over to Jughead, the twilight casting a glow behind him.

The sun had set, their meal was eaten, the milkshakes long gone. They were lying in the back of F.P.’s truck, pillows piled behind them. This was the coziest Betty had ever been.

“That’s Ursa Major,” Jughead pointed towards a connection of stars.

“I can never see these from my house,” Betty murmured. “It’s so beautiful out here.”

“I know. I’ve never quite appreciated them so much before. See that one?” He pointed again. “That’s Corona Borealis.”

“I didn’t know you knew so much about stars, Juggie.” Betty smiled and squeezed his hand tighter.

“I didn’t until recently.” He mused.

“What made you start?”

“You did. They remind me of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re beautiful and mysterious and hope-inspiring and ethereal.”

“Juggie…” Betty propped herself up on her elbow so she could face him. “That’s one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said to me.” She enveloped his mouth with her own.

Jughead smiled as Betty laid back down beside him. “You see that star?” He asked.

“Yeah, what’s that one? It’s bright.”

“That’s the Elizabeth Cooper.”

“What?” Betty smiled, confused.

“I had it named for you. Happy birthday, Betty.”


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Chapter 10~ Deceiving Precautions

  Taking slow, deep breaths Stephan decided to get a glass of water. Moving the bed sheets aside, he let his feet rest on the creaky wood floor before stepping off carefully beginning to head downstairs.

  He tiptoed quietly to the dining room and retrieved a glass cup from one of the cupboards. Beginning to fill it calmly, he took a small sip letting it wet the back of his dry, hoarse throat. As he began to make his way back to his bedroom, he passed multiple paintings and photos that were hung on the walls of the old dollhouse. A painting Ffionn had created during their youth of dear Stephan, Ffionn’s family photo, and many more. One that particularly wrenched the bunny’s stomach however, was a photograph of him with his parents. Now being as busy as he was with things, the last thing he had time for was to admire pictures on the walls. But now looking closer, and actually inspecting the walls he felt sick regretting it instantly. In anger and frustration, he manipulatively turned all of the various photos and paintings upside down. It somehow made him feel better about himself.

  Quickly scurrying back off to his room he passed the young fox’s room. Suddenly stopping, he turned his long figure slowly to the door; and began opening it. There layed a young fox sleeping peacefully along with a few occasional small snores. Stephan walked in closer trying to refrain making any noise. Looming over the fox he quickly tapped his shoulder waiting for a response.

  “Tap…….tap…….tap tap-”

  “Foxy-” Hissed Stephan. “Wake up you mutt.” Ffionn sat up tiredly with his eyes half shut. He looked at the bunny before yawning and continuing to lay back down turning the other way. Stephan frowned in disapproval before shaking the fox awake.

  “I’m talking to you!” He sneered.

  “It’s still dark..” Said Ffionn quietly pulling the sheets closer to himself.
  “What are you doing up at this hour anyways?” Stephan clenched his tie turning it in spirals nervously.

  “I-I uh..” He spat out. Ffionn sat up interested as he began to wake up more.

  “I..” Started the bunny.

  “I had a nightmare-” he turned towards the door beginning to make his way towards it before the fox called out:


  Stephan turned to see what Ffionn could possibly want from him now. His patience was running short.

  “What gave you the idea to wake me for..?” The fox leaned his head to the side confused as Stephan tried to come up with a witty excuse.

  “You’re nothing but full of questions,” started Stephan. “why would I know as to come in and disrupt your slumber? I was just merely checking on y-”

  “What was the dream about?” Interrupted Ffionn.

  “Be quiet, you mongrel-” Snapped Stephan growing cross. Ffionn sunk down looking away as Stephan began twisting his tie again.

  “C-could I…stay here?” Whispered Stephan meekly looking at the ground. Now dear Ffionn did not expect these words from the bunny. As Stephan stalked closer, the fox tensed up feeling his fur rise on his back. He watched the bunny sit down next to him while proceeding to scoot about getting comfy.

When Stephan finally lied down Ffionn couldn’t help but giggle at his friend’s utmost childish behavior. Stephan was never like this always being the cold, grumpy bunny he was. His sudden neediness and cowardly state amused the fox. The boys sat in silence staring at the ceiling quietly. Not even the squeak of a mouse was present in the room. In attempt to break the awkwardness in the room, Stephan tried to start a lively conversation.

  “So…” the bunny coughed nervously. “Ever threaded a button-?” The fox turned to the bunny in a concerning manor.

  “Why of course, many times-” replied Ffionn.

  “No I meant- oh nevermind.” Sneered Stephan. The fox to look at the bunny scrunching his nose and raising his brow slowly as he realized what the bunny had meant. It wasn’t much of a surprise though as his vulgarity was through the roof.

  “S-Steph..?” Squeaked Ffionn.
Stephan turned to see whatever the fox could want as he continued.

  “Do you believe in ghosts?” Stephan smirked dismissing the fox’s random and childish illusions.

  “Pfft- why of course not; nonsense it all is really-” He pulled a cigarette from his trouser pocket beginning to light it. Ffionn held his nose to at least dilute some of the stench.

  “Well I do.“  He muttered quietly. Stephan ushered the box towards the fox offering him one.

  “N-no thank you.” He said. “Do you realize how many chemicals are in a single one of those?” The bunny rolled his eyes inhaling deeply before letting out a cloud of smoke in the small fox’s face. Ffionn’s eyes stung as his mouth grew dry from inhaling the stench.

  “How incompetent!” Snapped the fox. He turned towards the bunny lightly slapping the cigarette out of his hand. Stephan froze in shock at the fox’s sudden outburst. His worried, and concerned face soon turned into an unapproving frown. Turning the opposite direction, he bid his goodnight to Ffionn and was silent for the rest of the night.

  As the morning sun arose the English countryside, Ffionn tiredly forced one eye open. After a few minutes of regaining consciousness, he sat up to wipe the mucus from his eyes. After a few yawns he tried to get up, but was held back by something. Something large, and soft. Looking back towards the bed, Ffionn saw Stephan holding his waist tightly in his sleep. The bunny’s ear twitched as he snored lightly. Ffionn mustered a sweet, half lidded smile before prodding off the bunny’s hands heading downstairs quietly as not to wake him.

  About two hours later, Stephan lifted his head struggling to pry the seemingly weights off of his eyelids. He stretched his long limbs whilst yawning as a bitter aftertaste of cacao and tobacco covered his tastebuds. His eyes suddenly snapped open as the scent of sweet pancakes and coffee filled his nose. As he rushed down the stairs, he nearly came to a head on collision with a certain high strung fox. Stephan sweated nervously dreading what would happen next.

  “D-do beg my pardon M-mari-” choked out the bunny weakly forcing out a sheepish smile. Marinella glared as she held a large tray of assorted breakfast foods about to be served. She began to pull a muted green dish towel from the pocket of her apron. She held out a finger ushering the bunny over with a sly, but charming smile. Stephan leaned in closer to see what the fox could possibly want before being struck forcefully at the face. He stumbled back as Marinella carefully placed the dish towel back walking off with her nose in the air.

  “…beastly….witch-” Sneered Stephan rubbing his face lightly where he was struck. Continuing to walk to the dining room, Stephan found an open seat across from Ffionn who was busy guzzling down a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The bunny cringed not taking a liking to the fowl beverage. To him, it tasted of vomit and acid spat up about fives times while then being regurgitated up once again only to be placed in a fancy glass to quench someone’s thirst.

  “Foxy-“ he hissed quietly trying to get the fox’s attention. Ffionn looked towards the bunny as he mouthed the words "I need to talk to you” while Marinella sloppily threw his breakfast on his plate not even noticing. Ffionn nodded and smiled calmly.

  After breakfast hours Stephan led the fox behind a staircase balcony seeming to be holding something. Before the fox could get a good look at whatever it could be, a soft bundle of cotton was abruptly shoved into his paws as the bunny whispered:

  "Meet me in the operation room as the clock chimes twelve times for the twelfth hour at noon.” His emerald eyes stared deeply into the fox’s soul hungrily.

  “Do try not to be late-” He chuckled walking off towards the direction of the courtyard garden. Ffionn felt his body grow cold as he began to shake. He wanted to run. But feared what would happen if he did.

  "How silly..deceiving yourself, I see?“ Said a voice from above the balcony

  "No, I’m not.” Replied the fox. He stared up at what another would see to be nothing. 

  “Steph is my friend, he’d never want to hurt me-” Insisted the fox.

  "He’s a m-“ the voice was cut off by Ffionn’s sudden snarls.

  "Don’t- call him that.” Growled the fox. His teeth bared as his ears snapped to the back of his head glaring at the top of the balcony.

  “…Very well;” started the voice. “You must be on your way. It’s a quarter to noon.” Ffionn froze at the voice’s sudden words and quickly headed off towards his room. As he shut the door quickly, then sitting on the bed beginning to change, he noticed a small, and crumpled sheet of rolling paper littered on his perfectly bare wood floor. The fox looked unamused at it as he picked it up looking at it closely. As he was about to toss it carelessly back on the floor, he noticed scribbled writing on it and began unfolding it. The fox stared confusingly at various dates scratched across in a vertical list.

  “9/1 /21, 17/2/21, 11/3/21, and 28/4/21”

  The fox wasn’t sure what any of these dates meant exactly, but he was sure they were gravely important. He looked back at the first date remembering it quite clearly. It was the day he had first been tested on. The next date was today. But the two final dates were the ones that made him shiver the most.

  “March 11, 1921”. Ffionn’s birthday. Why would Stephan want to commence such a thing on the fox’s special day? It puzzled the fox to a great extent. The last date, “April 28, 1921” was circled in red ink. Whatever was so important about that date was the last thing on his mind. He studied the paper closely almost tracing each rushed stroke of the circled trail the pen went around in.

  Ffionn jumped at the sudden sounds of the Westminster Chimes. He quickly hid the paper in a nearby drawer and bolted out the door as the first chime rang.

  The second chime rang.

  He quickly ran down the first flight of stairs.

  The third chime rang.

  Seeing that running down a whole new flight of stairs would be impractical, he decided to take the elevator.

  The fourth chime range.

  The dolls have to get around quickly somehow, right?

  The fifth chime rang.

  Shoving the elevator gates forcefully aside, he sneakily snuck to a room which held many paintings.

  The sixth chime rang.

  The room was always empty. But then again, who would want to spend their time gawking at still, bland pictures?

  The seventh chime rang.

  Ffionn went to a certain spot kneeling down,

  The eighth chime rang.

  and began to lift the floorboards.

  The ninth chime rang.

  Slipping himself into the small space he closed the boards behind him.

  The tenth chime rang.

  Breathing heavily and out of breath, he pushed himself to run just a bit further.

  The eleventh chime rang.

  The fox nearly skidded across the concrete floor as he ran in front of Stephan.

  The twelfth chime rang.

  “You’re late-” Muttered Stephan looking unamused as he walked off to retrieve his head mirror.