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fenrir-v  asked:

Hello!! I want to ask, what is the difference between Hidoku Shinaide and Hidoku Shinaide Plus? Thank you for your hard work!! ^0^


Shinaide Plus contains everything from Yasashiku Shinaide and Shinaide Mix. 
Basically funny, cute and smexy side stories, mini comics and so on. 

Everything that has been translated you can find here: 
Ch 1-3 + Extras / Ch 4 / Ch 5

It has also been licensed in english. 
You can order it at Book Depository. They have free worldwide shipping!

I hope that helped a little ^^


anonymous asked:

There's a "Hidoku Shinaide" extra I can't find, where one or Maya's friends give him a little egg vivator and tell him to use it with his girlfriend, while he is one hole, put it in the other hole, and Maya is like "what is she only has one hole?" and is really funny, because his friend is like looking at him funny, but Maya is more interested in the egg vivrator, and when he use it, Nemugasa is like super shaky and they really enjoy it, and in "Hidoku Shinaide dj - Omocha ni Shinai de" they men

tion it.” hehe

Yeah, you mean this one, right? 

It’s from Yasashiku Shinaide. It’s in the japanese and english hardcopy of Shinaide plus+  :)