Yasaka Shrine Light Trails by NOAC_
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Yasaka Shrine stands at the end of Shijo dori, one of Kyoto’s main downtown streets. It’s rare to see it without the typical traffic of taxis and city buses, so I tried to find a way to put together Kyoto’s classic architectural landmarks and its busy traffic. Light trails it is!


Shirabyoshi Dancer par Rekishi no Tabi
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Shirabyoshi dancers were popular in the late Heian period (794-1185). Anyone who has read the epic Heike Monogatari (Tale of the Heike) may remember that Taira Kiyomori was fond of shirabyoshi dancers. The kind of music that shirabyoshi performed to is called “Imayo”, which was accompanied by poetic verses. Imayo was also popular with Kyoto’s imperial court. I took this photo at Yasaka Shrine in Gion, Kyoto earlier this afternoon. It was just my luck that a performance was ongoing when I got there. This shot was snapped in black & white from my camera. More monochrome and color shots will follow.


Since I happened to be at Gion, I took a few pictures of Yasaka Jinja, the shrine that has a kamon identical to the Oda clan one.

Incidentally, Nobunaga once attended the Gion Matsuri that is celebrated in Yakasa Jinja in 1578 (text taken from Lamers and Elisonas’s translation of the Shinchoukoki). I’m not sure if there were any particular relation between the Oda and the shrine, though. It seemed to be just a coincidence (the mokkou/quince/gourd cross-section is a pretty commonly used kamon motif).

And Gion wasn’t a place for geisha in Nobunaga’s times, as far as I can tell. But if you want to have silly mental images of Nobunaga having fun with geisha, feel free to do so, LOL.