وَمَا لِيَ لَا أَعْبُدُ الَّذِي فَطَرَنِي وَإِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ

And what reason have I that I should not serve Him Who brought me into existence? And to Him you shall be brought back;
—  Surah Yaseen, Ayat 22
Period To Do List

For me and all my fellow sisters who feel distanced from Allah during their period. This is a list of things I want to implement into my life during that week. But first, download Quran Explorer on your phone/tablet.

Wake up for fajr, and do your Morning Remembrance.

Make wudhu as you would when you would pray. Sit down on the floor or on your bed. Close your eyes. 

  • Recite Surah Fatiha, slowly. 
  • Recite Surah Ikhlaas 3x.
  • Recite Ayatul Kursi.
  • Read Surah Yaseen | Everything has a heart and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen, whoever read Yaseen, Allah will write the reward of reading the Quran ten times from him. [Tirmidhi]
  • Tasbeeh Fatima | SubhanAllah 33x, Alhamdulilah 33x, AllahuAkbar 34x
  • Dua for Forgiveness | Rabbana zalamna anfusana wa in lam taghfirlana watar hamna lana koonanna minal khasireen [Surah Al-Araf, Verse 23] | Our Lord ! we have sinned against ourselves and unless You grant us forgiveness and bestow Your mercy upon us, we shall most certainly be lost.
  • Salutations to the Prophet SAW | Allaahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhammad kama salayta ‘ala Ibraaheem wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem, innaka hameedun majeed. Allaahumma baarik ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhammad kama baarakta ‘ala Ibraaheem wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem, innaka hameedun majeed | Allah and the angels send salutations to the Prophet SAW [Surah Al-Ahzaab, Verse 56]

Replace each of the five prayers with these rembrances.

And remember your Nighttime Remembrances too.

And use Quran Explorer - pick one surah, and read parts of it throughout your day.

Quran Verses After Salah

Fajr -Surah Yaseen- allah solves all our problems

Zuhr - Surah Fatah- allah saves us from evil and misguidance 

Asr - Surah Naba- Allah grants knowledge and wisdom

Maghrib - Surah Waqiah- Allah grants prosperity in the business and a situation of poverty/hunger never arises

Isha - Surah Mulk - Allah grants us from the punishment of the grave

لم أحتسِ نبيذَ الفرحِ يا أرقي
ولا عاقرتُ جعةَ الدروبِ النازفة
لكنني سكرتُ بخطاكَ تتركُ آثارَ الرحيل ِ
على رئتي
.فهل هذا ذنبٌ يوجبُ الرجمَ؟؟

Lubna yaseen

If My Lord asks me...

If my Lord asks me “Have you shyness in disobeying me? You conceal your sins from my creation - and with sins you come to me.”
So how will I answer? O woe to me - and who shall protect me?
I keep averting my soul with thoughts of hope- from time to time.
And I forget what is to come after death - and what is to come after I am shrouded.
As if I am guaranteed life [eternally] - and that death will not come to me.
And when the severe stupor of death overtakes me - who will protect me?
I looked at the faces, is there not from amongst them who will ransom me?
I will be asked regarding what I’ve prepared in my life to save me [on the Day of Judgement].
Then how will I answer - after I’ve neglected my religion.
Woe to me! Did I not hear the Speech of Allāh inviting me?
Did I not hear what came in [the chapters of] Qaaf and Yaseen?
Did I not hear about the Day of Gathering, the Day of Assemble and the Day of Judgement?
Did I not hear the crier of death inviting me, calling me?
So O my Lord, a slave [turning to you] I have repented - So who then shall shelter me?
Except a Lord extensive in forgiveness - to the truth he will guide me.
I have come to you [in repentance] - so have mercy on me, and make heavy my scales [with good deeds].
And lighten my account - you are the best of who will bring me to account.

This is the poem read to Imām Aḥmad which made him weep greatly as mentioned in Talbis Iblees by Ibn al-Jawzi.