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Your headcanons water my children and feed my crops thank you for contributng to this fandom

remember to water your kids everyone

  • lance knows like. a lot of shakespeare
    • he started reading the plays for flirty one-liners, got invested in the plot
    • stopped using “i can be the romeo to your juliet” as a pick up line after actually reading romeo and juliet
    • his thoughts are legit shakespearean
    • like “jealousy, thy name is keith” i mean come on
  • Princess Pointy Ears
  • keith’s watching lance’s hair grow longer and waiting for the day the tables turn
  • hunk: “uh, those look like space cops. pidge, why are space cops following our pod” pidge: “it now occurs to me that some of the modifications i made to this thing aren’t technically ‘street legal’” 
  • coran has been robbed on 27 separate occasions
  • “wait if zarkon has a son does that mean that he and haggar-” “please never talk again”
  • shiro can’t cook
    • not even scrambled eggs
    • lived off of take out, ramen, and matt’s leftovers
  • hunk: “things are finally going my way! in fact, they’re going great! i have a chance to live after all!” hunk, five minutes later: “i’m fucked and i’m gonna die!”
Don't you EVER come to my blog asking me to respect the following people:

Simon Cowell, Richard Griffiths, Harry Magee, Simon Jones, Dan Wootton, Ben Winston, Danielle Peazer, Caroline Flack, Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards and Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Sophia Smith, Kendall Jenner, Danielle Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Briana Jungwirth, James Arthur, Cheryl… 

And everyone else who used (and still use)  the boys for unilateral promotion. Feel free to add more leeches.

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imagine.... they screaming and yelling and then one shuts the other and kiss the other like no tomorrow........ that'll probably kill me (i want it soo baddd) ahhhhhhh

ok I can 100% picture things going like this too… they’ve both been so passive for most of the season but things are starting to boil over (we saw it a little bit tonight and things are only going to get more chaotic from here) and honestly what these 2 need is a good fight because so many things have been left unsaid and that’s what’s keeping them stuck in this place they’re at now. they need to yell it out and then make out and then have a really long talk over breakfast in bed that oliver has made for her because you know he misses taking care of her so much 

So, guys, this tumblr @kip-is-my-ship is sending hate towards @mysticmessenger-reactions and for that attitude, i have sure it already sent hate towards other people. (in anon tho)

This blog’s mask fell when Ki discovered that it was this blog who was sending hate messages, and if you can see in that blog, it being a rude ass person.

I sent a message like you see, asking what’s going on, and this is the answer that i get.

If i do have an army (chip army) lol i want to ask if you guys can go there and sent an ask, hate to ask, being educated or not, just go there, show to this person HOW BAD it is to send hate to ask people, maybe this person will stop.

I’ll keep an eye in this blog, i’ll see who sent them ask (if they show it instead of deleting)

I hate to do this post but i had enough with hate towards good people.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for sending(if you do)

the person’s tumblr again @kip-is-my-ship