Okay Strange Magic fandom

First off, I love you all to pieces. Seeing all your posts on here, your art, your fanfics, and your own love and support of our fandom just makes me so darn happy. Even if I’m having a rough day, seeing that precious cinnamon rolls like all of you exist makes thing better. Keep on shining, all of you <3

Secondly, I wanted to announce that I’m going to start work on a Sunny-inspired crocheted shirt. Now up to this point I’ve only done the female characters, so you’re probably wondering how I’m gonna do it. Well, I have a cute design thought up for it that I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you. Sunny doesn’t really get a lot of fancrafts, although I did see that someone made his hat thing and it was great.

But yeah, I’m excited about this one so I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully work will be slow tonight so I can work on it. Hope you all are happy and doing well!

C2C Blanket

One of my favourite things to do is browse the yarn aisles at Michaels as there are always new yarns I’ve never seen before.  When we can take our time and we’re not in a rush (i.e. no crying children), I love picking up different yarns and giving them a good squish and feel as my mind races a mile a minute thinking what projects I can use them for.  Myla also loves browsing the yarn aisles and she proudly picks up different skeins and shows us what she’s found.  She’s also very good about putting the yarn back in the correct area too!  Soon enough her sister Brielle will be joining in on the yarn shopping fun, but first things first, she needs to learn how to walk ;)

A while ago on one such yarn shopping trip, Ryan came across these “Isaac Mizrahi Craft” 100% cotton yarns on clearance for $2.99.  The sales associate allowed us to use the extra 25% off coupon (apparently this is usually not allowed though as some readers could not use the coupon ontop of clearance items) so they ended up being only $2.24 each!  This was a huge reduction from the normal $8 price tag!  The colours were beautiful and it was the softest cotton yarn I’d ever felt, so I loaded up on some of this yarn.

I posted the above photo on my social media to inform people about this great deal and to ask if anyone else had worked with this yarn before.  I received a lot of feedback and comments as people told me that they loved working with this yarn and many were excited to see if they could score the same deal!  I love our crochet community as we can bounce ideas off one another and suggest projects.  Two readers (thanks Julie & Pia) suggested that this yarn would be beautiful to make a “C2C blanket”.  When I first saw “C2C”, I had no idea what it was or what it stood for.  I discovered that it means a “corner to corner” blanket as the construction is very neat: you start from one corner and work diagonally until you reach the opposite corner.  This is in contrast to most blankets where you work row by row, from the center outwards (e.g. my “Granny Square Baby Blanket” or where you piece different squares together.  Julie linked to the beautiful C2C “Spring Into Summer Blanket” pattern HERE by Susan Carlson of  “Felted Button” so I thought I would give it a try!  It was fun learning how to work up a C2C blanket, and Susan’s step-by-step photo tutorial was very helpful  I love the various shades of the yarn (many said it reminds them of Neapolitan ice cream) and the pretty, delicate, and almost lace-y look of this pattern!  What was not fun were the knots and tangles that I encountered along the way, but I made it through ;)

Rather than working up a huge blanket, I made a tiny blanket for Myla’s stuffed animals!  We love playing pretend, and Myla’s stuffies were in need of a blanket for naptime and nighttime.  I used one ball to make this square blanket measuring 11″ x 11″ or 28 cm x 28 cm (without the edging) so you can approximate how many balls you would need to make a larger blanket.  Each ball is 175 yds/160 m and 3.5 oz/100 g.  Isn’t self-striping yarn magical?  How does it know when to change colour, hehe?

Myla adores the new special blankie I made for her toys and it’s so sweet seeing her use it to tuck in her animals.  I love how we as a crochet community can make things that we need instead of always buying them.  In need of a bib?  Crochet it!  Need chair socks?  Crochet it!  Need a small blankie for Myla’s stuffed animals?  Crochet it!

I am so glad I discovered this new pattern- it works up quickly once you get the hang of it and it is neat seeing the blanket expand.  Thank you for always sharing your ideas with me!  Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me has taken C2C blankets to a whole different level with her graphgans- she displays pictures on them by switching colours!  Check out her C2C baby sheep graphgan HERE and her Christmas Character afghan series HERE!  C2C blankets have such a beautiful texture and look to them, and perhaps one day I’ll complete a larger one!  Once again, check out the free pattern for the basic C2C blanket that I followed HERE!


The third in my series of Strange Magic-inspired crocheted tops: The Sugar Plum Fairy. Originally I was going to do Sunny next since I have an idea in mind for his, but Plum was requested when I asked, so here it is! I may add more to it later, as it seems a bit plain right now. Coming up with a design (and the colors) for her was tricky though, since she doesn’t really have an outfit of her own. I’m pretty pleased with this one, but I still like Marianne and Dawn’s better. Sunny or Bog will be next, depending on which one I decide on.

I don’t have a problem u have a problem

So, I was looking for my Prismacolor watercolor pencils, and I look in the box I know it’s in, and unearth a whole bunch of other crap.


Two whole things of small googly eyes. Why. Oh, right. I’d planned to make soot sprites at one point in time. And I did actually make 1. I just have no idea where it ended up.

A crap-ton of origami paper. That’s not even all of it. There must have been a reason I hoarded so much origami paper and never used it. I had to have had a project in mind, right? I mean, I know all of the gold foil ones was from the Pandora’s Box/Urn project I made for Greek Myth, but wtf is the rest of all of that? It probably was just there and I was weak…

Disney fairy stickers, for some reason. I know I also have Disney Princess stickers along the same theme, but I think they’re in a suitcase somewhere.

2 decks of Tarot cards I never got around to learning. Plus a pack of “regular” playing cards.

A bunch of bulb vials/regular tiny vials, plus, I unearthed a second pack of cards.

They look like this (crayons for size comparison). I forget what the regular vials were for, but the bulb vials were for my soot sprite project. I wanted them to make sounds, like real soot sprites, so I put sand in the vial and crocheted around it with sparkly eyelash yarn, and then krazy glued the tiny googly eyes on. Like I said, I made a grand total of one, which I no longer have any idea the location of.

There was a bunch of other stuff in the box I didn’t feel like unpacking and having to repack, like my guaoche (which I still don’t know how to spell. Goache? Ah, google tells me it’s “gouache”), a random Inuyasha figurine, some fountain pen parts (but no actual pen; I think I left it at school?), and much much more.

At least I did actually find my prismacolor watercolor pencils. Although I still regret skimping and getting the 24 set as opposed to the next set up, or the next set up from that. I mean, I don’t even use them that often, but when I do, it’s nice to have the “extra” colors…

Anyway, I am off to making mah shrinky dinks

Shout out to my grandma

You go you sassy, southern potter! I love you bae