I made a really cute Ghostbusters/Kate video featuring Mary Lambert’s new song Know Your Name, and I humbly think it’s the cutest thing on the internet.

Fandom Response to Ghostbusters

Fans response to Ghostbusters was immediate and swift. Fans immediately latched onto the characters and, displeased with the way the intersectional characters were treated, immediately turned to the age-old fix-it tool of fandom: fanfiction.

Abby, who was given no overt sexuality or romantic identity, was turned into an asexual lesbian. Fans saw her admiration of Gertrude Aldridge (“We saw a real life ghost, and she was beautiful.”) as context that she might be queer. They backed it up when Abby appeared mystified with Erin’s attraction to Kevin. Abby, who also seemed to not be sexually interested in anybody, was determined to be asexual. Fanfiction immediately sprung up about Erin and Abby’s college relationship and what it might have entailed, as well as her close relationship with Holtzmann in canon. (1)

Erin, with her history of bullying, was fleshed out by becoming a character with mental illness, including anxiety and depression. Fanfiction writers wrote her as to taking medication and attending therapy to help manage these mental illnesses, turning her into an icon for positive mental health representation. With her interested, and flustered, reaction to much of Holtzmann’s canon flirting, the fandom determined her to be bisexual. The relationship between Erin and Holtzmann (named Holtzbert) quickly became the fandom’s most popular romantic pairing, with Erin specifically mentioned as bisexual in the fanfics—a turning point in fandom, as until recently bisexuality was not well represented in fandom. Erin close friendship with Patty was also explored, as well as her previously mentioned pre/post college relationship with Abby. (2)

Patty’s storyline was quickly fleshed out by fans to give her an education to match her history degree.  History, architecture, and/or architectural history became educational paths that Patty had pursued before Ghostbusters, or would pursue with support from the Ghostbusters after the events of the movie. Her friendship with Holtzmann was explored as something more romantic, and fans provided ways the movie could have involved Patty more in the exposition. (3)

Holtzmann was given the biggest fandom overhaul. She was immediately accepted by the fans as gay and proud—a suave lady killer with impeccable bed sport manner. The fandom fights back and forth about whether or not her background is a tragic kid of the system or a girl who grew up with loving family that supported her idiosyncrasies. This dichotomy comes out of the fandoms desire to break out of the tragic lesbian stereotypes that so often haunt Sapphic characters.  Many fans also immediately embraced her as nuero-atypical, taking her canon eccentricities and turning them into headcanons that place her somewhere on the autism spectrum and as some flavor of mentally ill. (4) (5)

One of the most interesting things that came out of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call was the fandom deciding to involve all of Ghostbusters in a polyamorous relationship.  This ship, called #Polybusters by the fans, is a fandom rarity. Generally fans fight over romantic monogamous pairings of characters in so called “ship wars.” One of most famous incidents of this sort of ship war is the Katara/Aang versus Zuko/Katara ship war of the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom, and the Bella/Edward vs Bella/Jacob ship war of the Twilight Fandom. (6)

Instead of devolving this way (at least, at first), fans of Ghostbusters decided that a healthy, consensual polyamorous relationship between the four women would be a better solution than ship wars or love triangles. This interpretation of Ghostbusters provides great representation to those in the fandom who identify as polyamorous and is a welcome change from usual fandom behavior of arguing over which monogamous ship is superior.  

This is not to say the Ghostbusters fandom does not have its own ship war—the ship of Holtzmann and Erin (Holtzbert) is constantly under fire for being racist and fat shaming, as the fandom immediately paired the two thin white women together over all other options (this was before the infamous “we’re dating” deleted scene became public knowledge). Despite the existence of this ship war, it is encouraging to see a fandom thinking about intersectionality when it comes to their romantic pairings, as it means the fandom is particular about their media in a way that feminist humor would approve of.

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So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy

Hello all Ghostbusters 2016 fans! This July 15, 2017 will mark the 1 year anniversary of the movie being released to theaters, and you know what that means!


Here’s the deets:
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TL;DR: we’re hosting a Halloween contest with Actual Physical Prizes! You can enter fanart, fanfiction, costume and cosplay, edits, videos, photos of your GB figures, and you can even win by promoting the new Answer the Call comic and sharing your favourite contest entries! 


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One of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen is that Holtzbert and it’s shippers is/are rooted in racism and fatphobia. Like, no? For me personally going into the movie, I saw the spark between Holtz and Erin. Was it the focus of the movie? Nope. Not at all. But I saw it and I dunno. One day I found some cute Holtzbert fanart and I thought about how cute they’d be together. So that’s how I became a Holtzbert shipper.

Fatphobia? Nope. Nothing wrong with Erin or Patty or Holtz being shipped with Abby, certainly not for her weight. There’s way more important things to talk about in the movie, and they never once make any sort of crack or reference or mention of her weight.

Racism? Nope. That’s probably the most offensive belief, that not shipping Holtz or whoever with Patty means we’re being racist.

You know, as much shit as the movie got, to the point that we lost money and 90% likely won’t get a sequel, you’d think the fandom of the movie and the shippers would be friendlier to each other. And especially not hurl insults like assuming other shippers are racist because they don’t ship a character with Patty.

As for fan fic cliches and inaccuracies, yeah, I see those a lot. I personally try to write around them. I write Holtz as plenty self conscious and socially awkward a lot of the time. I write Patty as the cool-headed walking fortune cookie of wisdom. I write Abby as the understanding, smart and honest team mom. And I write Erin as slowly coming out of her shell, and that even Holtz’s love can’t fix it overnight. Fan fic cliches are something to avoid for sure.

I dunno. Yeesh. As much hate as the movie got, I’d figure the fandom would be more inclusive than this. And once again, shipping Holtzbert doesn’t automatically make you fatphobic or racist. That kind of thinking is what hurt the movie’s performance. There’s nothing wrong with shipping whoever. It’s not even a matter of agreeing with the ship. I don’t ship Polybusters, but i don’t think something is wrong with it.

It doesn’t matter which ship is the most popular either. It just happened to be Holtzbert and could easily have been one of the other ships. Geez.

I also love the “Holtzb*rt” spelling thing going around, that’s trying to equate it to a slur or whatever. Wow. You call Holtzbert shippers racist and prejudiced but you’re trying to make up a slur? Yikes. Grow up, people. Ship who you want to ship, stop ragging people who ship something different. The amount of hate is really terrible and heartbreaking to see considering how much irrational hate the movie as a whole got.

I have no problems with any of the ships from the movie. I just happen to have chosen Holtzbert as my ship. Not a big deal.

Learn your alphabet with sapphic ships!

Aberfield / Amberprice / Andromione / Allydia / Alphyne / Amedot  

Baillie / Bechloe / Belivaird / Bellamione / Berena / Beronica / Bianking / Bioquake / Black Hill / Brittana / Bubbline / Bumblebee

Calzona / Camteen / Camren / Cartinelli / Castella / Chansaw /  Chasefield / Cissamione /  Clexa / Clizzy / Copdoc / Cophine / Crosshares

Daensa / Doccubus

Emaya / Emison / Eposette

Faberry / Fayana / Fizetta / Flaritza / Fleurmione / Freelin / Freezerburn / Fridget / Fuffy

Gelphie / Grenna / Golly

Harlivy / Harpercass / Herminny / Hollstein / Holtzbert


Jackanda / Janstar / Jathea / Jemily / Joniss / Jori

Karmy / Kigo / Korrasami / Kumirei

Ladybug / Lapidot / Lemon tea (Lenily) / Lottiana / Luaggie / Lunny

Mabcan / Mabifica / Malora / Marliza / McAndrews / McBond / Mercymaker / Michandrea /  Mitchsen / Misffle / Moariel /  Monochrome

Naomily / Nichorello / Ninessa / Nomanita / Noralise / Nuts & Dolts / Nyssara


Paily / Palex  / Pearlmethyst (Mystery pearl) / Pezberry / Pharmercy / Pousoso / Pricefield / Princess Mechanic / Princess Rover / Pupcake

Quinncedes / Quinntana

Red Beauty / Red Snow / Reysma / Rilaya / Rizzles / Roisa / Rosecassie / Rosemary / Rositara / Ruby Slippers / Rupphire / Rybee

Salara / Sansaery / Sanvers / Sharmen / Shaysima / Shoot / Siophie / Skimmons (Bioquake) / Sleeping Warrior /Snow Queen / Som.va / Spashley / Starbel (Butterpines) / Staubrey / Stephcass / Supercat / Supercorp / Superlane / Swan Queen / Sweet Flips / Symbra

Tibette / Tillow / Tolbert / Toltzmann / Trimberly / Trishica / Tyzula

Underdavis / Utenanthy

Valcubus / Vauseman / Varcie

Wayhaught / White Rose / Widowtracer / Wiffy (Billow)


Yatesbert / Yatesmann / Yumikuri

Zelimpa / Ziabby

May the sapphic goddess bless us, and guide us to be the gayest possible!

PS : Message me to help me complete the list!

See guys? It’s getting completed as we speak!

I can only add ship names… and also I WILL NOT add sisters! (Supergirl, Frozen, Orphan Black)