yaron tal


Google, One of the largest Tech firms in the world, just opened it’s newest location in Tel Aviv. Here’s some photo’s to wet your apatite.

It is tough to imagine that any real work actually goes on in any Google offices all around the world and Google’s latest office in Tel Aviv definitely tops the list. Occupying a massive eight floors with spectacular views of the city, each space is individually designed to reflect Israel’s diversity as a nation. Designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, Google continues to challenge innovative work spaces with intention of breeding inspiration and creativity among its staff. Interiors feature anything from a mock orange farm to rustic cottage appeal and as if all these are not enough, the office even features a connecting tunnel slide between floors. At 85,000 sqft, surely this is an office any employee would be proud to call home. Source: Hypebeast.com