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I am afraid of a lot of things, but the thing I am most afraid of is the unknown. I don’t know his thoughts about me, so I spend hours contemplating his every word spoken to me. I wonder when he will fall out of love with me. I wonder if he will ever think about me when he leaves. I wonder if I will find a job after falling into debt to get this degree. I wonder if I will do well in the job. I wonder if people think I am pretty, I wonder if I look okay. I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder how I will die, when I will die, what day of the week it will be, and who I will be with. I am unable to think in the present because I am so scared of the future.
—  I am scared of things that I don’t know about yet. 
It’s Always The Quiet Ones - SHAWN MENDES SMUT

basically shawn mendes came out of nowhere and now i love him so obv i needed to write smut about him - btw even if you dont like shawn this fic got me feeling some type of way so i still recommend you give it a shot

tw: blood


Shawn sat upright in bed, awoken by a crash from outside his window. He was momentarily distracted by a text alert on his phone, it was from you.

I need advice

Nevermind I already did the stupid thing

Shawn sighed loudly as he read the second text.

Let me guess, you were the loud crash I just heard?

He fired a text back, reluctantly swinging his legs out of bed and pulling on sweatpants.



Yes. I was the loud crash.

Shawn smiled and shook his head. You were a handful but you always kept him on his toes.

You had been friends since childhood, growing up neighbours and with windows looking into each other’s bedrooms it seemed inevitable that you would be together. Luckily you discovered your feelings for each other last year and had been a couple ever since.

Are you okay?

Shawn sent another text, worriedly glancing out his window in the direction of the noise.

Not really, plz come help.

You were currently stuck under a tree branch, wedged between the wood and the wall of Shawn’s parents’ shed. You had been trying to jump the gap between Shawn and your roofs, but usually that was Shawn’s trick, and you had chickened out and grabbed the nearby tree for support. Unfortunately the branch you grabbed wasn’t very strong and had snapped, bringing you tumbling down with it.

Within minutes Shawn was by your side, fussing and trying to shove the branch out the way.

“God, Y/N why do you do these things?”

“I was trying to surprise you!”

“Use the door next time!”

“How unadventurous.” You rolled your eyes but you were speaking light-heartedly all the same, knowing Shawn wasn’t actually mad at you.

“You are a menace.” Shawn grunted as he shifted the branch a bit.

“You love me for it.” You grinned as Shawn bent down to peck you on the lips.

“Damn right.”

“I can wiggle out if you move it a bit more.”

“Okay, give me a second.” Shawn flexed his muscles dramatically and only for effect before bracing his arms on the branch and lifting it.

“I’m free!” You slipped out, going to thank Shawn before gasping as he lost his footing and hit his head on the rough wood, one end of the branch shattering the shed window as he fell to the ground.

You rushed to his side, panicking as he wasn’t responding to your shouts. His nose was bleeding and a scrape was blooming red just under his eye. You dropped to your knees beside him and cradled his head gently, afraid he might shatter if you touched him with your shaking hands.

“Shawn? Shawn please…” You were crying, hot tears falling down your cheek.


You sighed audibly, watching him open his eyes.

“Fuck, are you alright? How many fingers am I holding up?” It was your turn to fuss as you held up your hand.

“Three, and I’m fine.” Shawn sat up and winced, holding his head.

“You passed out.” You hung your head, feeling entirely responsible.

“For how long?”

“A few seconds.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes that’s all, you ass! I was scared!” You looked at Shawn who was grinning as much as he could with his sore face.

“I’m okay.” He chuckled, flattered by your reaction.

“You sure?” You moved closer to him, running your thumb over his cheek.

He nodded, his eyes lingering on your lips before leaning in and kissing you hard.

“We need to get you cleaned up Mister.” You stood up, holding out your hand for him.

He grabbed it and pulled himself up, swaying a bit before steadying himself and walking towards his house.

“Come here.” You sat him on the toilet seat and began wiping away the dried blood on his nose as he swatted at your hand, not liking being babied, “Hey, stay still!”

“It hurts,” He pouted, “You owe me big time.”

“Do I?” You smirked, a thousand ideas popping into your head as you kneeled in front of him, “Have anything in mind?”

“A few things.” Shawn wrapped his arms around your waist, “You know I think I like you on your knees.”

“Oh yeah?” You quirked your eyebrow, unable to contain your grin.

“Yeah.” Shawn pulled you closer to him so you were flush against his chest and kissed you.

His soft lips made tingles course through your body, like they always did. You dropped the towel you were using on the floor and cupped his face, making sure not to touch any of the bruises.

“Bed?” You murmured against his lips, earning an enthusiastic moan from him in reply.

You both stumbled into his bedroom, giggling and trying to keep quiet as to not wake the rest of the household. He pushed you down onto his bed, standing at the foot of it and removing his shirt. You could feel yourself getting excited already, usually he wasn’t this dominating in the bedroom but something in him must have clicked.

He rid himself of his sweatpants too, crawling over you and locking your lips again. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, moaning as you needed more skin on skin contact.

“Shhh babygirl.” He whispered into your neck, reminding you that there were still other people in the house.

However he made no effort to quiet your moans, in fact he sucked harder on your skin.

“This is payback, isn’t it?” You barely managed a whisper, finally figuring out Shawn’s game, “You wanna punish me for your fall?”

You knew your words were affecting Shawn as you could feel his bulge press against your inner thighs.

“Punish you?” You could hear Shawn’s mind whirring at your teasing words and wondered if he would actually go that far. Secretly you loved it dirty, but you also loved it when Shawn called you baby and held your hand, “Oh, babygirl I can punish you.”

You bit your lip as Shawn moved down your body, impatiently unbuttoning your jeans and yanking them down your legs. You squeaked as he took your underwear with them, leaving only your top half covered. Shawn spread your legs slowly, kissing your thighs softly. You knew him teasing was part of your punishment. You whined quietly, needing to feel his tongue on your aching core.

“Shhh.” You heard him front between your thighs, confidence oozing from his voice.

He loved having this sort of control over you. You were putty in his hands.

“Shawn…” You moaned, bucking your hips in an attempt to get him to pleasure you.

He pushed you back down, holding you against the mattress and licking you torturously slowly. You wiggled your hips again and this time you felt him nip at your thighs, warning you not to complain again. You wound your fingers into his thick hair, tugging desperately, letting him know he had won.

Only then did he finally allow himself to indulge, dragging his flattened tongue over your core before skilfully flicking your clit. Your whimpers seemed to spur him on, his mouth working overtime to make you crazy. At this point you were squirming so much that you were sure Shawn’s grip would leave you with bruises tomorrow.

You were panting heavily, your chest rising and falling dramatically as you felt your stomach twist unbearably, you were close to the edge and Shawn could tell.

“No, no, no!” You whined as Shawn pulled away from you, grinning evilly and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Sorry babygirl.” He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as he crawled over and kissed you sweetly, before surprising you by wrapping his arms securely around your waist and flipping you over.

Shawn was sitting upright now and you were leaning on your knees with your legs straddling over his hips.

“You’re not sorry.” You leant down and kissed his neck.

You smirked as you heard him let out a low groan when you dragged your tongue across a prominent vein there.

“Not even a little.”

Shawn’s hand cupped your cheek and he tilted your head so you were looking him in the eye. You baited him with a fake kiss, letting your lips drag across his mouth lightly. Wordlessly you lifted your hips off his, taking the material of his boxers in your fingers and yanking them down his toned legs. You let him flick them off his ankles and you finally were able to touch him. You ran your hands up his thighs and looked up at him through your lashes. His eyes were glued to you, watching your every movement with baited breath and finally sighing as you gripped his already hard length. He rolled his head back and you saw his abdomen flex as you ran the tip of your tongue up the underside of his cock. He jerked forward as you took him deeper but quickly pulled your head back by your hair. You gave him a puzzled glance but his eyes were trained on your open lips, he didn’t let go of your hair and brought you closer to him, kissing you hard.

You both moaned, tasting each other as your lips locked.

“I need you. Now,” Shawn growled, ridding you of your t-shirt and pressing your bare chest against his, “No bra?” He chuckled, grabbing your ass roughly, “You planned this didn’t you?”

“I planned something.” You said honestly, kissing Shawn again as you positioned your hips over his cock.

He grabbed himself, running his tip along your folds until you lolled your head onto his shoulder, unable to use your words to beg and were whimpering instead.

“Shawn, please.” You managed to simper.

Just as you uttered those words he gripped your ass and bucked his hips up, slamming into you. You cried out in ecstasy, only muffled by Shawn’s hand flying up and covering your mouth. His small groans sounded in your ear as he thrusted up only made you louder and you could see his mouth twist smugly.

“Quiet, baby.” He whispered, nipping at your ear as he did so.

You barely managed to collect yourself, his denial of your orgasm earlier making you that much more sensitive and turned on now, desperate for release. However you turned your attention back on Shawn, gently biting the skin around his collarbones and making sure to leave a bright hickey on his neck. He let you of course, slowing his pace and letting you set the tone by grinding your hips when you carefully sucked his skin.

You smiled and kissed over the mark when you heard Shawn moan. He kissed you once more before finally setting a fast pace, making you both go crazy with lust. You were so close to your breaking point, Shawn having pushed you with his tongue and now his cock. There was also something different about this time, both of you could feel it. You’d had sex before, but never like this… never so raw.

Your heavy pants were in sync as you felt pressure twisting in your stomach again. You began whimpering uncontrollably, bracing your arms on Shawn’s broad shoulders and tipping your head back as you moved your hips with urgency, knowing you were close. You felt Shawn’s lips on your exposed neck, eagerly returning the purple hickey you left him with. His soft mouth on your skin was all you needed to hit your high. You squeezed your eyes shut, thrusting your hips down faster as you milked the explosion of pleasure that was coursing through your veins. A second later you felt Shawn release into you, his own noises harmonizing with yours beautifully. You did your best to silence yourself by biting your lip but gave up and let your relieved moans ring out through Shawn’s room.

You opened your eyes slowly and found Shawn staring at you in awe, his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead and basking in his afterglow, catching his breath.

“Fuck.” Shawn whispered, unable to tear his eyes away from you.

You gazed back, examining his battered face and realising his neck wasn’t the only thing that was blossoming purple and blue.

“You look like a badass with a black eye.” You spoke softly, running your thumb across his cheek.

“Thanks?” Shawn smiled, not trying to hide his infatuation with you at all, “Was that the best sex we’ve ever had or am I just imagining it?”

He spoke the thought on your mind, “I think you should punish me more often.” You teased, climbing off him and balancing yourself on your weak legs, “But right now you need to help clean me up.”

“Of course.” He stood up and bowed jokingly, holding his hand out to you and leading you towards his en suite bathroom and into the shower, not particularly caring if anyone heard the hot water running as he was much more interested in finding ways to make you moan again.

Shawn Mendes Imagine (Smut): Study Buddy

“Babe, do your homework later,” Shawn whines for the hundredth time this evening, sprawled across your bed. You roll your eyes and ignore him, continuing to type on your laptop quickly. You hear Shawn sigh in frustration and get up from your bed, making his way to you.

“Babe,” Shawn says quietly. He sits beside you and places his hand on your knee.


His hand moves higher.

“I need you.”

His last statement is barely a whisper in your ear, his hot breath brushing your neck.

“Shawn,” you moan.

“C'mon, princess, just ten minutes.”

You breath in, pushing back your desire and shove Shawn’s hand off your thigh.


Shawn groans and leans back, crossing his arms in defeat.

“Fine. We’ll do this the hard way.”

Suddenly, Shawn’s hand moves beneath your skirt, palming at your clothed heat.

“Fuck, Shawn,” you whimper as you slam your computer down and lean forward in pleasure.

“You like that? You naughty naughty girl,” Shawn chuckles deeply, his voice full of lust.

“My parents are downstairs,” you whisper in reply, throwing Shawn a glare.

“Good. Let them hear. Let them know that you’re mine, and that I’m the one who makes you feel good. They can’t protect you anymore.”

“Shawwwn,” you moan loudly as his fingers slip past your panties and into you, your core dripping. Shawn begins pumping in and out of you when you hear your bedroom door burst open. You quickly lean into Shawn so your visitor can’t see where his hand really is.

“Is everything alright in here?” You recognize your dad’s voice. You turn your head around to face him and smile.

“Mmhm. Shawn just made a really funny joke.”

“Oh.” Your father nods hesitantly. “Alright well… Finish your homework.”

“Yeah. Almost done.”


When your father closes the door behind him, you sigh a breath if relief.

“I’ll help you get off but you have to be quiet,” you whisper sternly, a smirk forming on Shawn’s lips.

“I can’t make any promises.”

You’re impressed by Shawn’s rebellion. He would never do anything like this, especially around your parents. You peck him on the cheek and get to your knees. Slowly, you unzipper his jeans and begin palming him through his boxers. He bites his lip and leans his head back in pleasure.

“Fuck, babe, hurry up or I’ll lose it.”

Not taking any risk, you pull down Shawn’s boxers so release his erection and kiss the tip, pumping his length at the same time. You move to kitten-licking and then take him into to your mouth. He thrusts his hips upwards causing you to gag. Without losing confidence, you being bobbing as Shawn’s breaths become rapid and shallow.

“Don’t stop, y/n, please,” Shawn whimpers, your arousal heightening as he comes undone to your touch. You swallow and then stand up, sitting on Shawn’s lap straddling him.

“So I got a new teacher today, and he gave me a new assignment,” you bite your lip.

Shawn chuckles and smirks. “What’s his name?”

“Mr. Mendes,” you say seductively. Shawn groans.

You chuckle and lock your lips with Shawn’s, his tongue exploring your mouth.

“I have to practice riding, Shawn,” you whisper. “Mr. Mendes told me so.”


Shawn lifts up your skirt and lowers your panties, lining himself up with your entrance.

“Well I want you to pass, so you better get to practicing.”

You sink down onto Shawn’s length, grasping onto his shoulders in pleasure as he fills you up completely. You begin to rock your hips back and forth teasingly before Shawn’s hands grab your hips and lift you up, only to slam your back down again. You whimper as you feel him hit your g-spot. You continue bouncing, Shawn bucking his hips so his thrusts meet yours. He guides you, continuously slamming you down onto his length.

“S-Shawn, I’m so close,” you whisper, resting your head on Shawn’s shoulder.

“Not yet, babe,” Shawn grunts. Your breathing becomes rapid as you fight to hold back your orgasm.

“Shawn please.”


You groan into Shawn’s shoulder as you both release all at once, your breathing heavy as you stop bouncing and sit there recovering.

“You may proceed,” Shawn smiles down at you.


“Seriously, finish your homework. I want you to pass.”

He lifts you up from his lap and zips up his jeans, walking out of your room.

“Goodnight, babe, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Shawn calls in his wake. You roll your eyes and turn back to your computer, your concentration now failing you.

**** I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! I hope you like this one bc my feels are through the roof. Love ya! ****

If there’s one thing I hope you take away from my story it’s this: every person has a voice and every life has a purpose.
—  Matthew Espinosa, More Than Me
Fight More - Cameron Dallas

“You always pull this shit, Y/N! It’s getting really fucking old!”

My cheeks reddened with uncontrolled anger. My fists clenched at my sides, and I subconsciously ground my teeth. I was livid.

“Pull what, Cameron?! What do I do that makes me such a fucking burden to you?!” His eyes blazed with a fire I hadn’t seen before.

“You make everything worse and bigger than what it is! Oh, I took a picture with a girl, I’m cheating. Oh, I’m home late, I must not care about you. Every fucking time, Y/N!”

I took a step back. That was a line that he knew was there, and he crossed it. My blood was pounding in my ears and my breathing was heavy. “Fuck you, Cameron.” I turned on my heel and started to walk away. His hand caught my wrist and spun me back to him, colliding into his chest. His other hand came up to hold my cheek, his thumb brushing over my bottom lip. He smirked down at me.

“You’re so sexy when you’re mad, baby.” His voice was dripping with amusement. Cocky bastard. I opened my mouth to throw another rant his way, but his lips covered mine. His hands were automatically on my hips, stripping me as he backed me to the wall. The only thing in my mind were how his lips felt on my neck, how the skin of his back felt beneath my hands, and I didn’t even notice that he had us both naked in a few minutes.

My anger had quickly transformed to lust, and it was frustrating that he was wasting time trying to tease me. I reached my hand down to his member and placed his tip at my entrance. I watched his eyes roll to the back of his head as he let out a groan. He leaned his forehead against my shoulder as he carefully slid himself into me, lifting my legs to circle his waist. Gasps continually left my mouth as he thrusted, gradually picking up his speed. I bit his shoulder as he delivered a particularly hard thrust, and his responsive growl was enough to bring me to my high. He feverishly brought his lips to mine as he reached his own, kissing me slowly. He pulled away and pressed his forehead to mine.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. I gave him a small smile.

“You don’t need to be, it’s normal for us to fight.” He chuckled.

“I tell ya, if that’s how every fight is gonna end, we should definitely fight more.”

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My Everything... (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

Feeling cold and lonely, like my heart and soul had been ripped out. An empty, cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. The feeling of guilty starts to kick in. The continuous questioning of what are we doing wrong? and why is this happening? flood through my mind. The constant wondering on what to do next. Knowing there are only two options; stay with him or leave him…


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Youtuber/Viner Best friend- BOY

Matt Espinosa: SAM POTTORFF


Sam Wilkinson: GRAYSON DOLAN

Cameron Dallas: MARCUS JOHNS


Carter Reynolds: CHRIS COLLINS


Jack Johnson: KIAN LAWLEY



Aaron Carpenter: CONNOR FRANTA



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Do they use braces?

So, like 4 girls ask me that so I’ll answer right here. Do they use braces?

Taylor Caniff is the only who use it nowadays, some people tell me that he’s using since 2012, when he was 16. Here’s a pic of him:

BUUUUUUUUT, I found some pics that might you don’t know, where we can see the other boys whom already used it.

 Here’s Nash

Matthew (you just can see a part of, but you can clearly see its)



And Cameron (this pic make me laugh so hard idk just thanks god)

I didn’t find pics of Jack J, Jack G, Carter or Hayes with braces, so if you know that they’ve used please tell me {and send me pics please haha}

love ya guys x

Daddy's home

summary: Sam’s been on tour for two months now and you finally get to see him so you decide to give him an early birthday/welcome home gift ;)

contains smut and daddy!kink

word count: 1,528


3:54 pm

            I looked over at my clock and bit my lip to keep from squealing, I could barely contain myself. It’s been two months since Sam had been in Los Angeles and I yearned for him more than anything, he’s been away touring the world with his best friends; Jack, Jack, and Nate. I was beyond excited. He was supposed to land at 6:00 that gave me about 2 hours to get ready, I had reserved a dinner at a very fancy restaurant he adored to eat at, I was still trying to think of something to do for him since he’d been away for so long and finally it clicked. I should definitely plan to you-know-what with him, he hasn’t gotten any since last time I visited him at one of the tour stops, and I knew that because anytime we had a chance to talk on the phone he tried to have phone sex with me but I refused.

            The clock had striked 5:58 and I was dressed in a sexy black dress that hugged my curves perfectly, I must admit my body looked amazing and I knew Sam would love it, I had began to get nervous I honestly didn’t know why but I had butterflies in my stomach, probably because I was finally going to see my lovely boyfriend. Possibly also because I was over-thinking the fact that he may not like my gift to him. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door open I quickly made my way downstairs and saw him, his back was turned to me- he was closing the door and as he turned around he dropped his bags and flashed his beautiful smile at me, I loved Sam’s smile; the way his cheeks concave to make dimples and the fact that he always smiles so big his eyes squint. I loved it— I loved him. I couldn’t contain myself anymore I squealed loudly and jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me and said, “My baby, I missed you so much.” I smiled and kissed his lips slowly, he kissed me back taking my bottom lip in between his own as he caressed my cheek, gently placing his hand on my jawline and lifting my head a bit, I pulled away biting his lip slowly. He then went to pepper kisses up my neck stopping at my ear lobe and nibbling it a bit, then he whispered, “I like your dress.” I giggled and replied, “I knew you would.”

            I dragged him upstairs to get ready but he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of me, he kept kissing and sucking on my neck. The bastard left me about 13 hickies. He slid his hands down to my ass and squeezed it as he attached his lips to mine; slipping his tongue into my mouth and moving it against my own. I moaned softly into him.

“You should get ready,” I tried to speak in-between our kisses.

You should get on the bed,” he retorted.

           I put my hands on his chest and ran them up and down, “Or daddy can get dressed so we can have a cute little dinner then when we get back we can do as you please.” He ran his hand against my side and lightly pushed me onto the bed, I stared up at him as he unbuckled his belt and said “or not.” He then proceeded to throw off his shirt and unbutton his pants, I felt myself getting wet. He helped me stand up and unzipped my dress slipping it off of me, once it fell to the floor he raised an eyebrow and leaned into me kissing my shoulder, “No panties? You know I should punish you for that.” I licked my lips and bit down on my bottom lip to keep from moaning, boy did he have a way with words. He knew exactly what to say to get me aroused and it worked every time. I turned us around so he was now standing against the bed; I pushed him on the bed and moved onto his lap. I began kissing down his neck earning soft moans from him. He put his hands on my waist and started grinding me against himself, I let out a loud whimper when I felt the friction. 

           “Get on your knees and wrap that pretty little mouth of yours around daddy’s cock,” I gasped when hearing his choice of words. I almost instantly dropped on my knees in front of him. I palmed him through his boxer briefs until his bulge was prominent. Then I pulled his briefs off of him slowly; watching his cock spring up and hit his lower abdomen, hearing a soft moan escape his lips from the tight fabric. I pumped his length a few times before I enveloped his tip in my mouth and sucked only on his head. His groans and grunts filled the room.

“Babe stop teasing,” He whined.

“What, Daddy doesn’t like that?” I looked up at him innocently and batted my eyes at him.

           Suddenly he grabbed me and layed me on the bed with my ass propped up. “You know if you’re going to be a tease I’m going to punish you for being such a bad girl,” he uttered. As soon as he finished his sentence his hand came into contact with my right cheek, the smack echoed through the room. Sam repeated spanking me until both my cheeks reddened and his hand print was left visible, I gasped when he kneaded my ass and trailed his hand down to my heat. He groaned loudly and said, “Fuck baby you’re so wet.” He rubbed his hand against my folds earning several moans from me, but I got aggravated I just wanted him in me, “Stop fucking teasing me, Sam.” He smirked and layed me on my back. Then Sam layed next to me and propped himself up on his elbow and leaned into my face, placing a fervent kiss on my lips then kissing my jaw and stopping at my ear as he trailed his free hand down my stomach leaving me goosebumps. He reached my clit and pressed down against it with his thumb, making me whimper loudly.

“You like that baby? You like how daddy touches your pussy?” he whispered harshly into my ear.

“Fuck yes, Sam.” I gasped out

He suddenly came to a stop, “What was that?”

“Yes, I love it Sam!”

“Who?” he gave a cheeky smile.

           I bit my lip and narrowed my eyes at him, then pushed him down against the bed, straddling him I began to leave kisses on his neck. I positioned his cock at my entrance and slowly lowered myself onto him, he threw his head back and let out a throaty moan before I began bouncing on him and every once in a while he’d spank my ass.

“Fuck yeah baby just like that,” he moaned out.

“Does daddy like how I fuck his cock?” I said as I ground myself on him.

           His eyes practically rolled to the back of his head the moment he heard that. I rolled my hips onto his member until he sat up and turned me around so I was now sitting on his lap and my back was to him, he began bouncing me on his length and brought his hand to my clit; rubbing circles on me roughly I was a moaning mess and felt myself become weak in the knees. I threw my head back and tried to keep my eyes open as he fucked me. I looked over at him and studied his facial expressions as he fucked me; his mouth was opened in an ‘o’ shape and he let out a deep groan. I sat myself up on him and began bouncing myself quickly onto him, feeling myself get closer to my climax. I felt Sam trail his free hand to my boobs and pinch my nipple making me gasp. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck daddy I’m gonna cum,” I yelled out.

           Sam thrusted himself into me faster and I reached my orgasm, my breathing was all over the place I could barely get off of his lap. I pushed myself off of him and got on my knees in front of him then pumped my hand on his shaft a few times before taking him in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on him and swirled my tongue over his head a bit. He tangled his hand into my hair and pushed my head down to take more of him in. He let out a loud moan before releasing his load into my mouth, I swallowed and then layed on the bed with Sam. 

           I cuddled into his side and peppered kisses along his jawline. He smiled and said,“Did daddy fuck you well, baby?” I attached my lips to his and then giggled,“Don’t you always?” He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arms around my waist then rested his head ontop of mine,“I missed you babe.”

“I missed you too, Sam.”


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