yard junk

Some people have been talking about a cinematic for Junkrat and Roadhog. And a lot of people want it to have a kiss happen. I’m sitting here like “YES!!! MORE ROADRAT!”

But here’s what my second choice would be.

We see Roadhog, growling angrily, out of breath, navigating a junk yard. He throws his hook at something by one of the piles and we see a peg leg disappear behind the pile. He hurries in that direction trying to catch his target, grabbing a handful of scrap and throwing it into the scrap gun. A teasing laugh heard in the background, Roadhog turns to see a spiky tire heading his way, he blasts it with the scrap gun, and it blows up the three closest piles. That laugh again, louder this time as debris scatters around. Roadhog turns to the laugh, and lets out a frustrated roar as he throws his hook again, just as the silhouette of his target jumps off the top of the scrap pile. He’s getting tired, but his target is running out of places to run.

Finally he’s driven the little annoyance into a corner. He can still hear that laugh. He spots the glowing orange tips of his targets burning hair as he scrambles up a large pile. That is when Roadhog goes Hog Wild, blasting away at his target, who only just manages to dodge the shrapnel being fired at him. It knocks a lot of the junk loose and he lets out a content growl as his prey begins to fall. He makes his way closer and grabs the skinny man by his neck as he is getting to his foot.

Rather than looking scared at the scrap gun pointed at his face, the captive is grinning, holding his frag launcher up to Roadhog’s chest, and has his detonator in his other hand. “Oh you’re fun.” he laughs. Roadhog growls and is about to squeeze his neck “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” his captive says glancing down, Roadhog looks down to see a mine at his feet. “Fell roight into my trap.”

Roadhog, frustrated, releases Junkrat “What do you want?” he rasps.

“Been in the market fer some protection.” Junkrat explains. “Ya came closer to killin’ me than anyone’s ever got. Makes ya the perfect candidate for my bodyguard.”

“Bodyguard…” Roadhog says. “What if I say no?”

“Hmm. Wouldn’t recommend it.” Junkrat says with a smug look and a shrug, waving the detonator.

“and if I say yes?” Roadhog asks.

Junkrat grins wickedly and the screen goes black with the sound of his laugh.

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  • Eleven: flips a van, breaks a boy's arm, throws lucas across a junk yard, steals from a grocery store and then shatters their door, kills a woman right in front of Mike
  • Mike: You are 💖 the 💖 love of my life. 💖 Everything 💖 I have 💖 and everything 💖 I am 💖 is yours. 💖 Forever. 💖
  • Mumen Rider: ...Why is Genos strapped to the car lift?
  • Saitama: He looked tired so I tried putting a little racing fuel in his system
  • Mumen Rider: ...and?
  • Saitama: He cleaned and alphabetized the junk yard, picked up every nut and bolt on the property and got in four fights with three different stray dogs within the last two hours.
  • Mumen Rider: ...how long has he been going like this?
  • Saitama: Uumm, what day is it?
  • Mumen Rider: oh my god
Can we talk about Bobby’s house?

Here’s the Singer house in Dream a Little Dream. This is the memory of his home the day Karen died. (gif credit)

It’s so bright and clean, like the sort of picturesque thing you’d see in Southern Living Magazine. And look at those flowers! It would be easy to say the flowers were all Karen, but I don’t think so. I garden in my tiny yard, and that is a team effort. (It’s also possible the house didn’t look this good, but it’s how Bobby remembers it when he thinks of her.)

Now let’s look at the house decades after Karen’s death (gif credit)

The paint is peeling, the windows boarded up. The junk yard (which he had when he was married) has crept closer to the house. We can’t see the front yard, but I bet there aren’t any flowers.

By his own confession, the only thing that kept Bobby from caving in on himself was the Winchester boys.

Fertile Slabs Of Abandoned Steel Metal Tube’s Just Decaying In You Back Yard Junk Yard Washbasin Or Craw When Its Only One Press Of A Button To Donate To My Pay Pal. The Choice Is Yours

Something I love about the Stranger Things soundtrack is when the two variations of “Kids” are played. The first one, as the boys head home after the campaign, and the second, as they reconvene in the junk yard and Lucas and El forgive each other. It’s a subtle way of marking that El is part of their group of nerdy misfits, loved and accepted by all. She’s one of the Kids

Auto Salvage - Masterpost

Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you need help. You find it at an old junk yard in the form of the hotter guy you ever seen.

A/N: 5 parts series, entry for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Season 3 challenge. Inspired on the song ‘Crazy Circles’ by Bad Company.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 (Epilogue)

Sneaking Out, Getting Laid, Normal Teenage Things: A Solangelo Request

Okay maybe sneaking into his boyfriend’s cabin wasn’t the best idea since his siblings were all nosy as fuck, plus the harpies man.

Will was smart.

But he was also stupid.

Like most teenage boys are.

But really, he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t seen Nico in a month since he went to go visit Hazel at Camp Jupiter, he was only supposed to visit for a week but ended up getting delayed by a visit to his father. And when he finally came back, Will and him could barely get any alone time. They barely even got a hug out of each other before Nico was pulled away by Jason and Piper who were visiting this summer, they had wanted to catch up. And then all the younger demigods convinced Nico to give them an impromptu sword lesson, while Will himself was pulled away to deal with some stupid camper who had somehow ended up with a fork in their ass.

So needless to say, Will was frustrated.

He was frustrated with the lack of alone time he got with Nico. So of course it was only logical for him to sneak into the Hades cabin from the open window which happened to be beside Nico’s bed.

The younger demigod woke at the thud that Will had caused when he fell on the ground and nearly turned the son of Apollo into a shish kabob.

“Woah! It’s just me!”

“Will? What in the Hades are you doing here?”

“Visiting my significant annoyance.”

“…..I’m alseep aren’t i?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because there’s no way you’re stupid enough to risk getting caught by the harpies just to be stupidly romantic and come see me.”

“But I am that stupid!” Will protested only to smack himself in the head. Did he really just say that.

Apparently he did because Nico was laughing and helped him to his feet.

The two said nothing as they lazily smiled at one another. It was a cozy silence.

But that silence was interrupted by the dark haired italian that whispered a heart felt, “I missed you.”

Will wrapped his arms around Nico, holding the smaller demigod to him, “I missed you too. I missed you so much.”
He murmered into his hair.

They stood there like that for what felt like hours until Will pulled back and leaned down for what was supposed to be a short, sweet kiss.

It quickly turned into something more.

What did you expect? Will hadn’t been able to touch or kiss Nico in a month and three days. Yes he had counted.

Nico buried his fingers in Will’s golden locks and tugged gently on them as their tongues danced together, while Will’s hand settled with one on his hip, and the other on the back of his neck. Will was pleasantly surprised to feel that Nico only slept in his briefs tonight.

As the kiss carried on, Nico walked backward till he felt his knees hit the bedframe. He broke the kiss as he fell back, knowing that Will would catch himself. And he did. He hovered over the son of Hades and let one hand trace his scars and the other played with his hair. He captured his lips once more in a fiery passion.

He had no idea he was this desperate? Sure he knew he missed Nico, because of course he did, but he didn’t know he had missed him in this way, this much. He was already hard for Zeus’s sake. He would have felt embarrassed if Nico wasn’t just as hard.

“Guess we really missed each other huh?” Will whispered against the other’s soft lips. Nico let out a breathless laugh.

“I guess so.” He whispered out before he flipped them around and straddled Will. He slowly began to grind their hips together as he bit his lip to suppress a whimper.

Will tilted his head back and let out a soft groan. “Nico….I-I don’t think I have the patience.” He admitted with a blush as he looked up at his beautiful boyfriend, cloaked in moon light. Any other day he would love to take his time, make Nico his the way they both loved, but right now he just needed to be buried inside his lover.

Nico nodded as he quickly, yet somehow gracefully stripped out of his briefs as Will stripped out of his clothes. Will rummaged through the beside drawer to find the half used tube of lube and promptly poured about a third of its contents onto his fingers at Nico laid himself on his bed with his legs spread wide. He squirmed when he saw Will’s hand approaching his entrance. Will nudged a finger in and then another and then another. He stratched and prodded and prepared for as long as he could before he pulled his fingers out prompting Nico to let out a high pitched whine that went straight to Will’s aching erection. He poured some more lube onto said erection and lined himself with Nico.

“Ready, Angel?”

“M'ready…” Nico panted out.

The Italian’s held tiled back as his eyes fluttered close and his mouth hung open in a silent moan as Will pushed himself in. They stayed still for only a moment till Nico rolled his hips and moaned. “Move.”

They had set a pretty fast pace right off the bat that had Nico whining, whimpering, gasping, and moaning continuesly. Will abruptly paused his thrusts which made Nico growl.

“Why did you stop?” He asked between whines asked pants.

“ You need to be quite Angel. We wouldn’t want to wake anyone up.”

“But I don’t think I caaaaaaaaaan!” He said as Will gave an unexpected thrust.

“Then bite on this.” Will purred as he placed his shirt in front of Nico’s kiss bruised mouth expectantly.

Nico blushed as he bit onto the cloth, once he did he did not have to wait long for Will to resume his rapid thrusting. He even threw on of Nico’s pale legs over his shoulder to get a better angle. Of course this had Nico moaning louder, at least it was muffled.

They continued this motion until Nico spit out the cloth, a string of saliva connecting them, “Will! I’m….I’m!”

Will let out a shaky moan as he nodded. “Me too!”

His thrusts became faster and much moan more sloppy as they both came closer to their climaxes.

Nico came first with a cry of Will’s name as he covered his chest. Once Will felt the younger demigod tighten around him he couldn’t last much longer and also came with a cry of Nico’s name as he filled him.

They were both trembling and panting, trying to come back down to earth, come down from their Elysium.

Will slowly pulled out and placed a soft kiss to Nico’s forehead. “Love you.” He muttered sleepily as he laid beside Nico and pulled him to his chest for cuddles.

Nico softly chuckled ad he felt just how tired he really was. “ Love you too….dork.”

Places the Gems are Banned From

Steven: all of Mr. Smiley’s businesses, plus dominos and pizzahut since he orders from them both only to hold the delivery people’s hands and sing ‘why can’t we be friends’

Pearl: every grocery store in a ten mile radius, Steven wanted chicken for dinner, so he was getting chicken, step away from the poultry Susan

Garnet: any fusion cuisine restaurant (a fusion! Of Texas & Mexico!), she gets excited and punches the waiter, tips them 90% though so they let her back in

Amethyst: every McDonalds, most of Canada, the local park, junk yard, petting zoo, yahoo (the website). Should probably stop morphing into sexy naked old ladies with dog heads to freak people out in the Barnes and Noble too

Peridot: the local library for yelling swear words when she discovered human vocabulary in books. Clod was just the beginning of her reign of terror.

Lapis: hijacked an entire Zamboni- banning her from Times Square in Empire City. Walmart has a picture of her with an X across her face.

Jasper: doesn’t know what a store is, doesn’t know what ban is, still can’t go onto The University of Toronto campus- they have a sign up.

Rose: the zoo. She got caught collecting their lions.

The Rubies: earth.