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Sealing the Deal / Daenerys Targaryen [Greyjoy!reader]

Words: 1325

The original proposal by the Greyjoy siblings for the mother of dragons was never one of marriage, Yara and Theon had made that clear. Neither of them had expected that Daenerys Targaryen would become taken with their younger sister.

Daenerys, herself, was taken aback the first moment she saw (Y/N) Greyjoy. It wasn’t just the obvious outward beauty-but the way her presence had affected Daenerys.

(Y/N) was very quiet during the Greyjoy’s first meeting with the queen, keeping to herself and merely letting her eyes wander around the room-barely paying the negotiations any mind. 

The girl had given the queen the impression that her thoughts were completely elsewhere. 

The eldest Greyjoy’s confidence was incredibly intriguing but Daenerys couldn’t help but let her eyes drift to the woman who stood at the bottom of the steps. (Y/N) Greyjoy, whose attention had only remained on the queen for a moment, was too busy admiring her surroundings-utterly missing the conversation that was taking place.

Daenerys laid her eyes back on Theon, “You’ve brought us a hundred ships from the Iron Fleet, with men to sail them, in return I expect you want me to support your claim to the throne of the Iron Islands.”

“Not my claim,” he denied. “Hers,” he corrected, referring to Yara. 

“And what’s wrong with you?” she countered.

“I’m not fit to rule.”

“We can agree upon that at least,” Tyron interjected.

“Has the Iron Islands ever had a queen before?”

“No more then Westeros,” your sister informed her. 

As conversation continued, Daenerys had found her focus falling upon you every now and then, something foreign rising within her as you let a few laughs slip out-the first sound she had heard from you.

“Will there ships be enough?” she asked Tyrion.

“With the former masters fleet, possibly. Barely. There are more than a hundred ships in the Iron Fleet.”

“There are,” Theon confirmed. “And Euron is building more. He’s going to offer them to you.”

“So why shouldn’t I wait for him?” Daenerys inquired. 

“The Iron Fleet isn’t all he’s bringing,” your brother answered calmly. “He also wants to give you-”

“His big cock-I think he said,” Yara interrupted.

In an attempt to muffle your chuckles, you raised a hand to cover your mouth. Your sister had never been shy or one to sugarcoat anything. 

Daenerys raised an eyebrow as she let her eyes settle upon you once more. 

“Euron’s offer is also an offer of marriage, you see, you wouldn’t get one without the other,” Yara continued, drawing the queens focus back on to the eldest sibling. 

“And I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands.”

“I never demand, but I’m up for anything really,” Yara responded easily, making it even harder for you to control your laughter.

“And what about her?” Daenerys questioned, her eyes-yet again-falling on you.

Your amusement suddenly vanished, not expecting to be addressed during this meeting. “What about her?” Yara echoed.

Daenerys tilted her head slightly, “Would she offer her hand?”

Your sister fought her smile as she glanced back at you, becoming amused at how you seemed to have frozen. “I must admit-my sister has never been one for marriage,” she told Daenerys thoughtfully. “But I’m sure if it came to it, she would be more than willing,” she continued, sending you a subtle wink. 

“So you’re saying that if one of my conditions of this deal, was one of marriage,” Daenerys began, “it would be fulfilled?”

The queen had watched you walk out once they had all come to an understanding, trailing behind your older siblings. She had turned to her advisor and questioned what he knew of you-but for once, Tyrion was not much assistance.

Daenerys found you alone later in the day wandering the Great Pyramid-your brother and sister no where in sight. She had let Missandei continue without her and slowly made her way towards you.

You had turned to meet her, greeting her with a smile that caught her off guard.

“My queen,” you announced, bowing your head slightly in respect.

Daenerys smiled in return, faltering for only a moment, coming to a stop only a few steps in front of you. “Lady Greyjoy.”

She found herself fighting back her grin as your nose scrunched at the title, “(Y/N), please.”

“Then Daenerys will do,” she replied. “So tell me (Y/N) Greyjoy-should I trust your brother and your sister?”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “I thought the reason you accepted their offer was because you did trust them.”

She shook her head once, “That was not trust,” she said vaguely.

“I see,” you continued, your smile remaining as you took a seat-your eyes still locked on the queen. “You should,” you told her. “They are being truthful. Our uncle should not be on the throne and Yara is more fit than anyone to rule the Iron Islands.”

“Even more so than you?”

You snorted, rather unattractively, “Very much more so than I. I know nothing of ruling, I’ve barely even lived in the islands-I wouldn’t the know first thing when it came to leading my people.”

Daenerys raised an eyebrow, “So where have you been then?”

Your lips tugged upwards into a smirk, “Where haven’t I been?” you answered.

Daenerys and you had started to talk further in depth as she showed you around the pyramid. She was completely enthralled by you and the way you took in her home.

She had never met anyone like you before-someone so interested in what was around them and took so much time and care to take everything in.

Daenerys happily listened to the stories you told, loving to hear about your travels and all the people you had met. 

The queen was amazed by your knowledge-not only of the world and the people in it, but the general extent of it. You were well educated and every time you spoke, Daenerys found herself captivated by your words.

Overall, you were confident and put together-sure of yourself in so many ways that Daenerys found it admirable. The only time you ever seemed to be flustered or unsteady was when a certain topic was brought up.

Your reaction and sudden change in behaviour caused a lot of amusement for Daenerys and at times, she couldn’t help but tease you-loving the way you responded.

Fiddling with the material of your dress, you adverted your your gaze from the woman in front of you-your cheeks filling with colour as she laughed at your reaction.

“Do you think-I mean-are we-” You weren’t sure what to say, how to approach the situation. “Will-” Cutting yourself off once again, you buried your hands in your face. 

Daenerys bit back her smile as she crouched beside you. “You are something else,” she smiled. 

“I just-is this not strange for you? You seem so…” trailing off, you found you were unable to find the words. 

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” she insisted, sobering up almost. “I was only teasing and I meant to remind you that this is something we need to think about soon.”

“Believe me,” you mumbled, “it is not something to easily forget.”

Daenerys reached out her arm, resting her hand on your own. “Please don’t turn away from me,” she requested softly as you shifted your body away slightly.

Reluctantly, you met her eyes, “I’m sorry, this is not something I am used to be dealing with. I never thought-”

The queen sighed, releasing her hold on your hand, “If you truely do not want this, you must speak up. I never intended to force you. You must know that.”

“I know,” you assured her, moving your hand to retrieve hers and entwining your fingers together. “Neither you, nor my family, are forcing me to do anything, trust me.”

unpopular characters meme

a character who gets hate for (even rightly) opposing a fandom favorite - Asha Greyjoy

or for, you know, being a Greyjoy. I actually think Asha has a pretty big fanbase, but I really just wanted an excuse to draw her. 

vigilcntes  asked:

now imagine clint buying himself captain america EVERYTHING. captain america boxes, captain america socks (with little wings), captain america shoes, captain america watch, captain america shoes, captain america jeans, captain america shirts, captain america hoodies, captain america hats, captain america EVERYTHING. clint says it's to annoy steve, but it's really because he's ridiculously proud of steve

clint and steve wearing each other’s merch literally all the time and smiling dumbly at one another because they are just big sappy dorks