Pairing: Yatori

Length: 8k

Summary:  What if Yato was reincarnated once, in the recent past? AU where Yato and Hiyori knew each other as children.

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AN: This was brought about by @hiyoris-scarf​ and @kittyscommittee​ talking on my dash about how much they love the childhood friends to lovers trope. Blame them for inspiring me to apply this to Yatori.

Also! I have another, much bigger project planned for the very near future. Stick around to see what that’s about~

As fate would have it - Chapter 16

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 16 - Spy daddy

The big revelation of Rei’s secret!
Also, I’m addressing serious subjects like domestic abuse in this chapter

Words: 2814

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