Adventures with gckaf!

On Saturday, Mommy and I got to visit friend gckaf! Mommy brought my leash, so friend gckaf took me out for a wonderful long walk through her yard. I had so much fun exploring all the different kinds of rocks in gckaf’s yard under the warm summer sun!

Friend gckaf says I am much easier to walk than friendbeast Bucky. Maybe next time we should try walking Bucky while I’m sitting on his head!

To help get me through not being able to workout due to tiezte syndrome I’m going to try to learn how to knit. I am not artistic at all so this is going to be a grand adventure/challenge. Funny thing in Michael’s some lady started talking to my Mom thinking she was trying to learn to knit. Then she says no my son is trying to learn and the lady looked sooo shocked. I never knew knitting was gendered O : hah Time to attempt to focus on this not gonna get distracted and I can do this!! #knitting #yarn