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Star Wars worlds : Yavin 4 
Yavin 4 was the jungle-covered fourth moon in orbit around the red gas giant Yavin. Five thousand years before the Battle of Yavin the ancient warrior race of the Massassi lived on Yavin 4 and constructed the Great Temple of Massassi. Being enslaved by the Sith, the Massassi species would be extinct by the time the Alliance to Restore the Republic would utilize the temple during the Galactic Civil War as a base of operations against the then dominant Galactic Empire.


Star Wars Locations  — 2/2

Star War: the Prequel Trilogy (I-III)

Kamino, Kashyyyk, Varykino

Star Wars (IV-VI)

Bespin, Yavin-4

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (VII)

D’Qar, Hosnian Prime, Starkiller Base

Star Wars: Shared Universe

Corellia, Lothal

“Home from above”

She’d continued to fly [the A-wing] for a couple of years after, mostly in civilian defense, and every so often she would take Poe up in it. He would sit on her lap inside the cramped cockpit, his hands on the stick and her hands on his, and he could feel the ship answering their control. […]
Then they would break through the thin skin that protected the moon they called their home, and the Yavin gas giant would suddenly glow that much brighter against the darkness of space. All the push and pull of atmosphere and gravity would vanish, and it was as close to perfection as young Poe could imagine. […]
That was when he knew that whatever else he would be, he would be a pilot.

From Greg Rucka’s “Before the Awakening”

On-the-fly Post-SWR Fanfic: Leia Organa knew she was General Syndulla’s first visitor...

In the sterile atmosphere of the private ward, the Princess stared forlornly at General Syndulla, who laid on her side, clutching the hollowed sag of her abdomen, facing the vacant bassinet.

“General Syndulla, I not only came here to offer my condolences, but I came to assure you can take as much time as you need.”

“The war goes on…” The General muttered, not turning to meet eyes with the Princess. “And the galaxy still needs me.”

“But a General does need her rest.” Flashing through Leia’s mind, was the debris of her home and the brief collective of screams in her head.

It was a selfish indulgence, a needless search for consolation, but what a symbolic gesture it would’ve been, if right when thousands were annihilated, a woman of the Rebellion could give birth… Leia brushed the thought to the back of her head.

“Between you and me… somehow… I think the Death Star destruction caused it…” Hera’s hand started reaching futilely to the bassinet. “It was like I felt all the dying and then the pain… The Empire killed my mother, my crewmember…”

Alderaan. Ezra Bridger, the late Ezra Bridger, Leia thought. Somehow, Ezra Bridger was one person she would’ve like to have spoken with again. She wished she embraced Ezra the last time they met.

“Then it took my husband, and now our baby… the baby was… what I would have left of him.”

When Leia stepped out, she could’ve sworn, the General had rolled back, to give her a final furtive glance.


When Leia walked onto the Yavin base, she could hear the whispers.

“General Syndulla fell into labor, right when Alderaan was obliterated. Poor woman. To lose her husband and their child.”

“We have to do something nice for General Syndulla, but I don’t know what.” 

“To lose her husband and their child…”


Somewhere else on Yavin 4…

Mon Mothma nodded at the hooded cloaked bulk of a figure, ducking into the Phantom. The bulk gave her a thumbs up, his other hand clutching silent cargo latched to his chest.


“Kanan, Zeb’s here! There’s even Kallus waving from the Phantom’s window!”

“Old pal, good to see you again, I have a delivery for you, as planned, even if it was a little early, but it’s worked out… but there’s a little bonus and surprise thrown in…”

A gruff voice joined in… “Zeb, buddy, oh no, don’t tell me. The idea of having one was scary enough. Oh, the Force, why?”

“That’s right, it’s not an illusion,” the Padawan teased, “That’s two sets of babbling you’re hearing. 

“Oh no, why Force, my trouble has really doubled.”

“Good thing, you got the pipsqueak Ezra to give you a hand with two mouths to feed. You also have a few months supply of milk, before you can try feeding them Lira San milk. Say, how is Lira San treating you?”

“Great! Chava is really good at teaching me some Ashla lessons.”

“Zeeeeeeeb. I would like to hold them now.”

“You ready, Jedi Knight?”

“No. But give them to me.”

“She’s 7 ounces, and she’s 6.8 ounces.”

“Kanan, this one is green, like Hera… this one is quite tan, like Cham… and Kanan, they both have your eyes.”

“How’s Hera, Zeb?” He listened to his daughters’ soft babbles. 

“She’s recovering. She’ll have to play the mourner in front of the Rebellion, but she’ll be happy to learn they reached your arms safe and snug. What message should I pass to her?”

He held the baby murmurs close to his heart. “Tell her that I don’t need my eyes to know that they’re as beautiful as her. And I knew that little Kaleb would reach my arms someday… but I didn’t expect little Dawn to come along too. But what happy surprise she was. I think I’m actually going like having two new students.”

“Kaleb and Dawn Syndulla, Hera would be pleased.”


On her cot, a smile played on General Syndulla’s lips as she massaged her belly. “May the Force be with you all.”

Yavin 4 - Malavai Quinn
Richard Teverson
Yavin 4 - Malavai Quinn

Quinn’s comments on Yavin 4 - one of them is really horrible though … I always thought that he had changed his xenophobic views during the travels with the SW - but it seems that was only my headcannon.

The one about his childhood dreams in interesting too … both quotes are fanfic material!


The chalcedony waves belonged to the women of the House of Organa, the royal family of the planet of Alderaan. It notably belonged to Queen Breha, who already ruled her homeworld around the time of the Clone Wars. The necklace was later passed down to the Queen’s adopted daughter, Princess Leia Organa, who used to wear it for formal ceremonies. After the Alliance to Restore the Republic defeated the Empire over Yavin 4, Princess Leia Organa wore the chalcedony waves during a ceremony honoring the Alliance heroes of Yavin.