yarn series

Knockout Licensing has added two new licensees to the “Downton Abbey” program for a collection of yarns and pajamas.

Premier Yarns 

Premier Yarns will use the Downton Abbey brand to create a series yarns for hand knitting and crocheting that draw on the palette of the period drama.


 The PajamaGram Company will produce Downton Abbey Pajamas inspired by individual characters from the show and packaged in vintage-style lingerie bags.

“'Downton Abbey’ has enabled us to pursue so many new categories for licensing,” says Carole Postal, co-president, Knockout Licensing. “Knockout has been able to grow ‘Downton Abbey’ and its very special licensing program by looking beyond the usual licensed product categories and companies. With Premier Yarns and PajamaGram we are venturing into new areas that are spot-on for the brand. We know that many Downton fans are also knitters, and PajamaGram PJs make great gifts for any fans to wear while they enjoy watching the show on ‘Downton Nights.’”