yarn it over

Having to un-knit 6 rows of 85 in the round with slip-ones, yarn-overs, and pass-slipped-stitch-overs, then getting back to knitting, with tension maintained and all braindead un-knitting mistakes fixed:

A sequence of reactions from realization to resolution

Realizing you have to take out 2 rows:

Realizing it’s actually going to be 4:

lol jk it’s 6 because you screwed up some of them:

But then…

These are my stitches.

This is my duty.

I do not quit; I knit.

I…I did it…I think??

Knitting two rounds and seeing that all is well:

I gotta blog about this.

Knitting Gothic

You tie on your next color and cut off the last one.  When your scissors snip shut, you think you hear a distant scream.  The next morning you think you hear sirens, but you’re too busy knitting to look outside.

You stop going to your knitting club because when your fellow knitters smile at you there’s too many teeth.  Too many.  

The strand of yarn whispers between your fingers.  Sometimes you can almost understand what it’s saying.

You go to the yarn store to pick up more red yarn.  The dead-eyed employee that greets you says he’ll have to check if they have any left in the back.  The co-worker he grabs screams hysterically as he’s dragged away.  

Your new yarn drips red all over your car seat.  By the time you get home it’s dry enough to work.

You don’t remember when you last felt the wind on your face, but sometimes you can feel it in the vibrations of the yarn that snakes across the windows throughout your house.

You only have a few more rows left to go.  The next day, you only have a few more rows left to go.  The next week, you only have a few more rows left to go.  Just a few more left to go.

You’re so eager to be done.  So desperate to be done.  When will you finally be done?

You open your mouth to scream, but no sound comes out, only yarn.  Always yarn.  You keep knitting.

Annoying knitting things
  • Nearing the end of a long tail cast on and realizing the long tail is about two inches too short.
  • Patterns that don’t have row numbers.
  • Forgetting a yarn-over.
  • Yarn snobs (not everybody can afford to buy $25 skeins, dammit)
  • Realizing the size needles you need are the one size you don’t have.
  • Having to go to work instead of being able to stay at home and knit.
  • Splices in the middle of a skein.
  • Realizing halfway through a project that you really should have taken the time to make a gauge swatch.

Cot Blanket

Handknit cot blanket, made on 2.25mm needles and knitted in cotton embroidery thread.

Okay, this just BLEW my mind!  Knitting with embroidery thread!?  That’s crazy, BUT amazing all at once! And how effective is this?  SO good!  Made by    Spellstone and found on Flickr.

To get started on something like this, here’s a simple pattern for a knitted triangle:


Cast on 2 sts.
Row 1 (RS): K1, yo, k1.
Row 2: K1, yo, k2.
Row 3: K1, yo, knit to end.

Knit until the triangle is the desired size you want and then repeat. (This is the basic pattern I make when making a quick and easy triangle shawl.  I love garter stitch and yarn overs!)

rose is a mess honestly all she does for the entirety of act 1 is fuck up john’s house. puts his toilet in his backyard and his bathtub in his hallway. puts things in front of 2 doors, effectively trapping john inside the house (haha homestuck) and then his room. also rose’s room is a mess there’s clothes and yarn littered all over the floor. i love her

Okay so knitters/crocheters: do you ever look at a pattern and the notes are like “no yeah you can totally do this with the amount of yarn your have/it takes such a small amount/i promise you will have leftovers” and you think “i see what you are saying and i trust you, but i also feel like you are lying to me”


AN- For Anon…I hope you like it:)

(let me know if you want me to rewrite it, and I will do so gladly)

((im on mobile so i apologize for any mistakes))


“Not now, Y/N.”


“Y/N, I’m trying to work.”


Tim sighed, running a hand through his hair and stepping away from the board covered in god knows what. “Tim, you promised!” you whined from your spot on his bed.

“I know, and I will teach you, but I’m so close to solving this,” he said not looking away from the board. He picked up a tack and pinned it between yarn that crossed all over and stepped back again, putting his hand on his chin and furrowing his eyebrows.

“Tim, you break my heart. Every time I try to love you, you deny me,” you said dramatically and fell back on the bed. You spread your arms and closed your eyes.

“Y/N, you’re doing it again,” he said as he traced the string with his finger to a blurry picture that was circled with a question mark.

“What? Im not doing anything!” you exclaimed, stifling a giggle. “You’re guilt tripping me.”

“Im not doing anything except laying here…maybe thats just your sub conscience telling you to pay attention to me.”

“You always have my attention.”

“Nice save, Timmy,” you said with a giggle. You sat up with a groan, “I’m bored, call me when your done.”

“You’re leaving?” Tim asked finally turning to you. You got up and dusted off your pants, “That depends, are any of your brothers here?”

His eyebrows furrowed together, “Uhh, Damian I think.”

“Then nope. I’ll just hang with him until your done.” You started towards the door and you heard him huff. “Fine, Im done.”

You grinned and turned to him, “Why don’t you like it when Damian has my attention? Unlike you, he actually appreciates it.”

Tim grumbled in response and you laughed. “Well, what are you waiting for? Lets go!”

You turned and dashed out the room, but not before catching the smile graving his face delicately. You burst through the doors leading to the manor’s backyard and squealed in excitement.

“Come on, slow poke. I have places to be, people to see!”

“You say that, but you just spent nine hours lazing around in my room,” Tim retorted as he stepped out into the dimming day, closing the doors behind him. “I prefer to hunt at night, if you know what I mean,” you responded with a wink.

He rolled his eyes, “So what exactly do you want to learn?”

“I wanna learn how to be like you! Well…how to fight like you,” you restated sheepishly. He quirked an eyebrow, and you bit your lip to keep from smiling. “What?” you asked after a few seconds, “Is it wrong that I think you’re cool?”

“No, its just unusual,” Tim said with a shrug. You narrowed your eyes, “Im not a mean person, Tim.”

“Whatever you say Y/N. Now, lets start with the basics.”

Three hours later you dropped onto the grass covered in a thin layer of sweat and breathing heavily. “I change my mind,” you said breathlessly, “I don’t want to be like you.”

“I told you its quite a challenge,” Tim said calmly as if he didn’t just spend three hours training non-stop. You breathed and turned your head to face him, “How do you do it?”

“I don’t even know…just motivated I guess?”

You scoffed, “And what so motivational, that it makes you fight crime 7 nights a week?”

“You are,” Tim said, “I try to make the city a safer place for you to live, I guess.”

Your breathing stopped as you stared at him for a few seconds. “Just roll with it,” Tim said casually, but a blush was hidden on his face.

“You cant just say that and expect me to go along with it.”

“You have before…”

Your eyes narrowed and you laughed, “Tim, you are the most awkward little tater tot I have ever been friends with…You know that?”

He ducked his head and you smiled, putting a hand on his lower back.  "Its not a bad thing. Its cute…if girls are into that,“ you giggled, shifting into a sitting position.

"Are you into that?” he asked timidly, afraid of your answer.

“Mmmm no, not really. Im more into teenaged vigilantes who are super nerdy but can still kick major butt,” you said, feigning a fawning expression, “Its soooo attractive.”

He chuckled and pushed you with his shoulder. “Whoa whoa whoa,” you said, putting your hands up, “watch where you point those guns.”

“You’re such a dork,” he laughed, eyes shining brightly. “Aww, you love it.”

“I never said I didn’t,” he said, turning his head towards you with a smile. You rolled your eyes with a laugh and pulled his arm over you shoulders.

“Just kiss her already!”

You looked back and saw Dick leaning out one of the windows with a wide grin. You spotted Damian peeking from the corner and you laughed. Tim groaned and moved his arm away from you, putting his face in his hands.

“Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss,” Dick chanted loudly.

“Dick-” Tim began shouting, but you cut him off by kissing his cheek. “Booo!” Dick shouted, one hand cupped around his mouth and the other giving you a thumbs down.

“Isn’t that necessarily a kiss?” you asked Tim who was blushing madly.

“Kiss on the lips! Kiss on the lips! Kiss on the lips!” Dick chanted again.

“Sorry Dickie, shows over!” you shouted to him.

“Nothing happened! I want a refund! Give me my money back!”

You shook your head with a small laugh and watched as he disappeared before you turned back around. “Your brother is amazing,” you said. “Ilikeyou,” Tim rushed, face beet red.


“I,” he took a deep breath, “I like you.”

“Well, duh. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be friends.” He shook his head, “No, I mean…I’m interested in you.”

You froze, “You’re interested in me?”

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, leaving his hand there. “I’m never interested in anything…but with you its different. Im interested in anything that you do. Im inter- I like you…more than a friend.”

You were stunned silent. Of course you liked him back, you liked him for a while now, but you had convinced yourself that you would never have him so you just kind of..ignored the feeling. You ignored the flutter in your heart whenever he was close, or the empty feeling when he wasn’t around you.

“I get it if you don’t like me back. I dont-”

You kissed him, on the lips this time. The first few seconds he didnt move, but when he realized that you were kissing him, he kissed you back.

“Whooo! Finally!”

You broke apart with a laugh. “Your brother is amazing.”

“Sometimes,” Tim said before pulling you back into a kiss.

Megaman Crochet Doll

I made this last year as an anniversary gift for my husband after one year of marriage! It’s… my first attempt at doing my own doll/amigurumi pattern, so it’s not perfekt and it’s written kind of badly because I wasn’t sure exactly how to keep track of all my rows… but… Here we go!

You will need two colours of blue yarn, light and dark.

You can crochet the head in a skin-tone or, as I did, use felt and embroider the face onto that.

You will also need tiny pieces of red and yellow felt for the effects on the feet and buster arm.

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ilvermorny house aesthetics

pukwudgie: words choked in your chest, burning from the inside out, crawling to strangle your throat, but you scream in the tears leaving your eyes; memories pressed with gentle kisses to a worn journal kept between so many books; a glance of understanding; wildflowers brushing scratched calves; the cool dampness of grass imprinting beneath giddy toes; gentle hands holding a loved face; fingers interlacing with another’s to grip onto hope in the face of despair

thunderbird: photographs taped to mist embraced windows; the whisper of secrets spilling into giggles; a puzzle piece twisting and leaping between absent-minded fingers; the comfort of warm grovel under your back and the brush of a cooled breeze kissing your nose; bottom lip bitten rouge - eyes apprehensive, but curious; the brush of fingertips across my neck; the ache of bruises and scratches, caressed by thoughtful eyes; holding yourself close beneath the comfort of loose yarn over naked skin

wampus: fingers glancing over piano keys; steps echoing on wooden floors; the brush of nerves whistling on anxious shoulders, keeping you in flight for what’s to come; the stretch in your neck while hanging over the back of the chair, evening touching the sky out of the corner of your eye - there’s a thought, but it’s escaped; paint tubes, brushes strewn around stained toes - a canvas stretched wide and loved by happy fingers dancing across her surface

horned serpent: the envelopment of cool sheets on a summer’s night; ankles greeting the ocean waves it wraps around her with cold kisses; melodies lingering even as eyelids shut to the welcome the mind’s dreams; the burning alighting the heart as legs carry you out of the forest and into an abyss of wheat fields; light touches across wrists, over parted lips; warm light filtering through barely there curtains, books stacked, arranged in an orderly havoc; pillows pushed against one corner, blankets with its arms open to a heavy heart

CO20: *yo,k2tog* turn. purl wrong side.*k2tog,yo* turn. purlwrong side. repeat for length desired. BO loosely.
  • Them: So, how many languages do you speak?
  • Me: 4
  • Them: 0_0 Fluently?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Them: Wow! What do you speak?
  • Me: English, Spanish, knitting, and crochet.
  • Them: What? But...those aren't real languages.
  • Me: *slides across the table a simple knitting pattern*
  • Them: What is this? I can't read this. It makes no sense!
  • Me: Actually it does. You see...it's a simple lace pattern. All you do i cast on 20 stitches and then work in a 4 row repeat. The first row you work a yarn over and then knit 2 stitches together. You do that all the way across and then purl evenly back on the wrong side of the work. Then on row 3 you knit 2 stitches together and then yarn over. Do that across and then purl back on the wrong side again. Repeat that 4 row repeat for the length desired and bind off loosely.
  • Them: ....
  • Them: ........
  • Them: ............
  • Me: Would you like to see a crochet one?
  • Them: ...