yarn & roving


Before and after!

  This was my longest, most fussy handspun yarn of all time. I think it was 20-30% silk so it turned out super soft and I would categorize it as fingering weight probably. It took about a month to spin (4-5 hours at a time, about once a week). 

I nicknamed it ‘unicorn yarn’ because it’s what I imagine unicorn hair would look like 😊


Never ending project is finished!

It’s made of a BFL roving that I got from Pigeonroof on etsy :) 

I made one skein a two-ply and after I filled a bobbin with that I got bored so I chain-plied the rest of my singles for funsies.I honestly like the chain-plied one a little better but I chain-ply everything and wanted to switch it up. 

This is honestly probably the finest and most consistent I have ever spun. I didn’t even count the yardage because I knew I would get bored and lose count. 


I wove clouds! 

This was something I tried last year and they sold so fast I didnt even get a good photo… so this year I stocked up on ‘cloudy’ roving from my fav supplier. 

They required a custom built loom and they’re a pain in the butt to make (how come smaller things are always more fussy?!?!) but I LOVE THEM. 

veronicawazboyski  asked:

A friend of mine is dead set on making one of those gigundo fluffy blankets with the wool that looks like spinning fiber despite my warnings that the wool will fall apart and pull up once she starts using the blanket. I am wondering if you (or any of your followers) could recommend a fluffy yarn to use for it that will be stable enough to use in a blanket? Thank you ahead of time!!!

Bless your heart for trying to dissuade your friend. A lot of the time the wool that will work in those blankets doesn’t have the “aesthetics” that originally pulled people in. 

Excuse me while I go grab my soap box…

To get something that thick that will not fall apart will have to either be felted, not as thick, braided (an I-cord basically), or made of bad/cheap wool. These can get expense AF. 

The reason new knitters get seduced by the jumbo knit roving blankets is cause 1) It looks impressive 2) It looks easy to make 3) It looks like it won’t take that long to make and 4) It doesn’t look like you need that much yarn. And I get it, those things are super IG worthy. But that’s about it.

Wool is expensive yo. Sure you don’t need the 1000 yards of yarn that a sweater may require, but yarn/roving/wool is priced by weight. Not length. Guess what’s going to weight a lot more: a 400 yard skein of fingering weight or a 20 yard skein of jumbo yarn. To get a workable yarn out of just roving you have to make it denser through felting, which bumps the price. The other cheaper options “ruins” the desirable aesthetic. 

Roving is processed once at a mill and maybe some dye is added in. It’s significantly cheaper than the extra processing yarn needs. 

A lot of Etsy shops claim they “treat” the yarn so it doesn’t pull apart. With what? And is it all the fibers or did you just the outside? Is it going to wash off? Something to ask and research before you buy. 

And those kinds of shops upcharge you anyhow. Buy from local mills and wool farmers!

Helping you with the explanation to why some of these options are going to be pricey. 

Okay, *puts soap box away*

Super Extra chunky knits aren’t my thing, so I went to my go-to yarn sites to find what they have. Followers please chime in. 

Momo Merino from Knit Picks [ruined aesthetics]

WOW by Lion Brand [looks like a wet cat]

Yooge by Lion Brand [ill timed name…seriously]

Mega Bulky by Bernat [plied, but no where near as thick]

Big Blanket by Bernat [love this stuff. would be great for blanket if you didnt need 30 skeins]

Big! by Loops & Threads [not many creative names i see]

Find the Wild Child by Loops & Threads [FUZZY!]

Wild & Free by Loops & Threads [dang this company knows how to capitalize on a trend]

Your friend should expect to need anywhere in the ballpark of 10-30 of those skeins for a blanket larger than a small lap blanket. Hope your friend is rich.


My first monthly Darn Good Yarn package just came in! For only $14, I got:
150 yards of Roving Silk Yarn (DK weight)
One 5mm crochet hook
Five US size 8 double pointed knitting needles
And a pattern for a tiered air plant hanger!
It was pretty much better than I hoped for (that yarn is gorgeous!!), and totally worth the money

So this Sunday we went to Knit City (it’s basically a  local fibre festival) and while my bank account wept, my yarn stash couldnt be happier! 

I came out with TONS of roving. Some that I plan to spin and some for weaving. My all time favorite vendor was there so I stocked up big time because she doesnt have a store. 

One thing I wanted to point out: those skeins on the bottom right, the purple and the white: they’re made from - get this - MILK

Yeah. I couldnt resist getting some stuff from this guy. Milk yarn….. 

Apparently, he uses dehydrated milk proteins to spin yarn. It’s crazy soft, and feels very similar to silk, and has a lovely sheen to it. 

Ok. Y’all should know my distaste for roving as yarn. And now…now….they’ve invaded our big box stores. The kicker? It’s 100% acrylic! (Which I guess is great for those allergic but I digress).

You can see me easily pulling away the fibers. My first thought would be to spin it, but again. It’s acrylic and would be a bitch to spin. Whatever you make out of this will turn into a fuzzy felted—oh hey! Acrylic won’t felt! Okay I guess that’s a point for that. Fine. But it’ll still fray and fall apart and pill unless you never use the finished object.

On a separate note over at another big box store I saw some 100g DK weight yarn that was selling for 15 dollars. And I was WTF? Is this the wrong price tag? Is it made from unicorn pubes? I guess the selling point was that it was from Australian sheep. Like okay? Import costs? Or is it really that rare of a sheep? For real though. I can get angora rabbit yarn for the same price.

Your body is a loss I leave behind
and you are the books of my departure
I take you, a land I do not know
hills and valleys covered with the herbs of seeking
mysterious stretches
and I take you
None but you convinces me
I take you
in my sighs
in waking, in sleep
in the states between
and in what time promises me
I take you
fold by fold
and I open my entries to you
I stretch within you and do not reach
I circle and do not reach
I stretch like wire, I thread myself into yarn
I rove your expanses and do not reach
You are beyond distances, beyond victories
You are Where and If, and What and How and When and you are
not you
—  Singular in a Plural Form, Adonis.