After rewatching the episode, I noticed Castiel wasn’t the only one moving to say something when Crowley threatened Meg.  Sam seemed uncomfortable and open his mouth to maybe protest.  Perhaps it’s because he is visibly weary at the mention of any sort of torture mixed with some care for Meg.  After all, he was the one who freed her from the devil’s trap.   

The effects of blackout

1. Inspires black beauty
2. Uplifts and encourages black people
3. Brings awareness to the beauty of black
4. Black power
5. Let’s you know black is beautiful
6. Connects you with kin
7. Beauty is black
8. New black followers
9. Black and ugly is a contradiction
10. All the thirst follows. Idk about yaw but I reblogged and followed like I just came out of the Sahara Desert lol
11. black and excellence are synonymously intertwined
12. Can’t say beauty without it referring to black
13. Black is holy and pure
14. The actual definition of beauty is black
15. Post blackout following
16. What does beautiful mean? Oh lol black
17. My dashboard is all black
18. Induces euphoria
19. Abolish oppression for a moment in time
20. Reminds you that it is literally impossible not to be beautiful if you’re black
21. *Imagines a utopia of all black people* blissful
22. Facts about the history of black people
23. Anti-blackness… Is this even a word? It’s not even plausible silly rabbits lol
24. Black beauty
25. black beauty
26. black beauty
27. black beauty
28. Black is ethereal
29. Black love
30. If you black then you ain’t nobody’s ugly

31. Black is powerful