yarn wreath


Free Knitting Pattern: Woodland Wreath by Frankie Brown

There are 12 patterns total to make this wreath (one for each of it’s parts and one for general construction - see above link):

Bluebells Fat Flowers Fir Cones Hedgehog Holly Ivy Leaves Mistletoe Oak Owls Toadstools

A friend and I organize a monthly mom’s night out for our town’s family association (basically serves families w kids 6 & under and funnels parents into the PTA). For November I taught the gals how to make yarn wreaths (and made ice cream sundaes). This one’s mine, just finished for a hostess gift for my aunt today. They all came out great though. Easy, cheap, fast gift!

I really love these events. We’ve gone bowling, met for dinner, done pottery painting, taken jewelry making class, met for fro-yo and had weekly walk meet ups in the summer. We want to do an indoor trampoline, a broadway show, night tubing, and a bunch more in the coming year!

Yarn Wreath

My ever so crafty cousin, Megan, posted a picture of her beautiful yarn wreath yesterday and it gave me the urge to try one myself! So, when my friend, Jen, asked if I wanted to go to Michael’s today I couldn’t resist.

I should note - I am not very good at DIY projects, but I was excited to give this a try.

I started out with red and green yarn, letters for N-O-E-L, silver ribbon, and a foam wreath.

After only a few minor mishaps(getting tangled up int he yarn) this is what came out!

I am proud of it for my first try! I think I will add a few little details to it to dress it up, though!

Thanks to my wonderful cousin for the idea :)