yasmine you

It happened again
  • Co-worker: So it was alright, not great.
  • Co-worker 2: Beauty and the Beast? Yeah I want to go see that.
  • Me: -under my breath- why bother it looks shit.
  • Co-worker 2: See that's what I love about you Yasmin, you've come so far and you're not afraid to tell us what you really think now. A year ago we all thought you were so meek.
  • Co-worker: It's because she hates Emma Watson.
  • Me: -spluttering- I mean...yeah but--
  • Co-worker 2: You're the same age as her...what, is this all because you auditioned for Hermione and didn't get the part?
  • Me: ...well I didn't audition but--
  • Co-worker 2: You and your big frizzy hair, I bet you hated her growing up didn't you.
  • Me: ...
  • Co-worker: Well?
  • Me: -quietly- I had buck teeth an' everything I would have been great.
  • Co-worker 2: Get over yourself.

Felix: Not that I’m not always here anyways….but why did you invite me and whoever this dude is over?

Misael: It’s Misael, but thanks for that.

Yasmin: Look, you guys were the only ones that weren’t busy right now, okay? Anyways we have an important mission for you!

Rhen: And by important she means entirely unimportant, but you’re still doing it so don’t weasel out of this, got it? Good.


“You are absolutely wonderful the way that you are. And the moment that we can stop listening to these messages that we’re receiving every day telling us how we should look, what’s beautiful, what’s sexy, what is cool. You know what I think is better than anyone else’s definition of what “cool” is? I think being happy is better than being cool. And the moment that you can just wash all of that stuff off of you — all those unwanted, uninvited opinions about yourself, and your life, and the way that you are — the moment you can look in the mirror and see only your own definition of your life, I think that’s the moment that you’re finally clean.”

If James was a true NY African American (Live in NY can confirm)
  • James: I’ll talk to Yasmin.
  • MC: Thank you James. I want to this to work.
  • James: Psych nigga you thought I finalized the deal.

“If one day I’m able to see you I want to say:
No matter how high the walls were we surpassed them together, didn’t we?
Thank you, you can sleep now, because I can walk on my own”
Versailles ,,Serenade"

Today, on 8 March, Jasmine You would have turned 34. But he passed away on 9 August 2009 because of disease. Don’t forget him and his talent.

Happy Birthday! You will be always with us. 

“I promise you that all that you are experiencing, all the pain, the trials, the long patches of deprivation, and desperation, are only carving you and preparing you for your destiny. Your role. This long night will not last forever. And I swear to you it has a purpose. Stay close to the earth, stay humble and dependent on God, and you will survive. Then you will rise, fully carved and prepared for what Allah has saved for you.” - Yasmin Mogahed