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June 8th update: Show us Your Protagonist’s Room

Here be the current bedroom plan for you&me. It’s been a bit updated since I last worked on You May- a lot more pink, for one.

Players can save at the papers on the top. It’s not finalized- shading may be touched up, objects may be placed more conveniently (Save Papers definitely need to be moved), etc. Ideally, eventually virtually everything in this room can be interacted with, and at least two more rooms in the house will be explorable.

There is currently a dedicated Sleep Button planned. Pressing Shift will cause Yarn to go into a rest animation, wherever she is. Players can either interrupt it and stand back up, or wait for a timer to finish to drift into a Dream.

The Beds, and other rest areas (like couches), still have a use. Nyla usually sleeps in beds, and thus if you want to explore certain dreams, you’ll have to sleep next to her.

If you interact with the Beds with the Action (Z, Enter) button, then you’ll lay in them and have to press Shift afterwards to fall asleep- the timer is shorter than on a floor, though. Waiting also doesn’t hurt, there may be some surprises if you do.

Current progress so far:

  • Yarn and Nyla’s walking charsets are done
  • Bedroom chipset is done
  • 1/10 collective dream worlds mapped out in engine.

Main things left to do:

  • At least three effect charsets
  • Finish at least 10 dreams (up to 17 main ones)
  • Dialogue, events, and other quality-of-life things

milk-stealing-witch  asked:

Do you know of any simple sweater patterns, long or short sleev

My first sweater was the Shalom Cardigan by Meghan McFarlane.  It is free and quite easy, and also made it bulky yarn so it knits up pretty quickly.  The disadvantage is that there is only one size available, but lots of people have made it and added mods on Ravelry, so if you browse through their notes, you should be able to do almost anything you want to with it!

Another popular sweater for first-timers is Flax by tincanknits.  This sweater is also free and comes in a huge variety of sizes from infant to adult.  It is specifically designed for people who are learning how to knit, so it contains detailed and helpful directions.  There is a companion Flax Light if you prefer to use fingering weight yarn, and the same series also contains the cardigan Harvest.

Deep Space Nine: 4x09

I arrive at the James Bond episode of DS9

agents: secret

tuxedos: on

fantasies: out


To begin, a story. 

During Operation Star Trek Eventually, @theglintoftherail had included among her DS9 recs an episode called ‘Our Man Bashir’, with a note that it had earned the show “a strongly worded letter from the Bond IP.”

Now, I’m hoping that my pre-Trekkie brain had managed to connect “Bashir” with “Bond,” and really hoping that once I started DS9, it then connected both of those things to this skinny disaster named Julian I’d met. Because otherwise, Me Of the Recent Past was pulling some NEXT LEVEL NONSENSE with this comment while watching the early S2 episode ‘The Siege’:

“pls tell me they somehow manage to turn Julian Bashir into that character type who fancies himself the dashing James Bond sort, is not, but really is a hero in the ways that actually count.”

Deep Space Nine, apparently: “hahahahahaa, *can do*”

And so two seasons later, here I am staring down the barrel of very possibly getting to watch this happen FOR SUPER LITERAL REALS. Did Past Me truly manage to game-set-match this entire episode?? I guess I’ll find out, in…

Season 4, Episode 9: ‘Our Man Bashir’

As advertised, the episode opens with DS9’s most embarrassing playing around in a holosuite, doing his best James Bond puns in his best James Bond voice. It is precisely as sleazy-hilarious as actually watching Sean Connery do it, and I have already cringed right into cheesy 1960s heaven.

Bashir, Julian Bashir knocks out a baddie with a precisely aimed champagne cork to the head.

“A lot of kick for a ’45 Dom,” he quips to the holobabe, and I hork-laugh so hard I fear I’m going to injure myself before this episode is through.

Equally delighted: Elim Garak, DS9’s most ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE AGENT, applauding at exaggerated length. You fucker. I love you.

That feeling is going around.

“(…huh)” - literally this COMPUTER PROGRAM

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June 4th update: Show Off Your Protagonist’s Sprite(s)

Here’s the first concept of Yarn’s sprite in you&me

I’ve already made a few adjustments since the gif (mostly the shadow), and I may change a few more things like Up-facing hair animation, but for now this is Yarn, our protagonist. A young girl with a fascination for yarn.

And as a bonus, here’s Nyla’s charset (just quickly finished, so definitely needs some tweaking). She’s not the player character, but she’s the deuteragonist of you&me and plays an important role in you&me’s dreaming mechanics. Yarn’s older sister.