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There are so many music artist trying to uphold so many different images. It all feels stale. They’re trying to be sexy, they’re trying to be thugs, they’re trying to be what they think the listeners will put there money on. But listeners don’t feel that. We cannot identify with an image.

Us as listeners we’re like butchers , bakers , and candle stick makers. What do we know about dropping half a million on a brand new ferrari? We want to feel our artist. We want to know that we’re not the only ones feeling these emotions we’re afraid to express. But how can we when our artist are too cool to talk about the times they’ve been vulnerable or betrayed? I vowed a long time ago never to fall into that category with the rest of them.

—  Lando (An excerpt from my interview with #YasMag) To see the rest of the interview click HERE

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The issue was about slavery and how we abuse the N-word so this was the #YasMag spin on it. You can read previous issues in the #YasMag archives http://yasmag.com/YAS_MAG/Previous_Issues.html