Tohru’s Father : Choose your words wisely, Human!

Kobayashi : *Grabs Tohru’s wrist* …YOUR DAUGHTER CALLS ME DADDY TOO!

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If It Were Me

I did this thing—

We all know the story of Inuyasha. Well, I twisted it. I reversed the whole thing. Inuyasha is now the one who is thrust into the past. He is still half-demon. He is eighteen. His parents and brother are alive. His parents met in the 21st century so Inuyasha is only legit eighteen when he gets thrust 500 years into the past. Kagome is the one who lives in Feudal Japan. She is the keeper of the jewel. Naraku is still evil. Some things are the same. Some things are not.

Keep in mind, I wrote his years ago. I tweaked it. I tried. I’m sorry. Read it. Judge it. Whatever. 

Ladies. Let me know. It’s a chapter fic. I suck at updating them, but I like this concept so I plan to continue. Enjoy.

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She ran, as fast as she possibly could, as her legs grew weaker with each root she stumbled over.

“Damn it.” She hissed as another root caught her ankle. She forced herself back up, despite the pain, and continued to run as fast as her legs would carry her.

 The sound of rustling could be heard behind her. The wind whipped around her face, stinging her eyes, forcing her vision to blur. Her hair, which was once pulled back in a delicate tie, was now loose and catching on low branches. She cried out as she fell once more, but she managed to stand quickly, despite the throbbing in her legs and feet. She clutched her fist to her chest as she ran, careful not to drop the valuable item.

“You can run, but you won’t get away from me.” 

The voice carried through the trees, sending cold shivers down her spine. “I can try!” She shouted back, never looking away from the path.

The moon shone brightly above her, lighting her path to safety, or so she thought. Once the meadow could be seen before her, she jolted past the old well in the center of the clearing and made her way for the only sacred place in the forest, the Goshinboku. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her breathing was labored and the cool air stung with each intake. She wasn’t sure if she could make it any further, but there, there the tree stood.

“I see you!” The voice cackled as she ran toward the tree.

Placing the item around her neck, she reached for her bow and notched an arrow. Standing tall, she took aim at the figure walking towards her from the shadow of the trees. “Stop!”

The figure, for a split second, stopped before proceeding once again. “Now, now, Kagome. What has you so worked up?”

“As if you don’t know, Kikyo.” She spoke through clenched teeth.

“Give me the jewel and I’ll let you go.” She said softly.

“But why? Kik—“

“Save it. Give me the jewel, Kagome.” Her voice no longer as soothing as it once was.

“Never. You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” Kagome released an arrow, forcing Kikyo to dodge. The priestess, once gaining back her balance, glared at her.

“I guess you leave me no choice.” The movements were to fast, Kagome had no time to dodge as Kikyo fired a sacred arrow at her, piercing her through the heart.

The arrow struck right through her chest and pinned her to the tree, causing her to become immobile. Her eyes widened at the impact and she dropped her bow with a thud. Her right hand came up to reach for Kikyo as pain, confusion and betrayal crossed her once bright, brown eyes. “Why?” Was all she could say before Kagome could no longer fight the pain and finally admitted defeat. Kagome’s eyes closed and she released a shuddering breath, and her arm fell limply to her side.

Kikyo stalked to the tree and set her bow down. Slowly, the body began to morph and soon, a man stood in place. He searched for the jewel. “There you are.” Reaching out a pale hand, the jewel shone brightly before disappearing in a blinding light. “What?!” He screamed. “Where did it go?” Composing himself, he searched again. When he could not find it, he let out a vigorous scream. “Damn bitch!” He cursed again. He turned, looking at a figure standing outside the clearing. “Kikyo, find the jewel, and do not let me down!” He shouted, disappearing in a cloud of miasma.

Kikyo walked up to Kagome. Maybe she should have killed her, but she couldn’t give Naraku the satisfaction. Instead, she placed a curse on the arrow he had fired. However, maybe that’s why the jewel vanished. “I’ll find it Kagome, and when I do, I will kill you.” She whispered.

The arrow lodged into her chest was no ordinary arrow, for the power it held pinned Kagome to the Goshinboku, placing her in a deep sleep for 50 years.


He jolted awake, the dream felt so real. But what kind of dream was it? The faces were a blur and the voices were disoriented. “I have to stop eating before bed.” He groaned.



“It’s time for you to wake up.”

“Five more minutes.” Rolling over, Inuyasha tugged the covers higher over his head.

“Now, son.” Inuyasha protested when the comforter was ripped from his grasp. “You need to be at school early today. Remember, you are taking that field trip to the Higurashi Shrine.

Grumbling, the half-demon drug himself from the warm comfort of his bed. “I’ve seen that shrine a thousand times. Not to mention all the stories dad has drilled into my long term memory.” He ran a hand through his thick, silver bangs. “Can I just skip today?”

“Absolutely not. I caught you skipping school last week. You will not do it again. Or so help me Inuyasha, you will see a side of me you will not like.”

“Keh, calm down, mom.” He raised his hands in defense.

Izayoi’s eyes softened. “Good boy. Breakfast is on the table.”

Once she was out the door, Inuyasha grumbled. “She can be one scary ass woman.”

“I heard that Inuyasha!” Izayoi’s voice echoed down the hall.

Golden orbs widened at the venom behind his mother’s words. Inuyasha’s ears pinned to his head as he shut his door quickly before running to his bathroom. Pretty good hearing for a human. He stepped in the shower and let the hot water finally wake him.

As Inuyasha made his way to school, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander. The wind was blowing his onyx bangs against his forehead and he scoffed. He wasn’t sure which he hated more, the fact he had to hide his youkai or the fact he was demon and half human. It wasn’t fair. He couldn’t help who he was, and damn it, humans were all very prejudice. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he approached the school gates. A large bus was waiting at the entrance and he scanned the crowd for his best friend.

“Inuyasha!” He turned his head and caught site of a young woman advancing towards him.

“Haruka.” He greeted. “You seen Ryou?”

A frown crossed her features. “What about a “Hey Haruka, nice to see you?” She crossed her arms.

“Keh.” He looked around again. “Hey Haruka, nice to see you. Now, have you seen Ryou?”

She sighed. “Yes. He’s with Michiko. They were waiting for you by the bus.” She handed him a piece of paper.

“What’s this?”

“Don’t forget our date tonight. I’m tired of you always forgetting about me.” She leaned up to press a quick kiss to his lips. “See you at seven.” She ran off to meet up with a group of girls heading into the school, tossing a quick, “Don’t forget Yashie! This is your last chance!” over her shoulder as she ran.

He cringed. Her perfume was very overpowering and even with his concealment charm, he still had his youkai senses. “Keh.” He crumbled the paper and put it in his pocket. 

“About time.” Michiko slapped Inuyasha’s back. “Ryou was wondering if you were ever gonna get here to hold his hand on the bus.” She laughed.

Ryou sighed. “My dear Michiko, that is why I am dating you.” She scoffed and punched his shoulder. “Shall we?”

And as Ryou grabbed his wounded shoulder whined about his true love was anything but elegant, they loaded the bus and headed off towards the shrine.

Will this day ever end?


“— any questions?” A shrine maiden, Inuyasha forgot her name, asked the group before proceeding. “Very well. If you will, please follow me to our next destination.”

Inuyasha grumbled once more as he followed the group of fellow classmates through the shrine grounds. He was tired of listening to the never ending stories of the Warring States Era. He was a half-demon, his father lived that era, who was after all a thousand year old daiyoukai. Inuyasha had heard these stories for the past eighteen years of his life.

“This is the Goshinboku: The Tree of Ages. Legend has it that an evil, but powerful priestess pinned another powerful, pure priestess to this very tree.” The maiden looked at the tree and smiled, her eyes shining with love of the story.

“Why would she do that?” A fellow classmate asked.

“Because —“ the maiden began.

“Because,” Inuyasha stepped forward. “The evil priestess wanted something the pure priestess had. Legend never states what the object was.”

“Um, yes. That is correct.” The look in the maiden’s eyes was gone. Touching the small hole that had scarred the tree from the bond priestess, she spoke. “Unfortunately the evil one never found what she was looking for. That is why we do not know what it was.” She turned to the crowd.

“Any questions?”

“Showing off again?” Michiko asked.

“This is nothing new to me. I’ve read about it, heard about it, and studied it.” Inuyasha said shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Why does your father continue to question you about the Feudal Era?”

“I’m a hanyou, he doesn’t want me to forget who I am. We live among human and youkai, only youkai are thought to be extinct. All youkai conceal themselves, just like my father, brother, and I. 

“Well, we’re glad to know who the real you is, after Michiko and myself caught you jumping ten feet into the air when we met in preschool.”

“Well, stupid. You got your kite stuck in the tallest damn tree on the playground.”

“And if it wasn’t for your constant whining, Inuyasha would have never revealed himself.”

“It was my favorite kite!” Ryou protested.

The all laughed at the memory. “Come on guys. Let’s get back to learning.” Michiko pulled the two along.

Looking back at the tree, Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest. He knew exactly what the evil priestess was looking for. She wanted the Shikon no Tama a powerful, marble-sized jewel which granted whoever possessed it with immense power. In the Feudal Era, which his father had told him, the Shikon jewel was guarded by a powerful priestess with the purest of hearts. The jewel was sought out by the most evil of youkai, in hopes of gaining the immune power the jewel promised. 

Inuyasha’s father never revealed any names of the past, for in his father’s eyes it was better left just that, the past. He told Inuyasha legends and stories since Inuyasha was born. This left Inuyasha’s imagination to run wild. Izayoi, his human mother, had met Touga twenty years ago. He had revealed himself to her, claiming her as his mate. Of course youkai were hidden behind concealment spells in modern Japan that created a glamour that masks youkai’s true appearances. Only powerful mikos could see through the glamour if they focused their powers on it. 

Inuyasha’s charm was a purple beaded rosary with white fangs every few inches apart. His father had it made especially for him when he was born. Touga’s charm was the wedding band Izayoi had engraved for him by one of the few living mikos in modern Japan. Sesshomaru, and his mate Kagura, a wind witch, wore matching wedding bands. Sesshomaru had Totosai, an elderly swords smith youkai, forge two matching wedding bands. One was Kagura’s made from a rare ruby stone with the engraved band that matched his; both made from one of Sesshomaru’s fangs. The two of them had lived through the past 500 years adapting to each century and its customs.

Inuyasha tucked the rosary back into his uniform jacket and followed the crowd. As they passed a small building, a light caught his eye. It was surrounded by a weird aura, which caught Inuyasha’s interest and he let his curiosity get the best of him. Looking to see if the mob of students or the shrine maiden would notice, he slipped into the building. It was dark, and as his eyes tried to adjust, the light appeared again, in the center of the small building was a wooden well. It looked ancient, but intriguing. He hopped down the ledge of small wooden steps and made his way closer; a piercing, blue light emitted from the bottom of the well.

“Hello? Anyone down there?” He waited for an answer, but none came.

“Inuyasha?” He snapped around. “Come on, if that woman catches you, there’s no telling what she’ll do.” Ryou looked behind him.

“Keh, I’m coming.” One more look down the well and the light was gone. He hurried to follow Ryou back into the sun light.

He looked back to the old well house, the odd aura leaving a very unsettling weight on his chest. Shaking his head lightly, he turned back quickly, jogging to meet up with his class.


The night approached quickly, Inuyasha was lying on his bed. The eighteen year old glanced at the clock and it read five-forty-five PM. He sighed. What was that aura? The weird, blue light? His mind kept going back to the well house and that mysterious light. It was unusual, but it intrigued him more so. A knock on his door shook him from his thoughts.

“Are you going to change and head down for dinner? You’re mother was thinking about ordering out and watching a movie tonight.” 

“Actually, since it’s Friday, can I head out with Ryou and Michiko for dinner?”

Touga smiled. “Sure son. Kagura mentioned having dinner with your mother and I for some time now.”

“Your mother and I are what? Where are we going, dear?” Izayoi asked from behind her husband. 

“Call Kagura, we’ll have dinner with them tonight. Inuyasha is heading out. 

“Sounds like a date.” She kissed his cheek before turning to her son. “Inuyasha, leave that cell phone on.”

Keh.” Inuyasha bounded off his bed and raced past his parents, but not before he was wrangled into a kiss on the cheek from his mother.

Inuyasha made his way out of the house and found himself back at the Higurashi shrine. Okay, so he lied. He was not meeting anyone. He just wanted to check out that well house again. Inuyasha climbed the thousands of steps and kept to the shadows as he made his way to the shack. The aura had been faint, but it was still there. 

Opening the doors, he caught a glimpse of the same light. The sun was setting and the orange glow created a small path of illumination from the door to the well. Leaping from the stairs, he walked to the edge of the well lip. “Hello? Anyone at all in there? I saw the blue, pillar of light.” Again, he waited for an answer that never came. 

“Fine, I investigated my suspicions.” He shrugged and turned to walk away, but not before the light shot out from the darkness and wrapped around him. “What the fuck?!” He shouted.

Closing his eyes, he prepared his body for contact with the hard bottom of the well. When his body did not hit earth, he opened his eyes to see he was engulfed in a radiant, sea of blue light. He turned his head to see a silhouette of a person in the distance. He called out to the figure, only to get a faint response.

“I’ve waited so long for you, Inuyasha.”

“What?” He asked. The silhouette disappeared. “Wait! Where am — oomph!” The light vanished and he came face to face with solid ground. “What the fuck was that?” He looked up to see the sky covered in a million beautiful stars. “I must have hit my head if I can quite literally see stars.” He grumbled and prepared his legs to jump.

Once he grabbed the edge of the wooden structure, he almost fell back down when he noticed a luscious, green forest surrounding him. His feet landed on soft grass, greener than he had ever seen. 

Tokyo isn’t known for its greenery or forests and there is no way in hell you could see this many stars with all the light pollution from the city. He thought. Damn, am I even in Tokyo anymore? 

He wasn’t sure what to do, but for time being, he just began to walk. Sighting a dirt path to the left of the clearing, he made his way through the trees. He could hear an owl hooting, and crickets chirping. The air was much cleaner, Inuyasha couldn’t detect a hint of pollution. He shook his head and pinched his cheek. “Nope, it’s not a dream. I’m definitely not in a city of Tokyo anymore.”

Miyano Mamoru - 恋されガール/Loved Girl English and Romaji lyrics

You can find the audio for this song here. Lyrics originally in English are in italics. Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


2, 3, 4
Coming now!

I say! I found that girl winning my heart and mind
A sign I’ve never experience, oh
I find myself looking for you randomly
How do you think I feel?

Even if you ask me,
“Why is it that girl?”
I don’t know why either

Being this interested in you is unexpected
And you don’t even notice, OMG!!
Even so, my love goes on

So you and I can make our days as shiny waves
Talking underneath the swaying palms
As waves crash,
Sparkling in the sunset
A dreamlike sweet time

“She is a lonely girl?” “No, she is a happy girl??”
I love her
I know better than anyone about her pure heart
Cause I’m in love with that girl

One day I saw you talked to birds
Your smile was shining
Something so small, but I am healed
By your gentleness

No matter how crazy it sounds
I was knocked out by your sparkling smile

No matter how long we spend together
It’s still not enough, OMG!!
That’s right! Cause my love is real

So you and I can make our days as shiny stars
And cuddle beneath Orion’s seat
As the seasons change
We’ll become a little bit closer
A dreamlike sweet time

“She wants to talk to me?” “Maybe thinking about me”
I love her
Her flushed cheeks and down turned eyes, it’s so cute
Cause I love that girl

You brighten all my day, you make me find new days
It’s the first time I’ve felt this way
I’ll brighten all your day, I’ll make you find new days
My heart is pounding, full of happiness and gentleness

For ya I can do anything
I hope it reaches you,
The melody of love that budded in my heart
You hear me? I feel you
Everybody one, two, hey

So you are super lovely more than you would think
You’re the best, just the way you are
With hearts throbbing, 
Love shining
We’ll surely one day have a sweet time

“She is a lovely girl?” “Yes, she is an awesome girl”
I love her
I know better than anyone about her pure heart
Cause I’m in love with that girl


2, 3, 4
Coming now!

I say! I found that girl winning my heart and mind
Keiken shita koto nai sign, oh
Futoshita shunkan ni kimi wo sagashiteru
How do you think I feel?

Nande ano ko na no?
Tte iwaretemo
Boku ni datte nazeka wa wakannai

Konna ni ki ni naru nante yosougai
Kimi wa kidzukanai OMG!!
Sore datte, my love goes on

So you and I can make our days as shiny waves
Yureru yashi no shita de katatte
Nami wa yurameite
Yuuhi ni kirameite
Yume mitai na sweet time

“She is a lonely girl?” “No, she is a happy girl??”
Daisuki nanda
Boku ga shitteru dare yori mo pure heart
Cause I’m in love with that girl

One day I saw you talked to birds
Sono egao kagayaite
Honno chiisana koto. Demo kimi no yasashisa
Boku wo iyashite kureru

Donna tawai mo nai hanashi mo
Kira kira warau kimi ni knocked out

Dore dake issho ni sugoshiteitemo
Mada mada tarinai OMG!!
Sou! Datte, my love is real

So you and I can make our days as shiny stars
Orionza no shita yorisotte
Kisetsu wa megutte
Sukoshi chikadzuite
Yume mitai na sweet time

“She wants to talk to me?” “Maybe thinking about me”
Daisuki nanda
Teru teru hoho utsumuita me mo, it’s so cute
Cause I love that girl

You brighten all my day, you make me find new days
Konna kimochi wa hajimete de
I’ll brighten all your day, I’ll make you find new days
Yasashikute shiawase na dokidoki de
Boku no mune wa ippai

For ya I can do anything
Todoiteru to ii na
Kono mune ni mebaeta koi no merodii
You hear me? I feel you
Everybody one, two, hey

So you are super lovely more than you would think
Kimi wa kimi no mama ga saikou de
Kokoro tokimeite
Koi wa kirameite
Itsuka kitto, sweet time

“She is a lovely girl?” “Yes, she is an awesome girl”
Daisuki nanda
Boku ga shitteru dare yori mo pure heart
Cause I’m in love with that girl

bumblebee-bucky  asked:

What did you guys think about the new gaming video?

I liked it! Dan and Phil were basically sitting on top of each other, which was cool. I am kind of salty about the fact there is 43 Sims episodes, and that there was little to no theory material, but overall it was a hit!-Taylor

If dnp were nervous in the last few weeks whatever happened is okay now, they seemed back to themselves. Also personal space was nowhere to be found- annika

I actually really liked it, they seem to really enjoy this kind of Sims video and they were so close, I love how comfortable it feels. I’ll definitelly rewatch it, specially because I like some “domestic” stuff. - Yash

i am a slut for some sweet domestic bants - ash