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Aaaaaaa!!!!! I can’t believe it’s finally time!!!

I have so many photos to go through, so here is a little video of all 6 WoW dragons together to tide you all over until I sort them all out!! Prepare yourselves for lots of dragon photos over today and tomorrow!

Once I have the pictures sorted, I’ll hopefully have more info on their listing day, pricing, etc. Stay tuned!!! 💓💕💘


This is the draw the squad base that I used ( yes I made my own) :

Now this is my OCs in the draw the squad thingy ( They’re  from an AU that I made) (  I’ll let you guess which fandom) :

“You know the healer’s oath–do only moderate harm to the people who cross you.” – Tilenra Sildreth

Sometimes a little harm is necessary in alchemy. Especially if that harm is luring a pride of cats to the doorstep of a very allergic, very stuffy Altmer who’s trying to steal your clientele XD