yarn bombers

Dear Yarn-Bombers: Don’t do this shit.

This is Black Willow Pond.

And some chucklefuck yarn-bomber decided to wrap everything in acrylic yarn. This will kill birds. It’s like a mist net. It will have fatal consequences on injured songbirds that hit the strings and fall into the pond. This is aesthetically unfortunate and dangerous for breeding and migratory birds.

Also, acrylic yarn does not break down. If you don’t know immediately off the top of your head what your yarn is, it’s acrylic. Unless you make a point of not buying acrylic, it’s acrylic. Acrylic is like the High Fructose Corn Syrup of the yarn world. It’s in damn near every commercial product you buy at the store.

Acrylic yarn is made of, you guessed it, acrylic. It’s plastic. It doesn’t break down. It stays forever. Its’ like soda rings only so much worse…

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So apparently yarn bombing is a thing

Yarn bombing is using knit work to create street art. 

External image

While it may seem harmless, yarn bombing like you see in the above image where a tree is wrapped in knit work, is potentially damaging to the tree as it causes the tree to rot if it is not taken down in time. The yarn can let chemical dyes interfere with an ecosystem and can get caught itself in storm drains causing flooding.

So far, I haven’t heard of any instances where these so called ‘artists’ have received any legal repercussion for their vandalism but it definitely falls under the category of graffiti. There is definitely still a stigma against paint graffiti being associated with violence and gang activity thus negating its value as art, and labeling paint graffiti artists as criminals while the middle-class white women who knit trees are not criminals. Yarn bombing doesn’t have  the same social connotation largely because of the people who are doing it. 

Some yarn bombers also choose to go by names like Knotorious NIT, P-Knitty and Knitta, Please, which is problematic in itself.

Once again, privilege allows white people to get away with crimes while black people are still being punished for the same crime. Ain’t that some knit.