yard guy

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Brooklyn, 1940

Steve Rogers had been eying a 35mm Kodak in the store window for months. He’d never said anything about it though, because he knew times were tough and there was NO WAY he could scrape up 17 whole dollars for it.
But Steve didn’t need to say anything because Bucky saw every lingering gaze each time they walked passed that window and he swore to himself that he’d get it for him no matter how he had to do it.
Over the next few months, Bucky worked tons of overtime at the factory and any other odd job he could find. Didn’t matter what it was. If he didn’t know how to do it, he’d learn. Any sort of car repair, any and all house/apartment fixes, shoe shining.
He even pawned a few things he probably wouldn’t miss too much.
As Steve’s birthday neared, Bucky had finally scraped and saved enough to buy the camera, and even had enough left over to buy a couple new paint brushes and a new pad of paper.
“What’s this Buck?” Steve said tentatively, eyeing the package on the table in their kitchen on the morning of July 4, 1941.
“Thought we didn’t have the money for any birthday presents this year.” Steve questioned with an arched brow.
“Just open it.” Bucky coaxed, with a soft but eager smile. He held the paper and brushes behind his back to reveal after the camera.
Steve eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before stepping up to the table and examining the brown paper wrapped cube.
He carefully pulled on the tape holding the paper flaps one by one until the paper fell open, revealing the boxed camera inside.

Steve immediately froze. His mouth slowly dropped open as he blinked and stared at it.
It couldn’t possibly be… maybe it’s just the box and there’s something else inside it.

“W-,” Steve’s voice was hoarse so he cleared his throat and began again. “What’s inside?” He whispered, with a tentative look back up at Bucky, who was gazing at him expectantly.
“Open it up and see.” Bucky said with a laugh.
Steve’s nimble fingers slipped under the top flap and lifted slowly, like he was scared something was gonna come out and bite him.
As he saw that it truly was the camera sitting in the box, he felt tears prickling at his eyes.
There’s no way…
“Buck…” Started Steve, but his throat was too tight to speak further, so he just looked up at him with glistening eyes.
“Happy birthday Stevie.” Bucky said as he placed the pad of paper and two brushes on the table as well.
Steve threw his small frame against Bucky’s in the tightest hug he could manage. As he stumbled back a couple steps, Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and held onto him.
“How?” Steves small voice was muffled against Bucky’s chest.
“Don’t worry about it.” Was all Bucky said.
Steve would press more about it later, but right now he was too eager to try it out.

After finally letting go, Steve immediately went to the table to position the film inside the camera, pushing aside the paper and brushes for later in his excitement.
He’d apparently been researching everything about this camera long before now and was already well aware of how it worked.
He scrambled out the door, down the stairs and skidded to a stop outside their apartment building dragging Bucky behind him all the way.
Steve walked out and stood several feet away from Bucky and brought the camera up to look through the view finder at him.
“Come on Stevie.. what are you doin with that thing? You don’t need no pictures of me.” He grumbled.
Steve ignored him and continued fiddling with the knobs and switches until he had it where he wanted it and looked up eagerly at Bucky.
Bucky sighed and let his arms drop by his sides in defeat.
“Fine… so whaddya want me to do.” Bucky conceded.
“Just stand there and stay still.” Steve answered as he looked through the view finder and squared up his shot.
“That’s it? I feel like an idiot.” Bucky flatly uttered.
“Well that’s a coincidence, cause you look like an idiot too.” Steve teased, as he snapped the picture.

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Can you post the derailment from yesterday’s stream on here?

Oh man. I will as soon as I’ve finished it, I promise! I’ve decided to tweak Hunk a bit and re-draw Lance, and then I want to colour the entire abomination.

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How would the S and M boys react to their sacrificial bride being a cute old lady

-at the Sakamaki’s-

Shu: *hears faint little knock at the door and sighs* Reiji…someone is here…

Reiji: So you couldn’t get up yourself and open the door???  Such a deadbeat…It must be the new sacrifice…*opens the door*

Old lady: Well hello there young man! Someone told me to come to this address. Do you think a handsome little chap such as yourself could explain to me what’s going on?

Reiji: …I think you have the wrong-

Old lady: *links arms with him* would you mind leading me to the bathroom? It was quite a long ride here.

Ayato: Ha! Reiji who’s the new girlfriend? I knew you liked mature women but I didn’t expect this!

Old lady: Aren’t you a cutie! *pinches his cheek*

Ayato: Tch, don’t touch me you old grandma!

Old lady: *angrily taps him with cane* Disrespectful brats like you would be spanked when I was a kid!

Shu: Ha. She got you good “disrespectful brat”.

Laito: Ah~ What’s all that noise? *comes down only in a towel* Could it be we got a new Little Bi-….

Old lady: *gasps and covers eyes* Young man cover yourself! I was obviously sent here to teach you problem children some manners!

Reiji: *sighs* Believe me…I tried teaching them manners for over 10 years…and they’re still the same.

Old lady: Obviously you’re not a good enough teacher!!! Now children, as long as I am in this house I expect respect and maturity!

Kanato: *angrily walks in* Who’s this hag trying to run things around here!?!

Old lady: Now I’m going to go bake some cookies if you excuse me.

Kanato: Nevermind let’s keep her around more.

Subaru: Don’t worry Reiji, you won’t have to worry about sending her back. She’ll go running off soon after spending just 5 minutes in this hell of a household…

-at the Mukami’s-

Ruki: *answers door and sees old lady* …may I help you?

Old lady: Hello young man! I was sent here to stay with you folks for a while. Mind if I come in?

Ruki: Sorry but I think you have the wrong address. I’ll drive you home.

Kou: Is it another fangirl here to visit me? How adorable. I have fans of all ages!

Old lady: *squints at him* I have no idea who you are.

Kou: *laughs it off* Maybe you have bad eyes. Maybe if I play a song it’ll jog up some memories! *plays one of his songs*

Old lady: *cringes* Is this what the new generation listens to?  No wonder why their brains are full of garbage.

Kou: *eye twitches* So you’re definitely not a fan….So why don’t we just get rid of yo-

Old lady: Oh my!!! *walks over to huge window revealing garden* Such a beautiful yard you guys have! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Yuma: *walks down the stairs* Huh…who’s the grandma?

Ruki: *Death glares him* She’s our guest…who I will be taking home very soon. She seems to take an interest in your garden.

Old lady: *turns to Yuma* Young man did you do this? Such splendid work! You have looks and discipline don’t you!! A strong young boy is capable of a lot.

Yuma: *blushes* It’s nothing…Yknow…I can walk you around and show you more if you want.

Azusa: *comes down* hm? We have a guest?

Old lady: Well, aren’t you a cute one!

Azusa: Oh hehe…thank you Ma’am.

Kou: *pouting angrily*

[breaking Ravenclaw conventions] All Ravenclaws are nerds Aesthetic

Scavenger Hunt

Summary: A bachelorette party scavenger hunt forces the reader to approach the hottest guy she sees at the mall…

warnings: none, just fluff

word count: ~1900

You walked quickly into the shopping mall, your giggling friends surrounding you.  Damn them and their bachelorette party games.

You were a bridesmaid for one of your best friends from college, Katie, who you were really glad hadn’t picked you to be her maid of honor because frankly, you weren’t one to plan a bachelorette party.  She’d chosen one of your other best friends Rachel to take the all-important position, and now you were seriously regretting it.

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