yarn bomb

bus 196 … ~by reykjavík underground yarn bombers … iceland

...Culture Night Aug 18 2012 in Reykjavik , Iceland . 30 knitters and crocheters worked for 6 weeks to make the installation . It took 20 yarnbombers 8 hours to install . The yarnbombing will stay up until it wears out .

~…(via Yarnbombing – A Yarnbombed Bus In Iceland | Streetcolor also Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers)

My travelling yarn bomb making it around the world… ! Spreading & absorbing the love @ Boom Festival in Portugal <3 <3 

~.:;:..~ Harmonic Chakra Yarn Bomb ~..:;:.~ 

7 wheels, the 7 energy points within our bodymind. Each wheel with two hues of the particular color, to represent the light and dark within everything in existence. Blending of these 2 colors in 3 equal points within each wheel in representation of the mystical harmony of light and dark, good and evil. An asymetrical and balancing spectrum beaming out from both sides of the chakras. 

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Relax. They didn’t come from Mars or some distant, undiscovered galaxy. The 10 aliens (and their 24 tents) that appeared in the backcountry of Santa Barbara, California, in late January were conceived in the backyard of a hedge-fund manager turned yarn bomber.

“Yarn bombing,” for those out of the loop, is a public and oft-times guerrilla art form in which all kinds of objects, from parking meters to hulking vehicles, get covered in brightly covered yarn. Some may remember the Mexico City bus stitched over in 2008 by Magda Sayeg, often called the “mother of yarn bombing.” Typically, yarn bombers ply their craft in urban areas for maximum exposure.

But Steve Duneier, a 47-year-old Brooklyn, New York, native, is bringing it to the wild.



After being declined funding for the ‘Yes Arts Festival’ (typically including Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk in the Scottish Borders), 40 knitters schemed to yarn-bomb their town in Selkirk.  

Grace Brett was Selkirk’s oldest yarn bomber at an experienced 104.