Aaron Tveit covering “Nice and Slow” and “Shake It Off” at the Boston House of Blues (8/27/16)

16 parts | airing season 2.
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Billy and his friend Julie are two struggling and jaded New York comedians looking for love and success. Billy is openly gay and this show is so goddamn funny it gives Will & Grace a run for their money. WATCH THISSSS!!! I MEAN IT!!

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I finally whipped this up for you @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid​!  
For the people that don’t know what’s happening you can find the story of our war here. BTW the blogs used in the gifs above are @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid and my own. Just in case that wasn’t obvious. Okay! Shots fired! Pew Pew! :p

from this point on:

These changes are in response to some (frankly disgusting) messages I have been getting lately, and for my own sanity. Please respect them.

  1. I am officially on semi-hiatus. Replies will be irregular, for which I apologise.
  2. Anonymous has been switched off, for obvious reasons. It will be switched back on when my spine grows back (lol).
  3. Due to the content I regularly post, I am no longer comfortable interacting with minors on this blog. I cannot stop you from following me, but please do not attempt to interact IC. Thank you.
  4. I do not follow/follow back blogs who state that they are uncomfortable with blogs who post inc/est (or just Shimadac/est specifically) unless we have spoken OOC.
    I do post it, and while I will always tag it, I feel it’s safer for everyone for it to be this way. Approach me if you would like to interact anyway–and I promise I will not bring it up in our interactions–however:
  5. If you’re uncomfortable being associated with me because of what I write, I would honestly prefer that you did not interact with me at all; it makes me uncomfortable to be treated that way. Please consider that it is not necessarily fair for you to use me to further your plots, while refusing to acknowledge the hard work Kita and I have put into our own plots and characterisations. 
  6. I am no longer going to tolerate vaguing, hate posts, anons, etc. on this issue, whether they are directed at me or not. I understand that this is something some people will always be uncomfortable with–and I am not here to convince you otherwise. However, I will unfollow you if you regularly do this, as much out of respect for your feelings as to spare my own. 

LASTLY: I have never, ever been treated as poorly in any fandom as I have in this one. It has made logging into this blog at best uncomfortable and, at worst, painful. Over a fictional ship? Seriously?
I have done all I can to be respectful, but it is not my responsibility to filter your dashboards. You are (mostly) adults, or at the very least you are capable of reading my rules, choosing whether or not to follow me, and controlling the way you treat me.
I’m disappointed in this community, and will be distancing myself from it for the time being.

Sorry for being grumpy. This really is the last salty post about this mess I’ll make. Thanks in the meantime to all my friends (with special mention to the Saltmadas), for whom I’ll stick around. <3

- Minami

There needs to be more stories about French people of color. We are so much more diverse than what the media portrays… when it portrays us at all.

French media is like 99,999999% white.

In terms of representation, French media sucks bilge water. And that’s just when taking only race into account.

Imagine if I apply a more intersectional lens to talk about gender, orientation and ability, etc.