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Personal Space: Writer and Editor, Yasi Salek 

If you’d ask us to describe Yasi Salek with one word, we’d unfortunately have to make one up. Basically it would be a word that combined a million different adjectives all pointing to total and COMPLETE radness, with a hint of mystique. (Only because we had no clue she was such a TSwifter!) We’re avid followers of Yasi’s Cultist Zine, so decided to get deep into the weeds with this one, and see what it’s like to live the life of one of LA’s coolest writers.

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Top Ten: Books Yasi Salek Really Likes And Wants You To Read (in no particular order)

When life gives you lemons, go read a book in the corner of your room and forget all about them. Yasi Salek spills on some of her most favorite pieces of literature to get lost in. 

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