yarn on

Look who has been a big girl knitter and finally cast on her sweater!
It sure took me long enough, but now that I am started it is only a few thousand stitches away from being finished.
I will do a separate update on what pattern I am using and all the details.
The pink swatch is another blanket square. I am trying to use up all my scrap yarns. The stitch pattern is lovely and super easy! I thought it would be a few days of painstaking pattern reading. But I picked it up really quickly. I think I might make another one :)


I spent a lot of time alone today and it was perfect for drawing modern AU kids

[they have captions]


Pugicorn!! This first little unicorn pug is up in the shop now and ready to ship! It’s the only one in existence right now O:!!

 I’ll have to make more soon and also put up a made-to-order listing. Maybe a white pug with a pastel rainbow mane will be next??

Click “source” below to find this cute pug in my shop!

I get what JKR was trying to do with having Mrs Weasley knit sweaters for everyone for Christmas because they were poor, but the amount of dyed yarn that she would have had to buy to make 7+ brightly colored, thick sweaters in varying size every year would have been so expensive omg