Of course I didn’t use the crochet hook🙈 but I had to put it in this picture!! I am very happy I finally started a pair of socks for myself out of my Friends yarn! @collier_and_black (on Insta) is one of my favorite hand dyers and I’m glad I grabbed a skein of this when I did. She always has such beautiful skeins❤️

Crochet magic tips

• use a simple, repetitive stitch to put yourself into a meditative or trance state

• focus your intent into each stitch to make a powerful spell

•crochet can be used in any kind of spell, it binds your energy into whatever you’re making

• choose a relevant yarn color: green for growth and prosperity, pink for love, red for energizing, black for protection, etc

• choose a relevant stitch: slip stitch for slipping out of difficult situations, double crochet for doubling your money, etc.

• choose a relevant fiber: silk for wealth, bamboo for strength and flexibility, etc.

• crochet can be used to make many different shapes, choose or create a pattern with symbols and shapes relevant to your intent: make a bunny for fertility, make a dog for protection, etc.

• you can work sigils into your patterns

• work can be unraveled for curses, focus intent on your enemy while creating and then rip the stitches out to “unravel” them