As promised, our belated special post for Waffles’s mom’s birthday last week!

We found the purple hippo birthday card first, and we knew the perfect present to go with it: A matching squishy purple hippo! (Remember the purple project I helped Mommy start on?) Our post is late, but at least our package arrived on time! :)

Click here to see details and more photos of the squishy purple hippo!


Oh sure, let’s just START OFF trying to spin and ply an even gradient, WHAT A BRILLIANT PLAN, why waste time leaning the basics of technique?

Benjy the Bluebird sings the mid-week blues!

This sweet little bird is a quick knit, and doesn’t use much yarn so is super for a stash-busting project.

Benjy the Bluebird, toy knitting patterns designed by Amanda Berry

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could help me out. I am a new knitter. When I say new I mean brand new, like I haven't made it past two rows of stitches new. When ever I'm trying to knit, my stitches get really tight, and it's really hard to get it off one needs to the other. The stitches end up falling off when I try to transfer them, and I have to start over. Any advice? Thanks.

New knitters have a tendency to hold their yarn far too tight for the gauge of the yarn they are using. 2 things you can do to help this is to really concentrate on not pulling the yarn too tight, and also to use metal needles. Metal needles are much smoother than wooden ones, making it easier for the stitch to move along the needle.

Hope this helps!

Thoughts I have had today

I’m a sucker for orchestral arrangements, but what really gets me going is that orchestral swell at the height of the piece.

Kingdom Hearts is really sucking me in, I have so many feelings about it.

I think I’m finally improving at my job. This is important because I’ve been doing this for a year and a half about and I’m still shit at it. Hopefully my supervisor also thinks I am improving.

I should finish one yarn project at a time before I pick up another. To put this into perspective, I have a blanket, a tapestry, and two scarves going right now, on top of the other scarf and blanket I have to weave in ends for.

I wish I liked my WMGSO experience more.

I need to finish this work so I can order the Captive Prince trilogy to my kindle and complain to @ofhawkes about how she’s dragged me into yet another book series and made me shiptrash AGAIN.

I want to follow more kh blogs, but I’m super picky.

I wish my hair was this fluffy naturally.