Toast Of A Milestone

“I know m'a bit tipsy, but trust me, I swear. I know what I’m saying.”

The Café Habana Harry oh so dearly loves that’s filled with people erupted in laughter, making him look at you stood beside him as he told you awhile ago that he would make people laugh in here more than twice.

It’s his turn now to speak since ten years ago it was the both of you that spoke on your wedding yet he wanted to make it up to you up until now since he all he spoke were two sentences since he was too eager for the remaining night to come in your honeymoon.

“S'the last thing before everybody comes home — yes, that includes you Niall.”

Harry cleared his throat, taking a light sip from his drink before making you sit on the chair he asked for awhile ago, not wanting you to not go less than okay.

“Just so everybody would know, or if anyone else forgot since they’re too drunk, I’ve been married for ten years now.”

Cheers filled the room as you felt your cheeks heat up as he giggled knowing that he made you do yet with him following up his statement quickly.

“To, my love, and well my wife. Y/N Styles.”

He looked at you dearly with the look he uses when he’s adoring anything or anyone, a bright shade of green that surprises you every time.

“We have, uh, two kids. So far — so far,” he winked, a knowing look too being seen that everyone whistles and clapped that he was sure if his mother was there instead of being the one to take care of your children, she would’ve snatched his drink from him.

“So, yeah. For ten years, I got to wear this ring. S'the only one I never took off and the only one I wouldn’t.”

All the noise blocked out from Harry’s hearing as he felt his words shift in a new phase.

“M'saying this speech since there’s a lot of things I should’ve said. I’m only gonna say a few, then reserve the most of them between the two of us.”

He chuckled from the reactions, especially on the guys hinting their actions to who-knows-what but Harry simply smiled, his mind blanking at the thought of you since there really is a lot to say, but every time he opens his mouth, he can’t handle all of them.

“And well,” he trailed off, hesitantly biting his lip before shifting his weight from his foot to the other.

“Thought I was complete before with everything that I had, then it turns out I wasn’t.”

Harry’s admittedly nervous as it’s like when he was waiting for you to reach the other end of the aisle, his fingers brushing across his rings as a sign he really is.

“There’s this girl I know — the most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen. The most patient to be with me up to this day.”

There’s a knot in his throat even he knows for a fact that he shouldn’t. He thinks it’s his sentimentality taking him but it isn’t the case.

It’s the truth that’s making him like this. The absolute truth no one could be capable in denying.

“There’s this girl I know that makes me the happiest. The one who gets me grounded and the one who reminds me where I came from.”

There’s tears welling in his eyes. And if he’d be cocky, he’d say that it’s from the alcohol and not his own feelings that’s dragging him but he won’t say a lie tonight.

Not a single one because he knows it wouldn’t benefit a single one that’s present in this milestone.

He laughed, wiping his eyes that made a lot of people do too genuinely, including you who’s almost squealing from the pent up joy and everything.

“There’s this girl I know that reminds me everyday that the greatest — the greatest thing in life couldn’t be bought.”

He looked up at you as he smiled with tears of joy, all hollers and cheers being heard as he caught again the glint of his gold wedding band.

“And this girl I know, thankfully, became my wife.”

Harry cleared his throat, raising his glass as he’s excited to do this again and again, even if he’s given the chance not to.

“To the girl I know, love, here’s to every single day I would love you all over again.”


BTS Reaction|Meeting One Direction

 Requested by:  @moonchildstigma

A/N: Hope you enjoy it! I’m really worried no one will enjoy this :))) But this is fine haha yeah… Everyone keep requesting ;)

Kim Seokjin

Jin would be very, very excited. He would check his appearance in the mirror many times, wanting to make the best impression. The other band members would tease their hyung about it endlessly. When actually meeting them, he would nod along with everything Namjoon said, even adding in his own thoughts the best he could.

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would pretend to be indifferent about meeting them, but really he was fangirling the hardest. He loved all their songs; he even had a secret cover of ‘Drag Me Down’ he never posted. When meeting them he shook Harry’s hand excitedly (Harry was his favorite hehe). 

#Yarry forever

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Jung Hoseok

Hoesok was his usual sunny self. He was bouncing around alongside Jin, awaiting for the day to come. When the day finally arrived, his bright smile lit up the room. He would say silly things, in order to fill awkward moments. All of his bounciness was admired by One Direction, who would laugh at his jokes (after translation obviously).

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Kim  Namjoon

Namjoon would be kind of nervous, being the translator and leader. He would be all confident, but was pretty nervous. All the group members would reassure his doubts. When they met One Direction, Namjoon would then realize all of his worries were not needed, because they were amazing.

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Park Jimin

Jimin would be nervous, much like Namjoon. Only for different reasons, he was always slightly embarrassed he couldn’t speak English as well the others. He was quite excited though. The one thing he wanted most? A selfie with Niall. The day arrived and he got what he wanted, afterwards he giggled excitedly.

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Kim Taehyung

Taehyung was much like Jin and Hoseok. He was bursting with excitement, quieter than the other two. But really he was maybe even more. He stalked through pretty much all of their social media accounts, translating it into Korean. When the day came, he actually got to hug Louis. He pretty much screamed in excitement after.

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook was right alongside Taehyung stalking the profiles. He giggled with him, fangirling over their performances while they were at it. When the day finally rolled around, his bunny smile shone through bigger than ever. After the meeting him and Taehyung jumped about crazily, with excitement.

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Crime Documentary List

I am a giant movie nerd, and I especially love documentaries. I have recommended a few of my favorite documentaries before, but I have recently been inspired to make a rather exhaustive list of my favorite crime documentaries that are available on Netflix. This list is for movies that are available on Netflix in the U.S. - I’m not sure which of them are available in other countries. Please reblog or comment on this post if you have recommendations!

*cracks knuckles* Alright…

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On My Own by Niall Horan sign language cover in PSE!

This one’s for you Yarrie <3 

hello tumblr people. it’s steph coming to you with another follow forever. but i’ve got some explaining to do. i follow a lot less people than i did before and i have no idea why so if i used to follow you and you’re not on here, please don’t hesitate to send me an ask okay! i love everyone on this list and i hope you guys are having an incredible summer so far xx

my mains ;
// amy // @tinysilverbird // i adore you so much, you’re super helpful, super nice, super pretty and we’re actually talking as i make this. it’s been awesome getting to know you and i hope we’re mutuals for a long time!
// cristina // @appreciatetommo // what can i even say? i’m so glad we’re friends! you’re the most amazing, generous, thoughtful and funny person and i’m so lucky to have you as a mutual :)
// tati // @harrys-smiling-nipples // taaaati haha. we literally just yell about everything together: lilo, their kids, louis’ album (and jawline) its always a fun time talking to you, i hope we are mutuals forever :)
// morgan // @paynesenterprise // gurl, i admire you’re amazing liam-defending skills, you love him lots and i love you for it. you’re super sweet, super funny and super sassy, you’re a pleasure to have on my dashboard and i hope we’re mutuals for a long time :)
// kelli // @ladsnightout // i feel like you’re my OG tumblr friend, your snapchat is amazing, your writing is fantastic, you’re super sweet, super nice and just a great all-round friend and i hope we never stop being mutuals!
// yarrie // @yeshaddy // love you’re one of my newest tumblr friends and my fave harry stan. i love that you’re crazy af and extra af and just love harry it’s hilarious. you’re posts on my dash always brighten up my day and i hope we always stay mutuals!
// becky // @prince-horan // it’s been too long since we’ve talked love but i always enjoy our convos and you’re a great mutual!

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Zombie plague occurs. you can choose five mutuals to survive with: which do you choose and what productive talents do they have

Reggie cuz he’s got military background
Richard cuz he’s got farming and animal husbandry knowledge
Nisha cuz I know that bitch can fight
Yarri for the same reason
Chay cuz he strikes me as having survivalist knowledge
And a sixth is @voiceoftheblue Mitchell cuz he’s got firearm training

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Alright, let's clear this shit right up. Yarrie is a HARRIE. But she's fucking HARRIE, who is the Larrie. This is basically, 'Niall fucked a Larrie' 2.0, but it's 'Yarrie fucked a Harry Larrie'

You know I saw the preview of this and I was gonna Agree I hate this djdbdbdbdbdb JDJDJDJDNDDNDN

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Who’s your fave harry Stan :)

It’s a close call between @snowynouis and Niall. There might need to be a cage match between Yarrie and Nialler, to fight over who’s the ultimate Harrie, but my heart has room for them both. 😇

Ways Skull Kid (me) calls other warriors:

Link (“Young” Link)

Scarfy (Big Link)

Windy (the tiniest Link. He’s so smol, Eheheh!)

Li-Li (Linkle)

Pretty Pirate, AllAboard, Yarry (Tetra)

The Boar (Ganonpork. Eheheh!)

Lady Long-Tongue (the guy (?) who does the tongue thing)

Her Fishness (Ruto)

Rocky Rock, Nice Mountain (Darunia)

WeirdRing (Wizzro)

Burning Thights/Pants (Volga)

Dumbutt, Damn Garbage (Majora)

Blue-Blue (Lana)

Her Bugness Bugbutt (Agitha. She likes it, tho… Don’t know why!)

Quick Cryptid Snippet: Queensland Tiger            

The Queensland Tiger (also known as the Yarri) is a feline looking cryptid that is said to live in the Queensland area of Eastern Australia. It is described as being roughly the size of a large dog (like that of a German Shepherd) but with the body type and shape of large cat. It is muscular yet lean (like a cheetah), has large prominent teeth, and has an extremely long tail that is half the size of its body. It’s fur is reported as being a sandy tan or a light brown color and it is covered with dark colored stripes beginning at the shoulders and working its way down the tail. It is reported as being very aggressive as well as elusive.

The earliest documented outside reports of the Queensland Tiger began in 1871 and have continued sporadically into present day. Aboriginal Australian accounts of the tiger long predate those of the colonists of 1788. Eyewitness reports of the tiger describe it as being extremely fast and very agile. It has mostly been sighted during twilight hours (dusk and dawn) which would make the tiger crepuscular. During the 1970’s, there were over 100 reports of tiger sightings as well as many reports of tigers being shot and killed by outback ranchers and hunters.

Theories on the existence of the Queensland Tiger range from a small surviving population of Thylacoleo (an animal of similar size and predatory habits that lived in Australia around 30,000yrs ago), to an urban myth that a small population of pumas were possibly brought over to Australia by American soldiers during WW2 and released into the outback. Another possible theory is that the Queensland Tiger is actually a mainland variant of the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), although the two creatures are described differently (size, head/body shape, position and color of stripes), it has been proposed that the Queensland Tiger is also a marsupial like the Thylacine.

Even though sightings still occur to this day, many people believe the Queensland Tiger has officially gone extinct.

-The Pine Barrens Institute