All this goodness in one tiny jar!

Cold sore salve:
lemon balm infused in olive oil
calendula and chamomile infused in almond oil
peppermint infused in sunflower oil
comfrey infused in safflower oil
yarrow infused in safflower oil
mullein and rosemary infused in olive oil
thyme and sage infused in honey
jojoba oil
echinacea, goldenseal, and Oregon grape root tincture
eucalyptus essential oil

and beeswax :)


Packed some capsules for a friend to use when his ganglion cyst is acting up-
celery seed

These herbs are a blend of peripheral vasodilators to encourage fluid drainage, analgesics for pain, smooth muscle tonics, and anti-inflammatories.

He’ll be taking these while continuing use of a cayenne/ginger/wintergreen salve I gave him a little while back.

sunburn salve

This isn’t a real recipe, but I got pretty sunburned yesterday and threw something together since we were out of aloe. First, I put plantain, lavender, shea butter, and sunflower oil in a 4 oz jar, put the lid on top, and stuck it on one of those electric mug warmers. I put a bottle on top to weigh it down and distribute the heat better. After the shea butter melted, I added a few pearls of beeswax. I stirred it every 20 minutes for about 3 hours. After that, I strained out the herbs and added (without measuring) jojoba oil, then burdock-infused sunflower oil and safflower oil I had previously infused with lavender, calendula, and chamomile. Then, upon my genius friend’s advice, I stuck it in the fridge. The salve is liquid at room temperature, but it’s nice out of the fridge as a cool ointment on my burn. There’s plant material in there because I was being lazy and will probably use this all up within a week ;)

baby-safe massage oil

I usually include lavender oil infusions, as well as lavender essential oil, in my massage oil. One of the therapists I trade with requested an oil that he can use on pregnant women, as lavender (along with many other herbs) is contraindicated during pregnancy (and for infants). I forgot to take a photo of the end product like I normally do, so instead I’ll post a recipe :)

1 fl oz+ shea butter (volume will decrease when melted)
3 fl oz refined coconut oil
4 fl oz sunflower oil
40 drops sweet orange essential oil
1 fl oz jojoba oil
2 fl oz olive oil
2 fl oz burdock-infused sunflower oil
2 fl oz chamomile- and calendula-infused safflower oil

15-oz jar (I reused a pasta sauce jar)
small double boiler (or two small pots to function as a double boiler)

In the double boiler, melt shea butter and coconut oil together.
Once blended, remove from heat and stir in half (2 oz) of the plain sunflower oil.
Once mixture is uniform, transfer into jar.
Add sweet orange essential oil.
Add jojoba oil.
Cap the jar and shake vigorously.
Open the jar and add the rest of the oils, cap and shake again.

Put a pretty label on it, and you’re done! Shake before each use.


Father Earth Organic Farm in Lafayette, CO
15 July 2013

photos 1 & 2: before and after, clearing the first succession of beets and weeding the path to the left of the bed.
photo 3: corn’s finally knee-high! And another volunteer strings the beans.
photos 4 & 5: this lettuce was a weed in the choi bed. bench swing for scale.
photo 6: taking my break on the bench swing.
photo 7: yarrow spit poultice because I somehow managed to slice a chunk of skin off my finger while wearing gloves?
photos 8 & 9: before and after weeding between spinach/chard sprouts and pumpkins.
photo 10: black tomatoes! Need to ask the variety.