Ryo-chan making things awkward since 1984

who’s who in kanjani8 ?

yokoyama you ( yokocho, kimi-kun ) :

- pale skin, bubble lips, sleepy eyes
- kinda resembles an alcapa 
- cant sing, smashes bongos, recently learned how to play the trumpet!
- either laughing a lot of crying a lot
- is that yunho….??

shibutani subaru ( shibuyan, subaru-kun )

- pointy nose, cute eyelashes, unkept eyebrows
- mushroom head, bald, or long haired
- intense vibrato and holds long notes
- usually wearing a hat ( he’s short )
- likes to suffocate himself with mic cord

murakami shingo ( hina, shin-chan ) :

- cute droopy eyes, acne scars, TEETH!
- don’t worry guys, harambe is alive! 
- cant sing, shaky fingers when on keyboard
- probably getting roasted by matsuko 
- is hitting everyone in every show

maruyama ryuhei ( maru, maru-chan ) :

- dimples, mole under lip, fluffy hair
- growls at everyone and dances for food
- muscular and soft at the same time
- mouth turns into a heart when he laughs
- only serious when playing the bass

yasuda shota ( yasu, sho-chan ) :

- wrinkles around eyes, bunny teeth, broad shoulders
- always either judging or smiling at everyone
- chimpanzee guitar GOD and high voice ( usually chorus ) 
- disturbing fashion sense that makes me wanna cry 
- cries towards anything

nishikido ryo ( ryo-chan, dokkun ) :

- droopy eyes w/ long lashes, tan, moles near eye and mouth
- probably the one that caught your attention in the first place
- thinks he’s american, speaks english every chance he gets 
- cant eat anything except for yakisoba and karaage 
- voice comes from nose when singing, guitar spotlight stolen by yasu

okura tadayoshi ( tacchon, tatsu ) :

- huge mouth, lower lip is squared, tiny moles everywhere
- really loud laugh… goes “ AH- HEAUH HUH HAH HAH “ 
- tallest member although he is also the youngest
- eats anything, sleeps anywhere, laughs at everything 
- murders the drums onstage, usually low chorus