made myself a reversible WIP bag! That panda fabric used to be a pair of shorts that I never wore (but I loved the fabric!) so it was a great way to recycle. 

I made about 4 of these (trying to work out the kinks in the pattern) and the nicest one went to my best friend (a knitter) for her birthday. 

What do you guys use as Work-in-Progess bags? 


I don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures of my portable yarn bag. It’s a rather personal piece. I made this the day my husband went in for a hip revision surgery, which was my first time experiencing him having any sort of surgery. This meant a lot of time spent stressing and waiting in the hospital. 

Crochet was the perfect productive distraction. The surgery went well and it continues to hang on the armrests of chairs during our many visits to hospitals for followups, rehab, etc.

I usually have it in my backpack/purse these days for long TTC trips.

It has two lobster clasps to keep the yarn tidy when switching colors. The drawstring and giant button make it easy to hang pretty much everywhere.

Sewing: My Project Bag Tutorial (At Long Last)

Since I had to make another project bag over the weekend, I told myself that I needed to actually post the “how I make my project bags” tutorial that I’ve been meaning to post since sometime in October. It’s past time, and I hope it may be helpful to some people.

I will say that I offer multiple bag sizes, so the actual sizes/dimensions are more formulas than numbers. I hope that’s fine. I can do it, so that probably means it’s really easy math!

That said, let’s dive in!

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