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Nerdy, Geeky & Pride Kippot by NerdyKeppie
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I now officially have an Etsy shop - there are currently only 2 listings but more will be added over the next couple of days as I get things photographed. If you have specific requests for colors, I do custom orders! 

All kippot are made from cotton yarn which can be machine-washed and (technically) tumble-dried. I don’t recommend drying them in a dryer as the items may lose their shape, but in a pinch, they’ll do. These items do stand up to everyday wear - they were designed to stand up to summer camp use!

Once my sewing space is set up again, I’ll be adding headwraps as well.

[Image: a kippah on someone’s head, shot from above. The kippah is in asexual & aromantic Pride colors - black on the crown and bottom 1/3. The middle third is divided into three stripes - the top one ace purple, the middle a thin white stripe, the bottom aromantic green.]