Inside the wonderful world of wool

To celebrate Wool Week this year, Campaign for Wool and leading interiors stylist Karina Garrick brought to the public the first wool B&B in London. Situated in De Beauvoir Town, this beautiful townhouse has been transformed into a fun home for wool including a Makers Room and a Shepherd’s Hut. Wonderful interiors, fun and cosy spaces and loads of inspiring colours, patterns and textures.

How to Dye Yarn: the handpainting method

Step 1: don’t die.


Ok so remember there’s a TON of ways to dye yarn and this is just the way I do it. There’s some really great methods out there using Crock –pots, microwaves etc. and it varies by type of yarn you’re dyeing and how much time you have etc. I like this method because it allows me to control how the yarn will turn out the most (in my experience with all these methods…). 

This is pretty lengthy and detailed with lots of pics and shitty MS paint illustrations for when I don’t have photos SO I’ll put it all below the cut. 

If you want a pdf of all this, find it HERE 

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#tbt to the creation of my favorite poncho with some seriously amazing yarn. This crochet along may be long past but the free pattern and tutorials still live on my site. This one is a must make for fall! @scheepjes
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