yarn sculpture


I made this for a 3 day music festival called Rising Sun Rock Festival held every summer near my hometown in Hokkaido. There’s a lot to be improved but I think it turned out great considering I only had 3 days to work on and I’d never done an installation this big!

I’ve always wanted to make a trippy ass thread sculpture for a festival so yaaaay! Hope people enjoyed this!

anonymous asked:

So I have this friend and I have a crush on him and he knows and were friends anyway right and he's also kinda mean but in a nice way? You know what I mean anyway one time i brought a ball of yarn to school bc o was crocheting and he was really nice all day and I asked him why and he said bc he likes yarn he's like a fucking kitten ahh so cute the end this was wholesome

this is … ridiculously cute … i’m so happy for you??? hahaha what a sweet boy. also this vividly reminded me of this girl i dated for a bit last year whom i met bc we took a class together and the first conversation we ever had was on the first day of this class .. i had arrived to the room like 10 mins early and i was like ugh this is gonna be so embarrassing ill just have to loiter in the hallway alone but she had gotten there even before me and she was just sitting on the ground near the door holding a giant ass ball of yarn and was knitting a literal blob and i thought it was so silly? so i like sat right across from her and just watched her for a bit bc i didnt wanna interrupt her work but then she said hi and told me her name and then the third thing she said to me was that she rly likes knitting bc yarn is rly soft to the touch and i was like ‘wow cool’ and i just watched her knit till the class started (and turns out she was actually a mixed media sculptor who liked using things like hand-knitted blobs of yarn in her sculptures) 


Spinning Crochet Tales with @oleknyc

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Polish crochet artist Agata Oleksiak known as Olek (@oleknyc) describes the origin story of her artwork as a fable. “A skein of yarn struck me in the head like magic dust from an undiscovered planet,” she says. “I looked up at the stars and picked up a crochet hook.” Agata wishes the same fantastic escape for her audience. “I want to lure them into an alternative reality where they can imagine and conjure their own fables.”

For Olek, her crochet work is “a never-ending journey, embellished with emotions, memories, experiences, thoughts and insights.” She considers herself a sculptor and explains, “It’s about stretching the canvas to fit the vision.”