The Unnamed Princess of Dorne, mother of Doran, Elia, and Oberyn, friend to Joanna Lannister, and ruler of Dorne.

As the children splashed in the pools, Daenerys watched from amongst the orange trees, and a realization came to her. She could not tell the highborn from the low. Naked, they were only children. All innocent, all vulnerable, all deserving of long life, love, protection. ‘There is your realm,’ she told her son and heir, 'remember them, in everything you do.’ My own mother said those same words to me when I was old enough to leave the pools. It is an easy thing for a prince to call the spears, but in the end the children pay the price. For their sake, the wise prince will wage no war without good cause, nor any war he cannot hope to win.


Bad News and Moving day

These past couple of days has been hectic. I don’t know if everyone can tell in the pictures but I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would like and I have been crying. I recently found out my mom is sick (everyone who knows me knows I am the biggest momma’s girl). Chris has truly been a big help but I find it’s starting to get hard to smile lately. So, he convinced me to move everyone to Oakwood to be closer to her. (These are the only pictures that have me at least smiling a bit in them :(. )

Today is the first day where I wanted to get up and post some pictures, just to let everyone know I’m still here, I’ll try to post some more pictures tomorrow when I visit my mom and after we finish unpacking.