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“You know what do we look like, Babe?”
“A very loving couple?”
“That’s what we are. No. I’m talking about how I look like a damn hot cougar and her sugar baby. Life couldn’t be better.”

It wasn’t obvious at first. His teammates called him babyfaced. Lance whined about how genetic wasn’t fair. Then everyone kept growing and growing except him. When the cause was revealed–”The experimentation done on him by The Druids… it was raw Quintessence pumping in his bloodstream…” Coran did not pity Shiro, for the Paladin deserved so much more that it- Shiro was shaking terribly and holding onto Pidge’s hand like an anchor.

Pidge was an old lady now, but hardly frail. It was as if nothing had changed except for her aging. Shiro appreciated the illusion that this could last forever.



couldn’t end it the way I wanted to but m e h

Song: Garden by Halsey
Program used: Firealpaca and Vegas Pro 13

Lee “Lucky” Byrd ain’t fae, but he’s lived in Lily Lake the whole nineteen years of his life so far. He knows that breakin’ their rules ain’t worth it, how to make deals that put him out on top, when a silver tongue does more good than an iron bullet and when it’s time to draw.

–from an original fiction by @mickeyrowan 

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