Some pics of the yarnboming on Saltburn Pier. This is a tradition that started a few years ago and I find it really cute. Last year the theme was World Cup/Football (I think I posted at the time), and this year it was Alice In Wonderland. (Checkout the caterpillar’s e-cig!) Part of what I love about this is the mystery surrounding it. The yarnbomer group do other things throughout the year, and they’re always done anonymously and just appear one day. Made the grey bank holiday much more colourful

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is a type of street art or graffiti art that displays colorful knitted or crocheted yarn.

Yarnstorming: A more alternative and popular way of saying Yarn Bombing.

It all started in Texas when knitters found ways to use their leftover and unfinished projects, leading to Bill Davenport exhibiting his crochet-covered objects in Houston in the 1990’s. In 2008, Jafagirl’s crochet Knit Knot Tree gained international attention. Since then, yarn bombing’s popularity spread throughout the world.

Born in Polish, Olek’s art is a development that took her away from the industrial-close minded Poland. She explores the idea of sexuality, feminist ideals, and evolution of communication through colors, conceptual exploration and meticulous detail.  Through her art she pushes boundaries, fluidly combining sculptural and fanciful. And using the burst of colors, she masks the political and cultural critiques of woven into her installations. Olek, being a supporter for women’s rights she broadens the appeal to display solidarity by those oppressive laws worldwide. Using her surroundings of public spaces and objects also reflect cultural evolution, mirroring the public response from watching and from those within the art.

Her yarn-bombing have been featured in Russia, Poland, Paris, Canada, London, Spain, around the U.S and many more.

Her most recent exhibition, I haven’t a single Explorer on my Planet was located in New York City in White Walls from February 8 through March 8, 2014.

Now, living in New York Olek intends to create feedback to the economic and social reality in her community. 


Here’s a video of that “Poetics of Yarnbombing” post from last week! Enjoy!