yasukiro hagakure

brotherentropy answered your questionbabling about Super High School Level Swap AU ideas so far

hagakure: super high school-level detective

that sounds hilarious BUT

i’m really enamored with the idea of making him the adopted Heir to the Togami clan (they adopted from another country for PR reasons) and like, they got him to keep his hair short and shave properly but in the end he’s still Hagakure and is a total Arthur Bachtype dude who just likes traveling and chilling and getting high  and occasionally buying all of his friends a bunch of exotic animals and stuff

and he’s a 20 year old dropout and finally Togami Sr is like OKAY THAT IS IT YOU’RE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL HERE HOPE’S PEAK LOOKS NICE

unlike Togami he’s like “but literally my only good quality is being rich as balls” “GOOD ENOUGH”