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Lost Series - Part One

So I decided to write a Jerome Valeska imagine series. It’ll start at the beginning before he killed his mother and I want to lead it up to when he was revived.

Summary : A girl who has been on her own since she was young, meets a certain red head at the circus when she returns to her home town, Gotham.

Pairing : Jerome x  Fem. Reader

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Ever since I was ten I’ve been alone. Being an only child with no living relatives can be pretty horrible. Sure, I could’ve went to a foster home. But I didn’t want that, I only wanted my real family. And my real family was taken from me.

That night comes back to me in pieces. I remember hearing a man’s voice, but I don’t know if it was my father’s or a strangers. Then I remember stomping and hiding in my parents closet where I found a pistol. The rest is a blur and I don’t remember how I got out alive. Faintly I recall running through the woods but I don’t know if it was real or a dream. To be honest, ever since that night I’ve been living in a dream.

Floating from city to city, stealing what I need to get by. Now I’m 16 and I’m going back home, back to Gotham City.

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Coco, how was your first impression with Velvet's parents? Velvet, what about yours with Coco's parents? (Asked by segashark)
  • Velvet, laughing a little: Uh oh...here we go.
  • Coco, pacing back and forth waving her hands: I /swear/ I didn't mean to make a joke about your butt it's just butt and buns but also rabbit and buns and just I didn't mean for it to get all awkward and oh god I am still embarrassed every time we visit.
  • Velvet, laughing: My mother found it hilarious!
  • Coco, freezing in her tracks and forming a thousand yard stare: But your father...oh god I feared for my life.
  • Velvet, with a smile: On the other hand. Coco's parents were absolutely wonderful, such lovely people.
  • Coco, shaking herself back to normal, and rubbing the back of her head with a laugh: Yeah, aha. My dads are great.
Late night

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Characters - Y/N Singer, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jake (OFC)

Word Count - 1400
Warnings - swearing, fluff, implied smut. 
Summary - Two late night visitors lead to a big secret being revealed. 
A/N -  Written as part of @kas-not-cas ‘ 2.5K follower challenge, my prompt is in bold. 

Hunting life could be tough, yet with a protective father such as yours, it became even more difficult. You’d left 2 days ago, successfully taking out a few ghosts. Your father was more than annoyed you’d taken on the hunt solo. 

Pulling your car into your father’s yard you looked for his car, finding it gone, you assumed he was out shopping or on a hunt of his own.

After unloading your car you settled on one of the sofas, a glass of wine in hand. Flicking through the channels on the TV you settled upon watching a wedding dress show.

“Y/N?” Your father’s voice rang through the house.

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Building The Boat...

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this one. It was tough to write actually, I couldn’t get into the flow but I hope you all like it. It’s definitely not my best, I enjoyed the concept and writing it though.

Requested by: Anon - “hey can i get some gibbs x daughter!reader stuff? maybe with 64 & 80 from your list? it can be like, after a close call on a case (for gibbs) or something and the reader can’t sleep? sorry for the long request, and sorry if it’s too specific p.s i love your writing x"

Word Count: 933

Pairing: Gibbs x Daughter!Reader

64. “Talk to me.”
80. “Teach me?”

You turned over in bed for the hundredth time, what felt like the hundredth time anyway, you were sure that it was more than that. You couldn’t stop playing the events of the last few days over and over in your mind, it had been terrifying, the explosion outside the naval yard, your father and his team getting caught up in a firefight with a bunch of terrorists. Of course, you knew it was his job and said job came with the risks but when you were there, in the middle of it, ducked behind a car with your father over you? That was scary.

Moving over to the other side of the bed you reach out for your phone, a present from your Uncle Tony, much to your Dad’s dismay, Tony, however, thought that the teenage daughter of a federal agent needed a tip top phone. You knew the ulterior motive though, it had the best GPS, a tracker fitted. You didn’t mind, you found it endearing that they wanted to know you were safe all the time. Not that you were, the close call earlier today hadn’t been the first and you could bet your super phone on it that it wouldn’t be the last.

Checking the time, it was a little past one in the morning. You knew you wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon. Pushing back the covers you slip out of bed and move over to the window, pulling it closed you scan the front yard for a few moments. Your phone buzzes in your hand, some notification from social media, bringing you out of your daze.

You padded down the hall, carefully and quietly opening your father’s bedroom door. Of course, he’s not there, where else would he be? You close the door and head downstairs to the one place you knew he would be.

Gibbs was working on his boat. Moving the sand paper block back and forth with the grain and bend of the wood. He heard the basement door open and didn’t look up He had a few scrapes and cuts on his face but other than that, he was in the clear. He didn’t need to look up, he could already tell it was you, the way to turned the corner to come down the stairs was always the same.

“Dad?” You call quietly, your bare feet shuffling from the bottom step, over to where your father was stood.

Gibbs placed the sand block down and wiped his hands on a rag while he stood straight, giving you a small smile, “Hey kiddo. What are you doing up?”

You shrug, pushing yourself up onto the stood in the corner of the work surface, “Couldn’t sleep.” You mumbled and move a few stray strands of hair from your face, watching him take a sip of the amber liquid, you scrunch your nose up, glancing at the pile of tac nails on the counter that was once in that jar he was drinking from.

“Yeah?” He asked and leant against the counter, “Anything on your mind?” Gibbs asked, tilting his head at you.

You shrug again, your eyes going over each scratch and cut on his face from the explosion.

He nudged your shoulder gently with his own, “Talk to me.” He murmured.

“It was close. Today. With everything.” You told him and look down at your lap, “It could have been a lot worse.”

The senior field agent gave a long, steady sigh and moved to wrap his arm around your shoulders, inviting your head to naturally rest against this shoulder, “You’re right. It was close but I’m alright. And you are too.” He said into your hair, pressing his lips to your hairline, “I’d never let anything happen to you, [Y/N].”

You closed your eyes, smiling when you got a whiff of wood and that old aftershave he always seemed to wear, “I know you wouldn’t.” You whisper, “It was just scary.”

It was quiet between both of you, enjoying the little moment between father and daughter before you slipped off the stool and gestured to the boat, “Can I help?”

Gibbs let out a low chuckle and placed his glass of bourbon down, “You wanna help?” He asked and you nodded with a grin, “Well alright then. Grab that sand block there, now remember, with the grain, down go against otherwise you’ll just scratch the wood.”

“Really? Sanding? Can’t I do something more…in depth?” You ask, poking the sand block before nodding to the drill, “What about this? Can I use this for something?” You ask, picking it up with a grin and laughed when your father’s eyes bulged.

“Whoa there, do you even know how to use that?” He asked with a slight chuckle and came up, taking it from your hands, “I was going to wait until tomorrow because I thought you were asleep but I have to drill some holes, here, here, and here…” He said, showing you where the marking’s where on the wood.“

"Teach me.” You said and bumped your hip with his, “How hard can it be? You pull that trigger thing,” you say pointing to the trigger on the drill, “and you drill.” You shrug but watch your father’s stare never waver from you, “What?”

“It’s not that simple, [Y/N], it takes a gentle but stable hand so the drill doesn’t stray, knowing the wood you’re drilling into..”

“Alright, alright, alright, just…teach me.” You laugh and wave him off, “Come on.”

Gibbs rolled his eyes, you were certainly his daughter, impatient as he was.

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Happiest Place on Earth

Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #27 Inappropriate location - requested by @ancoowner and @kittenofdoomage Summer Lovin’ Challenge. My prompt was amusement park.   

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Demon!Dean x female reader

Word Count: 1732

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex, maybe dubious consent (if you squint), rough sex, public sex, some voyeurism,

Author’s Notes: This does not take place in Disneyland, just a random made up amusement park. I stole their logo for the title. This was fun to write! I hope you enjoy it!

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Imagine...Robbie Stark...

Word Count: 2,084

Warnings: None that I can think of

((I had two similar requests and had this idea of combining them so…here ya go!))

“Father please…” you were doing your best to not turn hysterical as you followed your father across the court yard toward the great keep. He had just told you of his plans…the one that would see your younger brother Joffrey betrothed to the eldest Stark girl, Sansa, and would see you betrothed to the heir of Winterfell, Robb. You didn’t have a problem with Stark…he seemed to be a nice person during the few moments you had been around him after arriving that morning to the ancestral castle of House Stark….your problem was that your parents, your father at the least, had decided to marry you off for political and personal reasons without even confiding in you first.

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Sterek Prompt!!! Wolf!Derek is found half dead and smelling like skunk by the Sheriff on his doorstep.

“All right, old man,” Stiles says. “Time’s up. What’s it gonna be?”

His father scowls. “Oh, fine. I say…10-70.”

Stiles scoffs. “Fire alarm? Too easy.”

“I don’t care about easy, I want the damn ice cream,” his father says defiantly. “What do you bet?”

“10-94,” Stiles says promptly, and his father’s eyebrows rise so high they nearly disappear.

“Drag racing?” he says skeptically. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one come over the radio.”

“Then it’s about time, huh?” Stiles says winningly. “Think about it, Dad. School’s out. Kids just got their licenses. Fancy cars for graduation gifts. It’s a perfect storm!”

“Speaking of school, aren’t there any summer classes you can take?” his dad complains. “I don’t need you breathing down my neck every day.”

“Oh, c’mon, Dad,” Stiles grins. “You love me.”

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Special Surprise

Word Count: 1044

A/N: Part 3 to the backstory! Sam and the Reader are 6. Dean is 10. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

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“Do you really have to go?” You whined as your parents pulled up in Singer Salvage Yard.

“Yes sweetheart.” Your father said. “But we’ll be back before you know it.” He parked the car and your mother pulled you out of the backseat.

“But what if you don’t come back this time?” The tears started forming in your eyes and your bottom lip quivered. You knew your parents hunted monsters. You’d known for as long as you could remember. They never kept it from you.

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Nestled in the pastures outside of Alberta, Virginia, the Bragg house is a beautiful piece of gilded age architecture built by a wealthy dentist and his wife, the heiress to a Canadian cigar company. Built in 1913, it was the first home in the area to have electricity, which ran off a hydraulics system. It’s also the sight of my father’s first and only paranormal encounter.

The heiress wife was often left at home with her dog, a large, white, iconic and vicious beast, while her husband traveled back and forth from West Virginia to Florida with his practice, only returning a couple months of the year. He began an affair with the maid and his wife was driven to suicide by the betrayal.

The husband proceeded to marry the maid, produce one child and die penniless. A tragic end all around.

The house shifted hands for gets and fell into near ruin until a considerable effort to restore it to its former glory began in the late 80s.

My father was a broke college student looking for any sort of income. So, in the summer of 1988 he began working with the repair group.

Many rumors circulated around the house, including one that the dog was shot and entombed in the basement after the wife died. My father was never a superstitious man so this did not sway him from his duties.

One particularly wet summer day, he was alone and working in the house alone, trying to sweep out the basement and find where the water was leaking in.

He glanced out one of the windows and saw a rather large and white canine-shaped entity make it’s way across the yard. My father, fearing it was a stray, went to the door to close it.

Glancing up, he noticed the dog had completely vanished in a matter of seconds.

My father is not a superstitious man, he blames heat exhaustion for the event. I like to believe differently. The Bragg house was successfully renovated and still stands today under (yet again) new ownership.

Vivere part 2

Part 1 She was happy for her brother, she loved him too dearly not to be. He had held soft eyes for the Hyuga girl for over a year, but with her own engagement to Neji, the Hyuga family needed to save their eldest daughter for a marriage that would bring in money or power.  Things were different now.

“There’s not enough leaves,” Karin fussed, pinning even more of Sakura’s hair back into the wreath of ivy and gold that made a crown fit for the daughter of Ceres or Demeter. “And Persephone had flowers, this wreath is too plain.”

“I have no need for flowers tonight. I should not look as if I am celebrating,” Sakura answered evenly to her cousin, lowering her eyes and pretending she didn’t feel unsettled by the turn in events.

She had spent so long fighting to get herself into a place where she was okay with her arranged marriage, but now that it was broken off in favor of a different woman, one with a small privet army and plenty of lands, Sakura felt embarrassed. She had been jilted after months of prayer and fasting like something second rate.

Sakura frowned, looking down at the half faced mask left in her lap among a scattering of extra leaves. Normally she didn’t don masks to such events, but now she was grateful for the opportunity to hide her face.

“It’s a stupid celebration. Uncle’s a villain to think so little of you. So what if his son gets engaged? Does he think about his daughter and how she might feel about this happening in her own house? No!” Karin fumed, unknowingly lightening Sakura’s mood.

The two girls had been close since childhood and grew only closer still when Karin’s parents passed away and she was forced to live with her cousins in the same house. Though she was an adopted member, Minato still treated her like his own child and some of the servants even whispered how he seemed to favor Karin over his own true blood daughter. Sakura ignored the talk but knew it was true. Her father didn’t like to think of her existing. He was never unkind or cruel to her, and made an effort to love her. Sakura reminded him too much of his first wife.

“At least I know all the best places to hide should I ever need them. I don’t think I will thought.” Sakura lifted the mask and held it in front of her face, staring into the murky looking glass. “No one will be looking for me tonight. Not for another year will anyone take notice of me, actually. Is that what they say now for jilted women?”

“Sakura….” Karin’s tone was pained. For as much as she was loved by everyone else in the house, she adored no one better than Sakura. “Don’t think you have to force yourself. If you want to stay up here that’s fine. You can even hide in my rooms. I’m not bringing anyone back tonight I don’t think.”

Ignoring the comment about her cousin’s indiscretions Sakura rolled her eyes easily and turned around in her seat to stare up at Karin from beneath her lashes. “And why would I do that when I’ve already put you through the trouble of making me up to look pretty? I could not so easily waste your efforts, dear cousin.”  

Karin grinned. “You do look amazing, if I say so myself. Quite the goddess. What better revenge could there be?”

Sakura stood and reached for the outer layer of her dress that was a deep ivy green to match the twisted wreath of leaves in her hair. It was accented in shades of burning gold and she found the heavy gold cross set with rubies that Naruto had given to her when she last celebrated a birthday two months ago. It was also the day her father first announced to her the plans for her engagement. Naruto had been told first and fumed about it silently for three days until Minato decided to let Sakura know.

How quickly the fates change for us,’ Sakura mused to herself as she made her hands busy with the dress. Karin came over to help when it looked like Sakura might hurt her crown, but the opening was so wide it was easy to fit into until it was tied up in the back. By the time they were finished, Sakura turned around in the weighted gown to see her reflection alongside Karin’s.  

“I see now why you picked this dress,” Sakura murmured, watching her reflection with a mix of disbelief. She hadn’t thought her bust that impressive, but with Karin’s direction and the dress’s support, she had come to display all her best assets.

“He’ll regret it when he sees you tonight,” Karin said with a voice hungry for blood. Sakura didn’t need to ask to know who Karin was referring to, even if the sentiment was misplaced. Sakura had no desire to see or be see by her former betrothed, even if she did look like something that was worth fighting for.

“You know it was his uncle’s decision in the end. Neji likely had no more say than I did.”  With little effort, sakura broke away from the mirror and headed back to her bed where she had left her mask earlier. “And aside from that, you should know that if I truly wished to make him feel regret I would have worn the red dress.”

Karin positively tittered in delight as Sakura gathered herself and began to head out into the hallways leading to the servant’s exit. Mixing with the staff would hide them just a little longer and allow them to join the budding party unnoticed.

It was dark enough for lamplight, but the festivities had begun at dusk. Dancers and performers were already out and about, spinning their rings and tossing their balls to the giddy delight of those present. Wherever they traveled noises and laughter followed. A table heavy with food was set in the courtyard just beyond the gardens for people to help themselves to. Sakura and Karin went there first, even though neither girl took anything for themselves.

Sakura saw Naruto from her spot behind the tables, laughing loudly to another boy who had been friends with the Hyuga girl growing up. They were laughing about something together until Hinata came over and Naruto’s grin grew for a different reason. Though flushed in the face and obviously shy, she also appeared pleased with Naruto’s presence. It was enough to make Sakura’s chest pinch in pain. Her dress had nothing to do with how hard it suddenly became to breath.

From across the yard Sakura saw her father approaching Naruto along with Hinata’s father less than a step behind. A speech was coming, she could see it in the way they carried themselves. She could withstand a speech. They sullen figure that trailed behind his uncle was not something she could withstand.

Neji’s eyes were scanning the party, searching in a familiar way. He was too keen to not find her at any rate. She hoped he was looking for someone else, a friend or relative, but Sakura was not a naive girl. He spent too long looking at girls in masks.

“I have to go,” Sakura whispered to Karin in what she hoped was a strong voice.

Karin turned to say something, but shut her mouth when all she saw was Sakura’s back heading towards the overgrown garden maze with plenty of dark corners for secret rendezvous or hideaways. 

She passes one of the first alcoves and hears stolen whispers that might have been gasps of pleasure if she stayed to listen any longer. She doesn’t. Already she can hear Neji calling out to her. He has seen her enter, part from Karin, and has given chase. And maybe if it had been anywhere else, he might have been able to find her with his eagle like eyes, but this garden is a maze Sakura knows well, and the corners are her friends, accepting her and hiding her away when other would become lost.

Sakura find a favorite path and turns down it, knowing there is a secret slip between the hedges she can ease into without worrying about her dress. It’s dark enough she’ll never be noticed. None of the stars are bright enough to show off the tears on her face as she hears her name called again.

What could he possibly want with her? Did he want to apologize and alleviate her pain? Did he want her to think everything would be okay and that it was all for the best? He seemed the time to always strive for peace in his dealings. Maybe he wanted to make sure she didn’t resent him. Did he feat what she could become to him in the future if she wasn’t appeased?

Maybe he came to taunt her, to mock her, to throw harsh words at her and ask how dare she think she, the unwanted first daughter to a father who barely loved her, could hope to meet his expectations?

She hears his voice and nearly stops breathing, but it’s not her he’s calling out to anymore.

“Ah, excuse me, I thought I saw the lady turn down this way. It was my mistake,” Neji said to an unknown stranger who must have wandered into the path of the maze Neji had been following. There were plenty of people it could have been. Families from all over had been invited to attend.

“Maybe the lady seeks to flea from you,” the new voice almost laughed. “Hmm, why else would she escape into a maze?”

Intrigued, Sakura turned her head enough to see out through a seam of leaves to where two figures faced off from each other. It was dark with the few torch lights out, but she could clearly see two figures and even make out some of their features. The moon was heavy and full, highlighting everything in shades of silver.

Neji’s polite front seemed to have snapped. Sakura saw his shoulders tense and the cords in his neck bunch. He was slight of frame enough that anything small seemed to set him off into an air of posturing.  “I think you speak on a subject you know nothing of.”

The new figure, a man dressed in a  devil’s mask, laughed low. It was the laugh of an adult teasing a child. “I think I know enough about women.”

Neji seemed disgusted by the connotation. “Hardly. The maiden in question is not so easily understood; to presume so would be to dare too much.”

“I’m interested now. What sort of women is she to have such a reputation, only to end up fleeing from your sight?” The stranger stepped closer, but only by half a step. It was a move that was fueled by no grater desire than to intimidate, not necessarily draw closer. “She must have been somewhat foolish, no?”

“It is a misunderstanding I wish to make clear, not that it is any concern of yours, good sir.” Neji’s tone was tight in the confines of his manners.  “If she was not here I will take my leave.”

Neji turned but froze when he heard the stranger’s reply. “Oh, she was here, and I saw which way she went.”

Sakura’s heart faltered in the bushes and she felt her hands vibrate with trapped nerves. She had nowhere to run and no villain to fight. Her vision nearly swam, but she grounded herself with the butt of her palm between her teeth. It was senseless flesh she could bruise and excuse easily enough.

“Pray tell, herald.” Neji turned back and drew closer to the man in the devil mask. “Which way she fled.”


Neji flinched visibly and Sakura released her palm from her mouth, not minding the crescent of blood. “No?”

“I won’t.” His head tiled slightly to the side and the devil’s face seemed to grow with the shifting of the shadows. “I have no desire to unite such a doe like girl with a man who looks like he’s a taunt bowstring. You would only do her ill on such a night. Return your way and let her be. She has no desire for you.”

“You know nothing of what she desires, or of my own!” Neji nearly seethed in the accusation. His noble manners had all but abandoned him. “Where is she?”

“Far from here, where you can not reach her, and that is how it shall be. Your destiny is not with her. Go back the way you came and forget you ever thought you knew her.”

“You are speaking like a fool.”

“Really? You think any woman in cloth so heavy could run like the devil’s on her heels if it was anything so trivial.”


The man from the shadows jut shook his head, pitying. “Face the reality at your door, she is not, nor will she ever be, a creature for you to call your own,” he said.  

Neji almost smiled through the pain, and it was a flinching sight that made Sakura want to recoil. His bark of laughter was just as bitter. “You… She’ll drive you mad. Say what you will of her, a doe like girl, but know that she is anything but thus. No, she is a snare, a barbed point at the end of a javelin that hooks into your most tender parts and refuses to vacate, no matter how much the agony. She looks of the flower, but she is the serpent underneath it.”

“You’re a spoiled child that’s not getting what he wants,” the devil sighed. “The moment disappointment floors in you turn bitter and cruel. She should be thankful she isn’t here to hear your words, nor will she ever be close enough to you to hear anything from your mouth.” His pitch shifted to something lower, darker, and heavier. “She doesn’t deserve that.”

“And we all receive what we deserve?” his tone came out less bitter, but was in no way lacking in sarcasm. For a moment it seemed as if his softness would come out, but his demon changed sharply and then he was all glare and spite again. “Take your ideas to hell, devil.”

Neji dug in his heel and turned sharply to leave the way he came. The devil stood in the middle of the path unmoving for a good long while before he shifted and turned to face the slit in between the bushes. It was a long moment before he said or did anything more, but eventually he reached up and pulled at the sides of his mask, tugging it away from his face.

“Are you unwell, my lady?” he asked into the night, voice soft and timid. It was the voice of a man approaching a frightened animal. Gone was the devil who had taunted the Hyuga heir. “I mean you no ill will. You may leave the confines of your shadows, now. All is well.”  Every word was smooth and seeking to put her at ease.  

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Winchester’s Garage and Salvage

Imagine applying to work for Dean at his garage, and him giving you three days to prove you’re worth hiring. 

Author’s Note: This Dean x reader is a couple different requests put together! For working with Dean at his garage, fighting with Dean but him having a soft spot for you, and reader and Dean getting along only because they’re both stubborn. 

Dean is callous and rude in the beginning. The story is based off of him running the garage/salvage by himself, so presumably Sam has left him and Bobby is gone. Dean has a dog. Dean doesn’t really like the dog, but he keeps it around because it’s Sam’s. There was SO much more I wanted to do with this but I didn’t have time. Oh well! I tried to fit a lot in there. Dean and reader are both stubborn and fight but cute fluff in the end! It’s comical/light. Oh and there’s probably a ton of typos… it’s really early in the morning.  

Warnings: Dean being a jerk, drinking, language, 

I wiped my palms off on the front of my jean shorts and scooped my hair up into a messy pony tail. Three different jobs in the last week, and each left me high and dry. I needed this, bad. The rusted carcasses of vehicles surrounded me on every side. I was fairly familiar with most of the models, drawing on what my father had taught me as a child. I used to resent him for the hours we spent sitting in the garage together, but his captive education might come in handy now. The long dirt road lined with scrapped cars eventually ended in front of a small building. The windows were thick with dust and the door was wide open to the summer air. I sighed and silently prayed this wouldn’t be an unfortunate end to an unsuccessful day. When I crossed the threshold my feet creaked across the aged floor, alerting a sleeping dog not far away. He immediately rose and scampered towards me, floppy ears shaking with each step. I dropped to his level and rubbed the scruff around his collar. 

“Hey, boy. Yeah, you’re a cutie. What’s your name?” The dog lapped at my hand in wordless approval. 

 "Bones! Come!“ A gruff voice startled both of us and the dog retreated behind a pair of jean clad legs not far away. I slowly followed their bowed length upwards till I met piercing eyes and a stubble framed scowl. The man had his arms crossed over his chest and a blackened bandanna jutted from his front pocket. I’m not sure what was more startling, the rumble of his words or the intensity of his sharp, dirt smudged features. "Can I help you?” His impatient tone suggested he had little intention of carrying on the conversation longer than necessary. I quickly tried to recover my chance at making a good impression. 

 "You’ve got a nice dog.“ He narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down repeatedly. When he finally did speak it was perfectly disinterested. 

"He’s not mine. Look, are you lost, hon?” Great, he was a total hard ass. “I’ve got an long driveway for reason. You’re a little old to be selling Girl Scout cookies, aren’t you?" 

"I’m here about the help wanted sign out by the road. I was hoping-” Before I could repeat my well practiced request for employment, the man erupted with callous laughter. 

“Is something funny?” He stopped all too abruptly and cocked his head. 

“Oh wait, you’re serious? You really think you can work here? You might chip a nail.”  By now I had indignantly placed my hands on my hips. I scoffed and imitated his prideful stance. 

Don’t patronize me, Winchester. I may look like just another girl, but give me a chance… That’s a nice Impala you’ve got out there. 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, hardtop… How’s she handle?” The man’s jade eyes widened, suddenly appearing like gems amidst the grime on his face. He swallowed back surprise and gave a little shrug. 

“Like a champ; I see you’ve done your reading… Tell you what, if you can last a three days here, the job’s yours. Six tomorrow, don’t be late.” I smirked and nodded quickly. At the first sign of my excitement he grimaced. “And please, just call me Dean.”


The first day of working for Dean was brutal. I arrived at six in the morning and sat outside for thirty minutes before he showed up at the door in boxers and a T-shirt. He squinted at me for a long time before finally allowing me inside. He didn’t offer me any of the coffee I could smell brewing, or any friendly conversation. His first job for me was organizing the paperwork in the office. I muttered a few frustrated remarks about "administrative punctuality” and “sexist assignments.” But he wasn’t phased by it in the least. I sat, sorting various piled receipts and bills for three hours in that 99 degrees Fahrenheit hell-hole. 

 "Dean, how come some of these bills aren’t even in your name? In fact, they’re in a bunch of different names…“ I studied the few photo frames on his desk. There was one of him and a man with long hair, the slight family resemblance suggested a brother or cousin. Another showed a graying man in a wheel chair in front of the salvage yard. Probably his father. A clatter from the adjacent room sent the dog running to lie under my feet. 

 "Dammit, Bones! I buy you toys and all you want is my clothes!” The golden retriever dropped a wrinkled plaid shirt by my shoe. I grinned and patted his head softly. 

 "Good boy, Bones. Is he always so grumpy?“ The sound of Dean clearing his throat nearly sent me out of my chair. He was standing there, bare chested and just as unimpressed as ever. He must have just gotten out of the shower because I could actually see his facial features for the lack of grime. I was surprised how handsome he was, despite the stern brow. 

 "May I have my shirt?” Honestly I had no interest in giving him the plaid button down. The view I had was already perfect. His time working in the garage left his upper body bulky and toned. The curved of his shoulders seemed to be carved of marble. 

“I asked nicely. Now quit gawking and give me the shirt.” He crossed his arms, which just brought further accent to the muscles there. Even while he was glaring I had to laugh as I tossed the material in his direction. His wet hair was dripping slightly when he began to button up the shirt, eyes still on me and jaw set firmly. 

“Now if you’re done playing secretary. Let’s go do some work." 


 By the time the sun was setting I was covered in sweat and grease. Dean was merciless. We replaced tires, welded frames, hauled scrap, and painted bumpers, and that was just before lunch. My entire body ached and I was ready to take a nice long shower, even though going straight to sleep sounded just as inviting. Throughout the day Dean didn’t say much, but his lack of words wasn’t a lack of communication. I could tell from his behavior that he was growing more and more used to me being around. He stopped making rude remarks whenever I attempted to carry something, and refrained from calling me weak when I had to stop for a break. By the end of the day we were content to work side by side in silence, and that said more than any compliment could have. When I was getting ready to leave I leaned against the door frame to say goodbye to Bones. 

 "Looks like he’s going to try to follow you home.” Dean frowned at the dog’s affection towards me. “Damn traitor.” I laughed and swung my backpack up over my shoulder. 

 "Nah, he knows where home is. Speaking of home, I’d better get going. Have a good night, Dean.“ The man across from me nodded and waved me away with his hand. I smiled at his passive gesture and began the long trek down the road. 

Even at dusk the summer air felt hot and oppressive on my already damp skin. I was about a hundred yards down the road when I heard an engine roar to life and the crunch of tires over gravel. The creeping noise became louder and louder, till I looked behind and saw Dean driving up beside me in his Impala. He stuck his head out the window to get me to stop walking. 

"Where are you going?” I looked at him as if he was crazy, and at this point it seemed like a possibility. 

 "What do you mean, I’m going home.“ He rolled his eyes like I was the biggest idiot he’d spoken to in months. I was probably the only person he’d spoken to in months. 

 "There’s nothing within two miles of here. Where the hell is home?” His teeth were grinding when he asked, this time sure that I understood the question. I sighed heavily and continued walking. The impala stayed moving slowly beside me. When I was sure he wasn’t going to leave me alone I relented. 

 "… The motel on the corner of Cooper and Dodge Mill. It’s no big deal, I’m kinda in between places right now.“ My living conditions were embarrassing to say the least, but Dean isn’t seem too surprised. I wondered if maybe he was familiar with staying in motels. 

 "At least let me drive you.” The road felt especially long now that my legs were sore. I shook my head, but not before he recognized my consideration. “I know you can handle yourself, but climb in. You’ve earned it." 

 Our car ride was comfortably silent. I thumbed through the box of tapes under the seat and smiled at his taste in music. When I stuck an ACDC track into the player he didn’t object, and I sang along by myself through the short drive to the motel. When we pulled in I didn’t expect a goodbye, but Dean yelled after me. 

 "Hey!” I reluctantly spun on my heel, half anticipating a cruel joke. “You did good today kid, keep it up.” The man at the wheel gave a barely-there grin before burning out of the parking lot. 


The second day started well. Dean and I even talked for a bit, although about nothing in particular. But as the day dragged on we both became less inclined to speak and closer to snap at each other. One spat became two, and soon we were screaming at one another from across the junkyard. Dean called my work shitty, and I called his attitude shitty. He said I was a stupid girl who couldn’t keep a job, so I said he was a grumpy ‘old’ man who couldn’t keep any friends. Soon we were throwing insults with same force we had been putting into our scrap metal. As soon as the day was over I grabbed my things and began to throw down his

“I finished everything you asked. Here’s your wrench and your stupid shirt.” I unbuttoned the flannel I had been wearing over my tank top and tossed it into the floor for Bones. “Go to hell, Winchester. A day with you makes me feel like I’m already there.” Dean yelled at the dog to come back with his shirt, and then at me out the door.

“Good luck getting a job, you ungrateful wench!” I flipped him off and began my trek down the driveway. All I could think about was getting out of here, and maybe breaking something back at the motel… if everything in the damn room wasn’t broken already. It was getting dark quickly, and by the time I reached the main road I couldn’t see much besides the few vehicles passing by. Suddenly my world was enveloped in the bright glow of headlights as someone pulled up beside me. I hoped it was a cop. When my eyes readjusted I swore under my breath and pretended not to see. 

   “Get in the car.” Dean reached across to open the door to me, but I pushed it shut. 

“No, Dean! Go back to your shitty little garage." 

 "I’m not letting you walk home at night alone so you can get picked up by some lonely truck driver.” Now that he mentioned it, my situation was fairly unnerving. I had never walked this road at night before, and the only drivers I had seen so far were semis hauling freight to god knows where. Dean growled and pounded a fist on the steering wheel. 

 "Y/N, get in the frickin car or I will follow your stubborn ass all the way to White Pines.“ With a look that could kill I finally ripped open the door and threw my bag between us. “I hate you.” He just shrugged and turned the radio up too loudly for either of us to speak over. 


 The next morning I was still pissed off when I woke up. I debated gathering my things and spending my last dimes on a bus ticket to a neighboring town. At least somewhere else I wouldn’t have to be harassed by my "boss” and treated like an incompetent child. I stormed around my room for a while until the anger had mostly subsided, but in my pacing something in the window caught my eye. My attention was drawn to a shiny black vehicle parked outside, the sleek paint job reflecting the rising sun perfectly. I could recognize that ride anywhere. 

 I threw on my only set of clean clothes and slammed my door on the way out. Dean watched me march across the pavement till I was close enough to touch. My nostrils were flaring and my heart was pumping as I glared into his eyes with every bit of frustration that had kept me awake for most of the night. From the looks of his face, he didn’t sleep well either. 

 "Dean Winchester you are the biggest asshole I know.“ I snarled at him before walking around the the passenger side and throwing myself in the seat. Nothing I did before then surprised him, but now he sat dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape. I jammed a cassette into the radio and rolled my window down roughly. 

 "Well what the hell are you waiting for? We have work to do, don’t we?” He stared for a few more seconds, completely unsure of how to respond. The first change in his features was a sudden smile, one wider than I had ever seen on his face. He shook his head and revved the engine. 

 "And you, Y/N, are the craziest, most stubborn woman I know.“ 


 We had only worked half of the third day when Dean did something out of character. He motioned me to follow him inside to the fridge, brought out a pack of beer, and shoved one into my hand. I wrinkled my forehead at him. 

 "What do you want me to do with this?” He threw his head back in a loud laugh, one so unusually happy that even Bones lifted his chin off the floorboards. 

“Well generally people drink it, but do whatever you want I guess.” His soft green eyes were gleaming with mischief when he ripped the top of his own can open and poured it into his mouth like a desert man drinks water. I still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of test, so I drank very slowly, eyes on Dean for any clue as to what was going on. Finally, after polishing off his second can he leaned back on the counter and returned my gaze. 

 "I wanted to apologize, Y/N.“ I watched his 5 o'clock shadow shift with the clenching of his jaw. "For yesterday.” I found myself increasingly uncomfortable with this new openness. I wasn’t sure how to approach Dean when he wasn’t biting back insults. 

 "Do you usually apologize to people by bribing them with cheap beer?“ He gave me a familiar scowl and flicked a can tab at my face. 

"You’re ruining it again. This morning I didn’t even have time to speak before you went bat shit crazy and jumped in the Impala.” I blushed down at my drink and tried to hide behind several large gulps. Before I knew it the can was empty. 

 "You were going to apologize? That’s why you came?“ Dean nodded and smirked at the thought of my erratic behavior. I shifted from side to side awkwardly and wished I hadn’t been such a hot head. 

 "You’ve been really… Good, to put up with me. I know I can be difficult sometimes.” I nearly spat out my drink when he spoke. 

 "Sometimes? Dean you’re a regular pain in the ass, most of the time.“ He chuckled in surrender and tossed another beer my direction. "So…” I kicked at one of the crinkled cans on the floor and tried to keep my voice from breaking. Dean eyed me impatiently when I didn’t finish my question. 

“So what?” His regular disgust painted his tone and made me feel comfortable. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst. 

 "Are you hiring me?“ He emptied the beer in his hand while I waited. My heart was pounding out of my chest before he finally crusted the can in his fist and tossed it into the bin. When he did speak it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down.

 "Y/N, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been hired for three days now." 


 That night I grabbed my things and headed towards the door, but Dean didn’t budge from his place on the couch. I waited a little while longer before turning to make sure he saw me. When I looked up his eyes were already locked with mine. “What, you’re not going to give me a ride home?" 

 "Nope.” He enjoyed watching me stand there, clueless as to what to do or what was happening. His little grin made me both curious and nervous. 

“You didn’t just get the job. Let me show you something.” Dean looked strangely childish as he motioned me to follow him past the garage door and to an old flight of stairs. Each step creaked loudly under our weight. The walls rising around us were printed in a faded floral wallpaper that seemed quite homey. I guess Dean didn’t care to paint over this section of the house. When we finally reached the top of the staircase he stopped in front of a door and smiled back at me. I could see his excitement in the way he ushered me closer. 

“Close your eyes.” I laughed at his request and crossed my arms over my t shirt.   

“No way in hell, Dean. I don’t trust you for a second.” He rolled his eyes, and bit the inside of his cheek in an annoyed smirk. 

“Come on, just do it. You’re ruining the surprise… Here, let me help.” Before I could protest he removed the bandanna from his pocket and was placing it over eyes carefully. My hands thrust forward and grabbed his shirt to compensate for the sudden darkness, and then it was his to laugh. I felt his chuckle vibrate in my clutching fingers as he tied the cloth gently. I could smell the earthy scents of oil and dirt on the rag, as well as spicy aftershave from him being so close. When he was finished, he began to guide me by my shoulders into the surrounding blackness.

 "See, that wasn’t so hard.“ I stuck my tongue out at him and he muttered "stubborn asshole” into my ear. The door creaked and I was walked into a room I had never been in before. I could already tell it was brighter than most places in the house from the light just barely seeping through my blindfold. 

 "Where are we?“ Dean ran a calloused hand up and down one of my arms and I hoped he didn’t notice the way it made me shiver. 

 "Okay, ready? You can open your eyes.” Sudden brightness flooded my vision and I had to squint for a moment. With each blink the room around me came into being. The first thing I noticed was the large, circular window on the wall that overlooked the field outback. A plain but clean white curtain hung in front of the glass and fluttered above a small bed. The mattress was piled with blankets of varying sizes and mismatched colors. Some where probably handmade gifts from loved ones. A little TV sat across from the bed and some refurbished tables and dressers gave the room overall congruence. I couldn’t imagine why Dean would need something like this. 

 "It’s not much, I know, but I’ve been to the White Pines motel and I can guarantee this is better.“ It was all starting to make sense. Dean was walking around the room pointing out various things, but I was too busy looking at him to notice what he gestured to. 

 "It’s a new mattress, cable TV, running water that actually gets hot. I put up a mirror over here…” He looked so satisfied with the work he had put in. That same sense of accomplishment he got when he fixed something was in his eyes now. And it was for me. 

 "Oh and there’s an empty bureau here for your clothes.“ He scratched at the back of his hair and shrugged shyly, suddenly aware I was staring. 

 "And best of all you’re right over your job. No more long walls to work.” Gratitude like I had never know was threatening to tear me apart at the seams. Dean had given me a job, a home, a new life… Tears were welling in my eyes and there was nothing I could say without letting them go. My silence must have come across as disinterest because Dean started to speak quicker and with less pride. 

 "I mean, if you don’t want it I’ll still give you a ride from the motel…“ Before he could finish I threw my arms around his neck in a crushing hug. My head was tucked into his shoulder perfectly, and I hid my tears in his shirt. 

 "Dean, of course I want it! It’s perfect!” He was stunned for a moment, hands limp down at his sides before reaching up to rub circles in between my shoulder blades. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him. 

“Thank you, for everything." 

Addicted - Part Four

Genre: General, Romance, Fluff

Pairing: Ravi x You

Warning: None

Prompt: “I had a one night stand before I started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au (x)

AN: I was originally going to update with the Leo multi-parter but it wasn’t up to my standards and needed to be hacked and pieced together a bit more. So here have a light hearted (??) part of the Professor Ravi AU! A break before we get to another smutty part five. I also feel like I haven’t written any dialogue heavy scenarios in a really long while so here’s me writing one. It feels weird having something in the Professor Ravi AU not be angsty or smutty. 

[Part One ;  Part Two ; Part Three]

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Night Visitor

I found a body when I was a kid, and that was only the beginning of it. Forgive me if some of the details are hazy (I was about fourteen) and for the inevitable length, but it’s a pretty creepy story.

I grew up in the asscrack of nowhere in Maine. Our house was right up in the mountains, just a windy road leading up to us and neighbors no closer than five miles all around. The place was covered in thick forest and the occasional lake, and in winter we were all but cut off because the snow drifts would get so high.

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