PSP 1800 vol. 30, Kra's Yasuno x Alice Nine's Nao, part 2: Mr. Pay.
  • Nao:Ah!! I've got a funny story from that tour! At that time, Saga and I shared a hotel room! And the day after that while we were waiting for the bus to head out, they told us "Somebody give us the fees for the paycard, they need to settle the bill!" That was from my and Saga's room.
  • Writer:A paycard...that's a card you use to pay extra to watch naughty movies, isn't it?
  • Nao:Yes, yes (laughs). But they don't have just porn, they have regular movies too! (Laughs) Well, it seems to have mostly an association with porn, though. At any rate, I got called out when they asked for the extra cash!
  • Writer:AHAHAHA! If it's Saga and Nao, Nao's the culprit, huh?
  • Nao:Yeah! Saga wanted to watch some American movies, and I actually ended up wanting to check out some porn. Ahhh, this is an embarrassing storyyyy (laughs). I got the nickname "Mr. Pay" that day! And thus began my own personal tragedy--for about 3 years after that, everyone called me Mr. Pay!
  • Yasuno:Ahaha, that did happen, didn't it! Speaking of Nao, something happened with you when we went on tour again with one other band, didn't it! It was when we were transferring buses. Nao was supposed to sit next to me and Saga, and we were on our way to the live house in Nagoya, and just as we were about to get on the bus and head out a staff member was verifying that we were all there. "Everyone here?" And Saga says "Yes! We're all lined up!" And I was like, "Huh? I coulda sworn Nao was here, I guess he changed seats." And sure enough, we made it to maybe the first traffic light, and we realized, "Ah, yep, Nao isn't here." (Laughs) So we turn around and go back, and it turns out Nao had been pushing other people waiting on buses out of the way as he was desperately trying to catch up to the bus. (Laughs)
  • Writer:Saga screws you over a lot, doesn't he, Nao? (Laughs)
  • Nao:It's so true though, totally!! (Laughs)
  • Writer:We're gonna revive the 'Mr. Pay' nickname starting today!!
  • Nao:NO WAY!! (Laughs) And you know my fans are probably like "Nao's a little fairy, he wouldn't watch porn!"
  • Writer:....... (Dead silence in the room)
  • Yasuno:What...what's up with the atmosphere in here?! (Laughs)
  • Nao:AHAHAHA! (Busts a gut)
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