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Guys ryou is OP.  He gets all the hot millennium bishonens. Just look at him. Its a RYOU HAREM

733 words, Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Brooklyn, 1940

Steve Rogers had been eying a 35mm Kodak in the store window for months. He’d never said anything about it though, because he knew times were tough and there was NO WAY he could scrape up 17 whole dollars for it.
But Steve didn’t need to say anything because Bucky saw every lingering gaze each time they walked passed that window and he swore to himself that he’d get it for him no matter how he had to do it.
Over the next few months, Bucky worked tons of overtime at the factory and any other odd job he could find. Didn’t matter what it was. If he didn’t know how to do it, he’d learn. Any sort of car repair, any and all house/apartment fixes, shoe shining.
He even pawned a few things he probably wouldn’t miss too much.
As Steve’s birthday neared, Bucky had finally scraped and saved enough to buy the camera, and even had enough left over to buy a couple new paint brushes and a new pad of paper.
“What’s this Buck?” Steve said tentatively, eyeing the package on the table in their kitchen on the morning of July 4, 1941.
“Thought we didn’t have the money for any birthday presents this year.” Steve questioned with an arched brow.
“Just open it.” Bucky coaxed, with a soft but eager smile. He held the paper and brushes behind his back to reveal after the camera.
Steve eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before stepping up to the table and examining the brown paper wrapped cube.
He carefully pulled on the tape holding the paper flaps one by one until the paper fell open, revealing the boxed camera inside.

Steve immediately froze. His mouth slowly dropped open as he blinked and stared at it.
It couldn’t possibly be… maybe it’s just the box and there’s something else inside it.

“W-,” Steve’s voice was hoarse so he cleared his throat and began again. “What’s inside?” He whispered, with a tentative look back up at Bucky, who was gazing at him expectantly.
“Open it up and see.” Bucky said with a laugh.
Steve’s nimble fingers slipped under the top flap and lifted slowly, like he was scared something was gonna come out and bite him.
As he saw that it truly was the camera sitting in the box, he felt tears prickling at his eyes.
There’s no way…
“Buck…” Started Steve, but his throat was too tight to speak further, so he just looked up at him with glistening eyes.
“Happy birthday Stevie.” Bucky said as he placed the pad of paper and two brushes on the table as well.
Steve threw his small frame against Bucky’s in the tightest hug he could manage. As he stumbled back a couple steps, Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and held onto him.
“How?” Steves small voice was muffled against Bucky’s chest.
“Don’t worry about it.” Was all Bucky said.
Steve would press more about it later, but right now he was too eager to try it out.

After finally letting go, Steve immediately went to the table to position the film inside the camera, pushing aside the paper and brushes for later in his excitement.
He’d apparently been researching everything about this camera long before now and was already well aware of how it worked.
He scrambled out the door, down the stairs and skidded to a stop outside their apartment building dragging Bucky behind him all the way.
Steve walked out and stood several feet away from Bucky and brought the camera up to look through the view finder at him.
“Come on Stevie.. what are you doin with that thing? You don’t need no pictures of me.” He grumbled.
Steve ignored him and continued fiddling with the knobs and switches until he had it where he wanted it and looked up eagerly at Bucky.
Bucky sighed and let his arms drop by his sides in defeat.
“Fine… so whaddya want me to do.” Bucky conceded.
“Just stand there and stay still.” Steve answered as he looked through the view finder and squared up his shot.
“That’s it? I feel like an idiot.” Bucky flatly uttered.
“Well that’s a coincidence, cause you look like an idiot too.” Steve teased, as he snapped the picture.

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Can you post the derailment from yesterday’s stream on here?

Oh man. I will as soon as I’ve finished it, I promise! I’ve decided to tweak Hunk a bit and re-draw Lance, and then I want to colour the entire abomination.

A doodle from a comic i probably wont finish

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Oh I meant near death type of injury. But the other one is okay, I'll read that one.

Nah I gotchu fam. I’m on it <3

Gods bless elixirs and phoenix downs, am I right?

Bros Discovering a Life Threatening Injury on their S/O


You were out of potions. You had succumbed to your injuries. You were out of the fight. 

“Y/N!” You heard Noctis call out to you as your eyes began to drift to a close. 

“N-noct…” a quiet moan left your lips as you felt your consciousness slipping away from your fingers. The sounds of the battle at hand began to halt. You gasped out a shallow breath calling out to your prince once more. “Noctis… please.”

You felt a pair of familiar arms scooped you up. A sense of protection surrounded you as his scent filled your nostrils. You heard as your lover and friends spoke, but their voices were merely muffled. You were hardly hanging onto consciousness. 

“Ignis. Give Y/N a Phoenix Down,” he commanded his Royal Advisor, fighting back tears. He didn’t want to let you out of his grip. He needs to feel your presence under his fingertips. 

Not missing a single beat, Ignis did as commanded, placing the feather like item into your clammy palms. It dissolved into your touch, allowing whips of a healing aura to surround you. 

“We need to get back to camp,” Noctis’s heart rate slowed as he witnessed your wounds close up. You, however, remained unconscious. With careful, hasty movements, he carried you to the Regalia. 

He held you close to his chest, refusing to let you go until your eyes fluttered open hours after returning to camp.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Prompto questioned you skeptically. He clasped his hand around your waist, helping you walk forward despite your noticeable limp. 

“Yeah, Prompto. I just… need to get back to camp…” you voice trailed off into silence as your lightheadedness got the best of you. You sunk to your knees, even with Prompto’s support. “Ugh,” you groaned, falling completely forward, face down onto the grass.

Your leg throbbed with pain. You could literally feel the blood gush through your freshly made bite wound. The group and you had successfully defeated a fearsome behemoth, but you suffered a great injury. 

Prompto wasted no time to run to your side. “Y/N?” He took his hand in yours. He was practically begging you to respond. 

“Prompto… i’m okay,” you assured breathlessly, your eyes slowly fluttering to a close. 

“No no no, sweetie, don’t close your eyes,” he muttered to you desperately. “Guys!” Prompto shouted out to the rest of the group that had already walked ahead quite a number of yards. “Guys, Y/N needs help!” 

Thinking quickly, Noctis reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of elixir and tossed it into the air. Prompto captured the vial with ease and quickly turned his attentions to you. Carefully, he turned you on your side to get a better look at your wound.

It was dramatically inflamed around the plentiful bite marks that ran up and down your calf. The redness of irritation already began to cause your skin to swell. 

Quickly, Prompto opened the vial of the elixir and applied it onto the bloody wound. You laid completely still as the searing pain faded into nothing. “Prompto,” you muttered his name.

“Yeah?” He responded urgently. 

“I’m going to need another elixir if you keep squeezing my hand this hard,” you giggled. 

“Oh! Sorry!” He quickly removed his grip from your hand. “Are you feeling better?”

“Much better,” you stated. “Just… tired.”

“We’ll get you back to camp soon, baby.”


“I don’t need you doting me!” You shouted toward Gladio as he tried to assist you further with an arm wrapped around your shoulders. With all of your strength, you pushed the burly man away from you. The instant his arms fell from your body you collapsed onto the floor.

“Dammit, Y/N! Now’s not the time to prove yourself,” he grumbled, rushing to your side. 

You pressed your hands over the stab wound you had just received on your lower right side of your abdomen. “Argh,” you soon regretted your decision to push your boyfriend from you. 

Gladio and you had gone out to collect fire wood for the evening. Unfortunately, the daemons decided to rise extra early to reek havoc on the wilds of Lucis. An Iron Giant was nothing you and Gladio couldn’t handle together… but the monster got lucky and caused a fatal wound to appear onto your stomach. And of course you had used your last potion during the battle before you received you even received your wound.

There was still a bit of a walk until you were back in the safety of camp. 

“Gladio…help,” you croaked. It wasn’t unusual that a bad injury made you bitter toward your surroundings… your boyfriend included, but the pain you now experienced was too much for you to force a strong facade. “It hurts,” you cried, feeling a single tear slip down your cheeks. 

“It’s okay, baby. You’re gonna be okay,” with a careful movement, he slid his hands underneath you, hoisting you into the safety of his arms. A wave of dizziness swept over you at the sudden movement of Gladio taking off into a sprint. 

“Gladio…” you muttered. Your eyes fluttering shut. “Hurry.”

It felt only like you left your consciousness for a mere minute. Yet, you awoke on the campgrounds with a phoenix down dissolving into your palm. 


Your eyes blinked open slowly. 

Am I dead? Those were the first thoughts that entered your mind. You cocked your head to the right to find yourself inside the tent back at camp.

The last thing you remembered was seeing a gash split open on the side of your ribs. You remembered blood spilling out, staining your shirt… You remembered falling to the floor. 

“Ugh,” you groaned out, feeling a throbbing pain in your head. 

“Darling?” Ignis’s voice called out to you. Anxiously, you turned your head to the left, finding Ignis sitting idly behind you. He was in the process of threading a needle. Stitches. You shuddered. 

“Ignis…. w-what happened?”

“A Magitek Assassins came close to…” he paused, stopping himself from continuing. “You’re fine,” he stated aloud, regaining his composure. “I quickly administered and Phoenix Down and an Elixir. Your wound closed up considerably… but you still need stitches, I’m afraid.”

“How long was I out?” You questioned shakily, trying to sit up straight. Ignis’s gloved hand halted you.

“You mustn’t strain yourself, Y/N. You’re still healing,” carefully, he eased you back down onto your bed roll. “Now please hold still so we can get this done and over with.”

You nodded, biting your bottom lip nervously. 

“You were out for a few hours,” he stated with a sigh, finally responding to your question. You could see the fear and anxiety that rested in his green eyes. He studied the needle carefully, not making a move.

“Ignis… I’m sorry to have scared you like that,” you began to mutter your apology, placing a gentle hand on his knee.

“It wasn’t your fault, love,” he leaned down to you a pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I’m just happy you’re here safe with me.”

Do you guys think when they’re bored on the Rampion, Thorne and Cress compare prison stories? Because I totally think they do.

  • Cress would be hesitant at first, because she doesn’t like to think of herself as a prisoner, “I prefer to Damsel in Distress.” But Thorne would just talk about how awful and traumatizing his experience was and how he was able to overcome such adversity and Cress would just roll her eyes and remind him that he was only in prison for a year and a half and how she did “real time.”
  • They’d totally argue about who had the worst meals.
    • “What?! You had eggs florentine anytime you wanted!”
    • “Try eating that for every meal for a solid two months!”
  • Thorne would secretly be impressed with all of Cress’s programmed workouts (especially hip-hop abs), but doesn’t think that has anything on doing bench presses in the prison yard with a guy named Snakes spotting you.
  • Thorne would claim that his solitary was worst because he only had limited net access on a  portscreen he could barely use while Cress had all of the net at her fingertips, but then Cress would remind him that her only outside contact was Sybil and Thorne would concede.
  • They’d continue their argument as they both get ready for bed and in the end, they’d both agree that Thorne’s 1.5 years in New Beijing prison was nothing compared to Cress’s 7 years on the satellite and Thorne would kiss Cress’s forehead goodnight and call her his little thug. 
    • The next morning Cress would strut around the Rampion with a penned on tattoo on her bicep that says Thug Life. She’d make sure Thorne saw it often, just to gloat a little.
Living with a werewolf [Pt.1]  Brett Talbot

A/N: And we’re back to writing! Gonna try to keep this going for a couple chapters to get back into writing longer stories again!

Living with a werewolf isn’t always easy.

Especially not when said wolf had just become an alpha.
You never know what you’ll come home to.
Your loving boyfriend?
Or a mess of fangs and claws.

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How I Got into Backyard Farming


Backyard Farming sounds crazy, so let’s try it  

What is it?

There is a movement where regular people are turning their backyards into micro farms and doing things like:

  • Growing all the salad ingredients they need for a year (minus the Russian dressing)
  • Growing 100 pounds of potatoes on a tiny patio
  • Raising a couple of chickens for meat and/or eggs
  • Raising Talapia fish to eat
  • Raising rabbits or quail for meat
  • Converting lawns into mini farms producing staple crops like corn and wheat
  • Using things like fences, walls, posts and garages to trellis things like grapes, squash, beans, and melons
  • Growing 100 pounds of garlic and selling it for $10 a pound at farmers markets
  • Raising bees and selling honey for $7 a pound at farmers markets
  • Making your own Beer, Wine, Meade, Cider or Brandy

Why this could be Awesome:

The goal here is that you do these things on your property without anyone really noticing or caring.  The goal is not to start up some “you might be a redneck if” style crazy farm on the lawn and instantly tank the neighborhood housing prices in the process.  With this project the goal is to be clandestine, or at least unnoticeable.  Do it right and neighbors will compliment how well your property looks as you bring them goodies from the garden all year long.  Other reasons this scheme could be awesome:

  • Lower your grocery bills
  • Be totally organic and chemical free
  • Potentially earn income
  • Less lawn mowing / Less using anything that runs on gas
  • Could be Fun

My Situation:

I live in a typical Cape Cod house on a quiet street in a medium sized city in Ohio.  I have neighbors very close on both sides and in the back.  In total I have about 0.3 acres of “land” which consists of a small front yard and a descent sized backyard enclosed in a chain link fence.  I have a tiny 1-car garage, a small patio, and normal guy yard tools.

Research Phase:

I went to the library and to the internet and looked up the following topics:

  • Small space / patio / container gardening
  • Permaculture / food forests / Organic Gardening
  • Homesteading /  Survivalist / Prepper (I’m not a prepper)
  • Aquaponics

Take a look at some YouTube videos on people who have backyard food forests.  Also Jeff Lawton’s videos on this topic are amazing.  I also recommend the book Gaia’s Garden and the website Permies.com

Let’s Do This:

And so when Spring rolled around I began…  The plan was to start small and incorporate little things at a time into my landscape, wait until I was used to them and make sure no one freaked out, and then slowly expand. 

Things I have Accomplished:

I’m on year three now and I think things are going relatively well.  Here’s a summary of things I have been able to do.   Note: Each topic below will have its own full post soon.

  • Toxin Free:  Gave up insecticide, commercial fertilizer and other toxins totally.
  • Compost: Created a composting system that produces about 1 pickup truck load of compost per year.
  • Waste Reduction: Generate zero yard waste.  Generate 1-2 bags of garbage per week, which is a reduction from 5 bags.  This reduction is due to composting, canning, burning paper with wood fires and using ashes in garden, reduction of processed foods purchased, etc.
  • Rainwater harvesting:  Made and Installed 2 Rain Barrels (55 gallons each), with a system to auto water the front yard with the flip of a switch using garden hose and gravity
  • Lawn Reduction:  More than half of my front yard is garden (but doesn’t look out of the ordinary at all).  Converted 1/3rd of my backyard to garden
  • Hugelkultur:  Installed about 56 feet of Hugelkultur mounds
  • Heavy Mulching: Threw down 2 dump truck loads of mulch, 3 pickup load of hay (about 40 bales) and 1 pickup load manure. 
  • Sheet Mulching: Experimented with Sheet mulching using cardboard and other materials to convert lawn to garden without digging.
  • Less Weeds: Cut weeding time down by using mulching techniques as well as chop & drop methods.  (you still get weeds, but less, and easier to pull)
  • No Dig / No till: Gave up Tilling totally.  There are many good reasons to do this. 
  • Less Mowing:  Mow only about 4-6 times a year (due to letting certain “weeds” grow into the lawn such as clover which doesn’t grow very tall).  Also, I mow the front lawn every other time with a gas free reel push mower, which saves gas and is very quiet (and a good workout).
  • Less Watering:  Cut watering in half (because of the rain barrels, a well-placed swale to slow down run-off and Hugelkultur mounds which soak up water like crazy)
  • Perennial Food:  Planted long-term plants such as 2 apple trees, 1 cherry tree, 2 blueberry bushes, 2 raspberry and 2 blackberry bushes, 10 square feet of strawberries, 2 grapevines, 8 asparagus plants.
  • Quasi Perennial Food:  Tomato patch comes back 80% every year from self seeding.  Also get a lot of self seeded greens and squash, by not picking everything.
  • Seed Starting:  Beginning to perfect a seed starting regimen that is actually starting to pay off.  Seed starting takes practice!
  • Big Crops:  Set to plant about 50 garlic plants this year.  Set to plant about 30 potato plants this year (these two plants both can be mixed into the front yard landscape).  Planted about 60 mustard green plants (also a beautiful plant)
  • Medicine:  Growing comfrey to be used for medicinal purposes as well as green manure / mulch.
  • Cool mini-Projects:  Things I have made from my backyard include Grape Juice, Vinegar, Tomato juice, Dijon Mustard, Tomato sauce, Roasted Dandelion Root coffee, Echinacea tincture, garlic braids, burn medicine, flower arrangements, and lots of delicious meals.

Things I want to Try:

There are so many things in backyard farming/ urban permaculture I still want to try. Here is my to-do list:

  • Plant way more fruit trees.  The ultimate goal of the permaculture “food forest” is basically to have tons of food growing everywhere on your property that requires little to no maintenance.  The hardest part should be picking all of the bounty.  Of course a key to this end state is to have lots of mature fruit trees that produce large quantities of high calorie foods year after year.  And even in cold Ohio, we can grow so many different kinds of fruit like cherry, apple, peach, plum, apricot and lots of berry and nut trees
  • Plant a successful cash crop.  I want to sell something at the farmers market!  I think garlic will be my first attempt because it is 100% maintenance free and 99% guaranteed to come up beautiful.  It also sells for a lot of money.  So far I have been eating mine, but each year I plant more and more.  One other nice thing is that you can space them really close together and plant them almost anywhere on the property, including right out in the front yard.  I tried to sell my mustard greens but nobody wanted them :(
  • Get bees.  Although probably not for everyone, I want bees.  There is some cost and some work involved, but you get honey, wax and increased pollination, and that is more than enough for me to want to try it.
  • Meat?  I’m not allowed to have chickens or any animal like that in my city.  Rabbits could work since they are silent and you could raise them somewhere covert and no one would know you had them.  But I don’t think I could kill and clean rabbits I raised.  I looked into pheasant and quail but same thing there.
  • Eggs? I’m not yet to the point where I’m going to defy my local laws and get a couple of chickens for egg productions, but If you are, there is a whole community on the net of covert chicken raisers.  The more hip urban cities such as St. Louis have legalized it, so do some research and go for it.  Don’t get any roosters unless you want to anger everyone within a 5 mile radius.
  • More Mulch!  Once you get into this hobby you quickly find that your soil sucks.  If you have a typical American house your soil is terrible because for the last 50 years your property has consisted of 90% grass which some guy mowed short twice a week and probably dumped mass quantities of weed and feed and other chemicals onto it.  All of the clippings were bagged and sent to the landfill and heavy rains continuously washed away any soil that happened to build up.  The fix is to throw down tons and tons of organic material like leaves, cut up weeds, hay, mulch, coffee grounds, manure, compost, etc.  But if you are a regular person with an office job you probably don’t have access to as much of this organic mulch as you need.  I’m always on the lookout on Craigslist for free manure and mulch, but it can be hard to come by.  You can grow your own, but this takes time.
  • Flowers  I got so caught up with food that I realized I didn’t plant many beautiful flowers that can serve multiple purposes.  I want them for cut flower arrangements as well as for medicinal purposes and sheer beauty.  Next year there will be flowers!
  • Edible Seeds:  I also want to get some edible seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin, yum!  Per square foot, sunflowers are one of the most productive foods you can grow, calorie wise.
number four

request: a weekend away was amazing!! Please can you do another imagine with the exact same family?

read a weekend away here

“Can we not do this in front of my family, please?” Harry was driving the car as I stared out the window. The only sound was coming from the kids’ iPads in the backseat. Jayden, Ollie, and Luke had fallen asleep long before.

“I’m not doing anything.”

He sighed, “Love, come on, we’ll discuss it when we’re home.”

“We’ve been discussing it at home for weeks now, you just don’t listen to me or care what I want.”

“That’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair is that we always do what you want unless you happen to agree with me on something.”

“Is that really how you feel?”

“It’s not how I feel, that’s how our relationship is, how it’s always been.”

“Wow, well thank you for finally bringing that up to me now that we’ve been in a relationship for nearly a decade and have three children.” He said, heavy with sarcasm.

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Early Morning Drive

Imagine going on an early morning road trip with Sam, Dean, and Cas(s).

Cas(s) sat next to you while Sam was in the passenger’s seat and Dean drove. You were restless, trying to find sleep, as the morning’s darkness passed by.

You ended up falling asleep, your head against the window but somehow managed to find your way to Cas(s)’ shoulder. Still fast asleep you buried your head into the angel, getting comfortable.

“Dean,” Cas(s) said in his gruff voice. “what do I do?”

“Just let her sleep,” Dean told him, “she definitely didn’t get any last night.”

“Too far,” Sam gave Dean a glare as he picked up on what his older brother was hinting at.

“I don’t get it,” Cas(s) said, his brow furrowed.

“Nothing, just let (Y/N) sleep,” Dean told him once again.

You woke up a few hours later, arms wrapped completely around Cas(s). “Oh Cas(s), I’m so sorry.” You said as you removed your body from him.

“It’s fine, (Y/N),” your friend assured you. “Dean said you didn’t sleep last night so I let you be.”

“He said wha-” You looked over to Dean and slapped him in the head. “What the hell.”

“What it’s true,” Dean replied as he rubbed the back of his head.


“Fine, fine, guys she slept plenty last night,” He said.

“Yeah I bet, you’re not really marathon material,” Sam joked, “more of a hundred yard dash type of guy.”

“Sam, what the hell?” You asked.

“Yeah, what the hell, Sam,” Dean repeated.

“Are you talking about intercourse?” Cas(s) innocently asked.

“Oh my god,” you said, covering your red face with your hands.

Someone accused me of not listening (well, reading. Text messages) so i tried to convince her otherwise so i told her ‘half the time i rly do read your shit i just sometimes forget to reply lol sry’ and, to my sleep-deprived brain’s surprise, she focussed a lot more on the 'half the time’ part than the 'i rly do read your messages’ one

Heart Sutra-Part 1

Title: Heart Sutra-Part 1

Pairing: Single!Jared x Reader

Warnings: none (yet)

Word Count: 1357

A/N: This is my very first RPF! Thanks to @impalaimagining for encouraging me to do it in the first place. Then being my beta and keeping me inspired! This of course is a work of fiction and no disrespect is meant towards Gen (let’s imagine she is happily married with another amazing guy for the sake of this story). Additionally, this first part is fulfilling my challenge for @atc74 and @mamaredd123 and their Fabulous 300 challenge: Ladies my 3 items are in bold through the story. As always feedback is incredibly appreciated and helpful!  Happy reading my loves xoxo

*edit by @strictlyncisconfessions*

Life so far had felt like a dream for Y/N Y/L/N. Here she was, 25 years old and living in Austin, TX with the yoga teaching job of her dreams. None of it had been explicitly planned out, it’s just where her path had taken her since she made the decision to pursue yoga as a career three years earlier in her hometown of Y/HT.

She’d been living here for the last year and had settled in well. The yoga community was just as welcoming as it had been back home, fostering many close friendships. Between fellow yoga teachers and students, there was never a shortage of someone to spend time with or talk to when you needed an ear.

Some of these relationships were very casual and the most interaction happened in the studio or maybe over a cup of coffee after class. But, there were a select few that the bond was closer and extended to a much more intimate friendship. There were nights out, cookouts, shopping, phone calls, and even nights in over glasses of wine.

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