yatai street

屋台の食べ物 (street food) question set ⚐

walk around the streets and drop some snacks into my ask box !

  • yakitori ー your birthday / star sign
  • okonomiyaki ー describe your perfect weekend morning ( breakfast, activities, weather, etc. )
  • takoyaki ー what are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
  • oden ー describe a dream date in another country
  • yaki imo ー post a picture of yourself ♡
  • dango ー what’s your dream pet(s)?
  • nikuman ー an anime/manga series you wish you could live in
  • ikayaki ー 3 foods you always crave ( be general or specific, ex. what restaurant they’re from, when you ate them first, etc. )
  • yakisoba ー rate a video game ( or games ) you’re playing now
  • senbei ー 1 physical feature + 1 quality you love about yourself ( or more! bc self love is good for u )

Night in Fukuoka by Ted Tsang
Via Flickr:
The night view at Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka. Fukuoka is well-known within Japan for having many yatai. A yatai (屋台) is a small, mobile food stall in Japan typically selling ramen or other food. The name literally means “shop stand”. The stall is set up in the early evening on pedestrian walkways and removed late at night or in the early morning hours before commuters begin to fill the streets.