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The strongest pair: Best 5 [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 137]
The two people whom everybody acknowledges are the impressive Number One!!

1st place: Syaoran & Sakura
Native countries: ???/???

The public isn’t worried!! The two of them, who are still drawn [to each other] even though [she’s] lost her memories, are connected by strong ties, beyond doubt.

Witness: Mokona Modoki
“Syaoran and Sakura, you know, are always really close! It’s love! Mokona really loves the two of them, too ♥”

2nd place: Kurogane & Fay D Flourite
Native countries: Nihon Country/Valeria Country

The closer they are, the more they quarrel!? It’s indeed because they care for each other even when they clash.

3rd place: Kamui & Subaru
Native countries: ???/???

Always acting jointly, the two of them are considerate towards each other, and their connection is strong beyond blood.

4th place: Ashura-ou & Yasha-ou
Native country: Country of Shura

The two of them overcame the illusion, and their feelings became eternal.

5th place: Sakon & Ukon
Native country: Nirai Kanai

Their trust in each other is also proof of their loyalty towards the princess goddess.

Certification! The number one uneven duo is!?

(Kurogane & Mokona)
[They’re] in sync at any time!? The skits of the two of them [are] already classics!

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7 - Favorite Anime Couple

Okay this hands down has got to be the day I was looking forward to the most :P For me, my absolute ABSOLUTE ABSOLUUUUUTTTEEE favorite anime couple is Ashura Ou and Yasha Ou

Both in RG Veda and in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, these two have such a hard time being together. And it’s SO TRAGIC!! But it especially breaks my heart in Tsubasa, cause they’re on opposing sides of a war, so they have no right to be together. *sniffle sob*

And I mean just look at these two!!

*swoon* They’re such a tragic and yet really really beautiful couple. Honestly I ship them SO HARD *anime river tears* These two also get the spot as having the saddest scene in anime for me. Seriously. They’re just so beautiful together. And so sad. You’ll see why soon enough!!


Originally, Yasha and Ashura are from RG Veda, where Ashura is destined to destroy the world and Yasha refuses to let it happen and all this stuff goes down and all that, and blah blah blah. Google it. In Tsubasa though, ohhh man. Ashura and Yasha are the kings of their own two kingdoms, and you at first think they hate eachother cause they fight HARD. But then you find out Ashura was in love with Yasha, and likewise.

It’s SO heartbreaking though, because you find out the Yasha in the episodes, he isn’t the real Yasha, (it’s like a ghost created by one of Sakura’s memory feathers) Anywho, the real Yasha died in his kingdom and his ghost came to visit Ashura on that night, which is when they kissed and AHHHHH so sad!! Cause Ashura KNOWS he is dead already :( *heart breaking sound effect* Yupp. Super sad.

So Ashura and Yasha duke it out several time in order to win the palace in the sky or moon or whatever, fuck I can’t remember cause it’s been like a year since I read the manga or watched the anime xD. But anyways, yea a bunch of stuff happens BUT I can;t go into that yet becauuussseee I will be continuing that on Day 9, for the saddest scene in anime for me :P You’ll understand when I get to it though I swear.

Until then, here’s some more Ashura you can fawn over!!

The prettyness <3