I was tagged by a-world-of-wishes ;) 

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1. What is your guilty pleasure?
     - umm too many ;)

2. What is a place you have always wanted to travel?
    - America <3

3. Favorite fashion trend?
    - Leather looked pants, leather sleeved jackets, oxblood and wedge sneakers :D

4. Favorite Thing to Wear?
    - oversized sweaters with leggins/skinny jeans

5. What is your favorite magazine?
     - :O so many! Joy, ELLE, Vogue, Glamour you know all the fashion magazines^^

6. What is your favorite tv show?
    - True Blood!!

7. What is the best compliment you ever received?
     - “ You are just beautiful. You have a great body and wonderful eyes. So hot” ( Still can’t believe somebody said that to me)

8. What did you wear today?
     - sweatpants and an oversized shirt :)

9. How can someone make you happy?
     - Say nice things and just be a good person

10.  A day at the beach or a day in the city? 
      - Although I’m more a city person I’ll take the beach because it’s so cold right now and I want some sun :)

My Questions:
1. How long have you had Tumblr?
2. Favorite Songs at the Moment?
3. Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
4. You’re favorite Movie?
5. Heels or flats?
6. Are you a girly girl?
7. How long was your last relationship?
8. What color is your bed?
9. Favorite thing in your room?
10. Take the last book you read, go to page 69. What is written in the 3rd line?

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