yarn dog


Realized I forgot to include a side view of my amigurumi squirrel (and my poodle) in the last post. Hope you like my design and you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! :) <3 @reckless-stitches @milesofcrochet @allaboutami @freshstitches @mostlyharmlessdesigns @mooglyblog @esshaychcrochet


Skookum Yarn!! This just arrived today and I’m SO EXCITED! I’m so thankful to Alison (at ae-ross) for spinning this up. I sent her a giant bag of loose dog fur and she spun it into this glorious yarn that you see here!

You can see posts explaining the process of turning the fur into yarn here: 1  2  3 

Alison’s awesome etsy shop is DramaLlamaYarn and a little birdy told me she might be up for doing some more custom dog fur spinning if you message her :)

It’s so beautiful and I’m so excited, now I just have to think of what to make out of this amazingly soft and lovely Skookum yarn!