Doing the most, this has been my favourite yarnbraid hairstyle. Unfortunately I had not been patient with the braiding so I took it out two weeks after I braided it.

Waiting to get my cousins to get into the yarn braid trend so they can braid me. I love braiding but sometimes I need a break.


(February 2017)


Protective Style number two! Yarn braids bitches!! I really love the way these hold in my hair better than synthetic braiding hair. Not to mention all the cool colors i have to choose from :D now to keep it mosturized, and man are my hands tired from braiding. Hahah


$5 Faux Yarn Locs Tutuorial

I used one pack of the Jumbo Red Heart Yarn - $5.88
For each braid I used 5 strands of 20 - 22 inches of yarn.
For the wrapping I used 3 strands of 50 - 55 inches of Yarn

Talk about a Glo Up.. So happy I finally got mine :) my past was a mess but my future is bright. Though at times I get discouraged, I continue to fight. Shit can’t hold me down any longer. I’m black and I’m proud :)